Support FAQ

Got a question for us? We’ve made it easy by listing our top Mobile Mini FAQs for you. And if this doesn’t help, just give us a call. 

General Questions

How can I order a Mobile Mini?

You can request a quote here, or call a storage specialist at the number at the top or bottom of the page. We’ll have a Mobile Mini at your location in no time.

How much will this cost me?

Costs vary depending on container size and how long you plan to store your container with us. For more detailed information on costs, fill out the "Need a Quote" form at the top of this page.

What are your containers made from?

Mobile Mini’s containers and doors are a heavy duty all steel design - virtually fire and vandal resistant.

What times do you deliver containers?

Our professional CDL drivers start deliveries at 7 a.m. and continue until the last scheduled delivery for each day – Monday-Friday.

How many Mobile Minis should I order?

Mobile Minis come in over 100 configurations and can be customized to fit your exact needs. To ensure that you get the right container, whether it’s one, two, or ten, we recommend you choose a container based on your specific needs, or take a look at the container types we have available:

Standard storage container
Good for households and a variety of business needs.

Extra wide storage container
Provides additional room for palletized storage.

Record storage
Units are customized with shelving and storage for secure, convenient record storage.

Can I change the date of when the costs hit my credit card?

The system will automatically bill your credit card on the first day of your rental cycle & there is no way to change this date.

I only need storage for a few weeks/ months. Can I still use your service?

Whether you need storage for a few weeks or a few months, Mobile Mini is the storage solution.

How do I get my account balance?

Call one of our  customer care agents to provide your balance and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

How do I schedule a pickup of my container or office?

When you are ready to have your unit re-delivered to you or picked up from your location, call the local office at least 10 days in advance to ensure a date that works for you. Availability is limited and deliveries and pick-ups are on a first come, first service basis. It is very important that you get a confirmation number when you call the branch so that we all have a record of when you called.

I need more than one Mobile Mini, but there isn’t enough room in front of my home/business. Can you stagger the delivery?

Mobile Mini provides flexible delivery and pick up of our containers to accommodate your needs. For details and help planning, please speak with one of our sales specialists.

I’m not sure I can fill an entire container. What should I do?

Mobile Mini provides a variety of containers to fit your needs big or small. We also offer supplies to help secure your items within your container that we will deliver for free to your location.

Can I get a record of my payments?

We are working on a customer portal, but in the meantime, you can call us to receive a fax or have a copy of your invoices mailed.

Can I use a regular lock on a Mobile Mini?

Yes, you can use a regular lock on a Mobile Mini. However, we recommend only using the “Discus” lock or our ContainerGuard Lock so you can have the highest level of security for your belongings.

Do Mobile Minis require any special care?

You should routinely inspect your Mobile Mini and any equipment leased from Mobile Mini for water entry, opening or any damage or non-operative or unsafe condition. Call a Mobile Mini Service Department for any repairs to prevent damage to your goods. In addition, you should grease or oil hinges and strike plates as needed to maintain ease of operation.

What items or materials cannot be stored in a Mobile Mini?

Mobile Mini does not allow illegal, toxic, waste, hazardous, contaminated, controlled, restricted, explosive, flammable, chemical, paint, or inherently dangerous materials of any kind to be stored in our containers. In addition, do not lock anyone or any living thing inside a Mobile Mini.

See the terms and conditions of the contract for a complete listing of items now allowed to be stored in your Mobile Mini.

Who is responsible for any tickets and/or fines?

Customers are responsible for all tickets, fines, impounding fees, barricades and/or other related costs associated with Mobile Mini’s chassis, modular truck and container or other leased equipment being located, stored, or parked while at a customer’s location or within the customer’s control.


Will a Mobile Mini container do any damage to my property?

Our friendly, professional drivers and staff do our best to place our containers with the utmost care to avoid any damage to your property. However, if you want your container placed in an unpaved area, there is the possibility of damage.

What should I do in case of a break-in or an attempted break-in?

First, call the police, then call Mobile Mini so our service department can promptly repair any damage.

Delivery & Pickup

How soon are you able to deliver?

We can usually deliver within 24 to 72 hours.

Does someone need to be there when the container is delivered?

Yes someone needs to be where the unit is to be placed. It is very helpful so the driver can show you how to use the locking system and give you copies of your paperwork.

What if I cannot be at the location for the delivery or pickup?

Setting up a "no one home pick-up or delivery" allows a customer to avoid being present at the time of the delivery or pickup. Ask your Mobile Mini salesperson for details.

How much clearance do I need to place a Mobile Mini at my location?

A clearance of 60’ is required for our 5’, 10’, or 20’ containers, and a clearance of 120’ is required for 35’ and 40’ containers. In addition, our trucks require a 21’ vertical clearance for loading and unloading containers. We recommend a place that has high enough clearance for a truck to move in and out of your location, away from power lines and branches. We can always do a site check (free of charge), and send a driver out to the area to determine what will work best.

Are there any winter placement restrictions?

Mobile Mini requires your delivery/pick up location to be free of snow and ice. The delivery area should have 3’ clearance on each side of the container location with a clearing to back into where the unit is needed.

Can I fit multiple containers in my driveway?

The number of containers that can be placed at your location depends on the size of your driveway and the size of the containers you choose. For delivery, we require a clearance area that can accommodate the size of the truck AND a container. We can always do a site check (free of charge), and send a driver out to the area to determine what will work best.

How do I find out about local regulations?

Every city, along with communities and neighborhoods, has different rules regarding where and how long you can place your storage container at your location. Check with your local municipality to inquire about regulations regarding usage of storage containers.

How long can I keep my container at my location?

Unless your city or neighborhood has rules regarding how long a storage container can be placed at your location, you keep a Mobile Mini at your location as long as you need.

What are the rules for placing a Mobile Mini in a parking lot?

We can place a Mobile Mini in a parking space or any area of a parking lot that has enough clearance for a truck and the container you choose. However, you will need to check with a property manager for any regulations regarding storage containers in your lot. We can always do a site check (free of charge), and send a driver out to the area to determine what will work best.

Where should I place my Mobile Mini?

We recommend you place your Mobile Mini in an area free from wires, power lines, and low branches or trees, that will be convenient for you to pack your stuff. For delivery, we require an area that will accommodate the size of the truck AND the size of your container.  We can always do a site check (free of charge), and send a driver out to the area to determine what will work best.

Do I need to clean my Mobile Mini before you pick it up?

Be sure to remove your lock and all of your personal property from the Mobile Mini, along with any trash. Failure to leave a Mobile Mini in a clean fashion for use by another customer may result in an additional cleanup fee.


How can I make a payment? What forms of payment do you accept?

Mobile Mini accepts major credit and debit card, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Payments can be made online or over the phone at 1-800-456-1751. For other forms of payment, contact your local branch for information. If you have any other questions, please call or email us at

What day is my storage rent due?

Mobile Mini’s secure storage rent is due every 28 days from the day your container is delivered until you are finished with your storage need. Your credit card will be set up for automatic payment to alleviate the stress of bill schedules.

Does Mobile Mini accept cash payments?

Mobile Mini prefers credit card or money orders.

Are there any hidden charges?

Mobile Mini prides itself on providing customers with honest, upfront pricing. The price you receive from our sales specialists is what you’ll pay, with no other additional costs.

If I can cancel my order, will I get a refund?

There is no cancellation fee as long as you call before 12 p.m. (noon) local time the day before the initial delivery. Anytime after noon local time a cancellation fee may be charged. When canceling your order you must call and speak to a storage coordinator at (866)747-3296. Voicemails & email cancellation notifications can not be accepted.