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Benefits of Onsite Storage for Event Planning Entrepreneurs

Posted on: 08/02/2017
Event planning entrepreneur

Event Planning Requires Logistical Organization

Starting a new business can be exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. It’s important to know that you are well-equipped to serve your customers as well as you can. Beginning a special event planning company can be a lucrative endeavor. There is no shortage of job opportunities for event planners entering the field, nor is there lack of need for those hoping to start their own event planning business. But just because there is a need doesn’t mean your business will automatically be successful. You’ll have to work hard in the beginning to sign on clients, gather the supplies you’ll need to begin planning events, understanding how taxes will work, and adopting a payment platform.

Free up Your Workspace

One aspect of planning events will inevitably deal with decorations and supplies to set up events. Regardless of whether you will be renting out an office location or holding your business at home, these items will take up too much space. Becki Cross, the managing director of U.K. event planning company Events Northern Ltd, wrote for EventMB, an online event planners resource, about what it was like to begin her own company. Cross was operating her business from her home, and as Events Northern grew, she invested in better equipment. Additionally, repeat clients would request that she house some materials, like banners, in between events. All of this put a strain on her home and her business.

a set table


An easy solution to this problem is to get portable storage units for these supplies. Mobile Mini’s storage containers will be dropped off where it’s most convenient for you – whether that be the parking lot of your new office building, your backyard, or even at an event. You’ll be able to store all of your supplies in them without fear of inclement weather or theft. Here are several ways portable storage units can be used:

  • Staging equipment, supplies, fixtures
  • Concessions/food/beverage/alcohol
  • Wardrobe & props
  • Commercial/retail sale items
  • Exhibitor & sponsor equipment, supplies, fixtures

Mobile Mini's onsite storage and portable office solutions provide the space you need to grow. 

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