Mobile Mini vs PODS

Mobile Mini movable storage containers provide superior security and more value than storage with PODS®. Here are a few reasons why.
Mobile Mini vs PODS

Peace of Mind

  Mobile Mini PODS®
All-steel construction combined with patented Tri-Cam Locking System® & ContainerGuard® locks provide the safest portable storage solution in the industry Check  
Highest level of security when unit is at customer's location Check  
Heavy duty all-steel swingout doors Check  
Maximum protection of lock against bolt cutters Check  
Heavy duty 16-gauge exterior siding Check  
Heavy duty 16-gauge steel roof Check  
Designed for on-site storage Check  
94% would recommend us to a friend or colleague Check  
62% of leasing revenue is derived from repeat customers Check  
In business since 1983 Check  
Largest portable storage company with a fleet of over 162,000 containers in North America Check  
All locations are company owned providing consistent service, product quality & pricing standards Check  
Over 100 different container configurations to choose from Check  
Custom built to order to meet your specific storage needs Check  
Air ride suspension trucks & Mobile Mini Mobilizer delivery system prevent belongings from shifting during delivery & pick-up Check  

Convenience & Flexibility

  Mobile Mini PODS®
Door opening is 6" higher than the typical storage container so you have more clearance for larger items Check  
Multiple door configurations on one end, both ends or sides Check  


  Mobile Mini PODS®
Single container can hold at least 1,170 cubic feet of cargo eliminating costs for an additional container & delivery/pick-up Check  

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