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Water Management for Construction Dust Control

How Mobile Mini Tank + Pumps Helps You Meet Air Quality Requirements

Construction sites are a complicated mix of highly specialized technical experts and many many regulators. In fact even the dust that construction sites produce is regulated because of its overall impact on air pollution. Regulations have been adopted across the country to limit the amount of particulate matter kicked-up by vehicles and equipment operating at construction sites. 

Working on a water pipe relocation project for a new home development in Surprise, Arizona, Montezuma Paving Company needed to address just this problem. They identified the need for a a water line to fill water trucks that could routinely keep the dust levels down and the ground in workable condition for the project.

Montezuma called on Mobile Mini Tank + Pumps to design a water system—a system that pumped water from a nearby pond to a load stand to the trucks that would continuously be watering down the construction site. Mobile Mini assessed their needs and ultimately provided the connections, piping from the fire hydrant to the pond, pump and load stand that could fill Montezuma Paving Co.’s 8-thousand-gallon water tanks in three to five minutes. 

Mobile Mini strives to meet the unique tank and pump needs of its business partners. Every job calls for a unique solution, just as the water treatment project for Montezuma Paving Company. Count on Mobile Mini to deliver the product you need, when you need it, with equipment such as our Frac Tanks, Weir Tanks, and a variety of pumps.

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