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Angelone Builders uses Mobile Mini for The Scott Resort & Spa

Mobile Mini Addresses the Challenge Head-On

Angelone Builders have been working on an important remodel at The Scott Resort & Spa.  This remodel means that they will need their equipment and tools stored safely overnight.  By having the materials onsite in a portable container, they are easy to access and save Angelone Builders time and money in a variety of ways, including the labor needed to transport materials to an offsite storage facility.

Mobile Mini makes a difference in the remodel process, providing the storage and office solutions necessary to complete the job effectively.  Keeping their tools and equipment safe and onsite is a gamechanger, and having a portable office gives them a quiet space to meet and make important phone calls.  In addition, the containers and office are transported away upon project completion in an easy, hassle-free way.


What happened, where did it happen, and what did Mobile Mini do to address this situation?

·        Equipment and materials needed to be stored overnight by Angelone Builders at The Scott Resort and Spa during a remodel.

·        In addition to equipment and tool storage, a quiet office space was needed for the business side of the remodel.

·        We provided portable containers and an office for the job.  These were picked up upon project completion.

·        Portable, secure storage was not an issue, because Mobile Mini provided portable storage that allowed for the safe containment of equipment and tools for the duration of the remodel.  This saved Angelone Builders money in labor costs and gave them peace of mind that their expensive equipment was safe.

Mobile Mini Storage Solutions Can Help

Mobile Mini works to meet the unique storage needs of your situation.  Each task calls for a unique solution, just as Angelone Builders required sufficient portable storage and an office space for their remodel.  Mobile Mini will work with you to deliver the product you need, when you need it, with items such as our portable storage containers and offices.  If you’re looking for high-quality portable containers, Mobile Mini will deliver.

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