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Mobile Mini COVID-19 Readiness and Response

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Keep your employees and customers safe with additional handwashing stations.


How We Can Help You

Coronavirus is impacting markets and communities around the world. From social distancing to over-stocking non-perishable goods and insufficient testing capabilities, Mobile Mini is here to help how we can. Our nationwide presence assures you that we have a solution ready nearby.  Whether you need a ground-level office or a storage container for extra supplies, or even handwashing stations, tents, tables, chairs or generators, we have you covered.

In a time of uncertainty, Mobile Mini is here to give you and your business assurance in these areas:

  • Safety: “Safety First” is a Core Value we implement into our day-to-day business operations. Field employees are always dressed in proper PPE gear and drivers will make sure you are comfortable using our products before leaving your site.
  • Service: A safe, easy and successful experience with us is our top priority. From our sales team to our drivers, feel confident in knowing that we will greet you with a smile and take care of you.
  • Security: Mobile Mini’s patented Tri-Cam Locking System has saved many of our customers from losing valuable inventory, data records and project materials.
  • Selection: We offer a variety of products and services to assist your specific needs. Each of our units has high-end, easy-to-use features for your convenience and safety.


How to Build a COVID-19 Testing Center for Your Healthcare Facility

Healthcare professionals and medical providers worldwide are having to adapt to the fluid state of the Coronavirus pandemic. In these unprecedented times, Mobile Mini is here to help with solutions for readiness and response. When it comes to building a COVID-19 testing center for your healthcare facility, we recommend:

  • A mobile security office
  • Generator
  • Porta Potties
  • Handwashing Station
  • 10x10 tents with sides
  • Refrigerator 
  • Tables
  • Folding chairs
  • Traffic cones
  • Caution tape
  • Propane heaters

When choosing to rent from Mobile Mini, our dedicated team will come out daily to clean porta potties and handwashing stations to ensure they are stocked and prepared every day. 

Temporary Site Solutions for Your Energy Company During Coronavirus Outbreak (COVID-19)

Companies in the energy industry are not exempt from the impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic. These businesses are still required to adhere to social distancing practices recommended by the CDC to ensure they are proactive in flattening the curve. 

When you use Mobile Mini as your trusted provider for temporary office spaces, we can drop them off at your desired location so that you have ample room to protect your employees, customers and communities. In addition, consider renting temporary solutions such as fencing, dumpsters, furniture, generators, restrooms and lighting. 

We’ll do our part to help you do yours. 

Power Plant Support During COVID-19

Businesses across all industries are facing new challenges due to the Coronavirus pandemic. In a time of uncertainty, rest assured that Mobile Mini is here as your trusted business solutions provider. 

When it comes to power plants, ensure you are set up in a safe, efficient way with our power plant temporary site solutions package. The package includes:

  • 75 cots
  • 75 sheets/sleeping set ups
  • Laundry trailer
  • Bunker trailer
  • Restroom/shower trailer combo

We also provide fencing, lighting, dumpsters, cones and more. Learn more about our emergency response solutions today. 

Rent Handwashing Stations for Your Business During COVID-19

Promote safe and healthy habits at your business location with handwashing station rentals from Mobile Mini. Not all businesses are prepared for an unprecedented event like Coronavirus. Mobile Mini is here to help. 

Be proactive with having on-site handwashing stations like portable sinks, hand sanitizer stands and even three-compartment hot/cold sinks for employees, crews and customers to adhere to CDC guidelines. 

Reach out to your local Mobile Mini today to learn more about your options to keep everyone safe. 

Rent Secure Office and Portable Storage Solutions During COVID-19 

The Coronavirus pandemic is impacting a variety of markets and communities worldwide. Many companies are looking for unique solutions for their needs, that they may not have ever encountered previously. We are committed to providing you with secure, highly-customized storage and ground-level office solutions.

Police departments and healthcare facilities are using Mobile Mini’s portable storage containers for additional on-site storage space. They are utilizing these containers to store PPE gear and supplies for officers and healthcare workers to remain protected while on duty.

Secured with our patented Tri-Cam Locking System, you can have peace of mind that your inventory is protected while in storage. Our office spaces allow you to implement social distancing practices into your business model, when remote work may not be an option. 

Learn more about container options as well as temporary site solutions to keep your employees safe.   

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Mobile Mini storage unit at a local hospital in Colorado Springs, CO.
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