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New Highway Exchange Calls for Sewer Bypass

202 Freeway Construction Mandates a Sewage Bypass

Adhering to EPA requirements under the Clean Water Act require careful rerouting of wastewater systems during most construction project. One such project was the recent 202 South Mountain Freeway Project in Phoenix, AZ.  It's the third and final segment of the Loop 202 freeway, planned for completion in 2019.  This project required careful management and the temporary rerouting of wastewater as the project progressed. 

Mobile Mini was called on to devise a plan. The first step was to use two 8-inch dry prime diesel pumps and a 6-inch dry prime diesel pump to pull wastewater from the first manhole.   After using these pumps to take out the sewage, HDPE pipes were laid over several hundred feet to divert the wastewater to another manhole.  This allowed for a bypass to be constructed, and for new sewer lines to be laid.

Mobile Mini strives to meet the unique needs of contractors across our footprint, delivering solutions critical to getting so many construction projects off to a good start.  Count on Mobile Mini to deliver the solutions you need, when you need it, with equipment like our Frac Tanks, Weir Tanks, HDPE piping, and a variety of pumps.  

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