Benefit: Professionalism

When you select Mobile Mini as your provider or secure, portable storage and specialty containment, you are making the best decision for your business.  Our 30 years in the industry sets us part from all the regional providers and portable storage start-ups.  Only with Mobile Mini are you receiving the industry leading security, professionalism, and selection.


Our patented Tri-Cam Locking System® provides bank vault security for your precious valuables and most important documents. Interlocking bars secure the top, bottom, and sides from the inside, giving each secure storage unit vault-like security and the door utilizes either a padlock or Mobile Mini’s exclusive ContainerGuard Lock®. The ContainerGuard Lock® features a hidden six-piston tumbler system and is made from 100% hardened steel to provide ultimate protection for your belongings in our secure storage units. Combined they give our customer peace of mind in knowing what is inside is protected, after all if it is worth storing, it is worth storing securely.  More Information


Mobile Mini employees over 1900 people across 160 locations.  We value our employees and expect them to exceed not only our expectations but also our customers.  From our safety conscious drivers who will treat the delivery and pickup sites like their own, to our dedicate customer care team answering with the expertise and knowledge our customers demand, our customers picked Mobile Mini because we understand the customer needs and constantly strive to achieve the highest customer satisfaction.  We stand by our 77 Net Promoter Score (NPS) which defines Mobile Mini as a leader in customer satisfaction. More information


We have more locations, the largest fleet, and the ability to customize storage containers to any need.  Our product lines cover possible solutions for all industries including construction storage, retail warehousing, hospitality refreshes, and government contracts just to name a few of the hundreds of industries we have worked with during our 30 years in the portable storage business.  Some of our containers are standard shipping and conex containers, others include custom made portable storage unit in wider widths and with various door configurations. More Information

Fun Fact

Mobile Mini has over 1,900 employees from sales to drivers and from customer service to branch management.

Fun Fact

All 150+ Mobile Mini locations are company owned and managed, ensuring consistent quality and service.