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Preparing your restaurant to Re-Open after COVID-19

The "New Normal" for Restaurants
The "New Normal" for restaurants

Re-opening a restaurant in a post-COVID-19 world is not for the faint of heart. The pandemic has changed everything, and restaurants are no exception. Social distancing guidelines have forced us to do more with less space. Temperature checks and PPE needs have turned storage supply closets into mini-health units. In this new normal, re-opening a restaurant can be confusing and stressful.

With so many new variables to consider, it’s essential to have someone on your side who knows what they’re doing. At Mobile Mini, we have the restaurant storage solutions you need to help you re-open safely and get back to business, like handwashing stations, temporary workspaces, restaurant food storage equipment, and storage supplies.

Restaurant Storage: It’s Not Just for Plates and Bowls Anymore

When you think of restaurant storage, you probably think of containers filled with flatware, cups, and condiments. While these items are still essential to your restaurant business, your storage needs have evolved in the post-pandemic world. In addition to your food and restaurant supplies, you will also need to store PPE equipment like masks and gloves; hand sanitizer, gloves for servers, hosts, and bussers; and items like disposable menus. With so many new things to organize and store, chances are you will need some extra space.

We happen to excel at extra space!

Mobile Mini’s restaurant storage solutions can accommodate any need and any space. Our standard storage containers range from 8’ x 10’ to 8’ x 40’ and our extra-wide units are 10’ x 25’ and 10’ x 30’. With so many options, you can mix and match until you find the perfect combination.

Do you want to move unused tables, chairs, and equipment off-site to free up some space? Mobile Mini has launched a new service for customers renting our 20’ storage units. We will deliver your storage container quickly and safely, wait for you to fill it with all of your excess items, and then pick everything up and move it to the off-site location of your choosing. No more space lost to storing the tables and chairs you aren’t using!

What About the Food?

Your PPE and sanitation supplies are covered, but what about the most important restaurant storage need: the food? One thing that COVID-19 hasn’t changed is the fact that food is the core and heart of the restaurant world. You wouldn’t exist without your food, so keeping your most precious commodities safe will always be your top priority.

We offer a range of commercial kitchen storage and restaurant food storage equipment that keep your food safe, fresh, and secure. From 20- and 40-foot refrigerated trucks to expand your storage capacity to storage units to house dry ingredients and non-perishables, our restaurant storage solutions can meet almost any need you throw at us.

Socially-Distant Dining

Social distance = same space, less capacity. Luckily, restaurant owners are known for their creativity. We can augment that creativity with restaurant storage supplies like tents, fencing, lighting, and barriers to create customer waiting areas that allow for social distancing while keeping your indoor space exclusively for dining and table service.

Some of our customers have added drink service into their waiting areas to make the space more friendly and inviting. If you live in a warm climate, you can also use tents to create weatherproof outdoor dining space or to house temperature checks and pre-entry sanitizing stations. Whatever spin you put on it, Mobile Mini is here to help you and your customers enjoy restaurant dining in a safe, socially-distanced way.

Take-Out, Toilets, and More

These days, you don’t want to occupy any reduced dining space with take-out orders and phone stations. Our temporary office spaces offer extra room to house your take-out operations and to provide your administrative team with their own separate, safe space to keep your restaurant running. As a bonus, housing your take-out operations in a temporary office space that’s slightly off-site and removed from your restaurant adds another layer of social distancing and safety that will keep your customers healthy.

You should also take restrooms into account when re-thinking your restaurant space. With reduced capacity and new health regulations, you may have to re-imagine what your bathrooms look like. Don’t panic; we aren’t suggesting a costly interior remodel. Mobile Mini provides portable restrooms that will meet all of your COVID-19 health and safety needs. Looking for smaller solutions to accommodate people waiting for indoor dining or take-out orders? Our portable toilets would more than do the trick. Do you want a more robust solution? We have ADA-accessible toilet units, portable handwashing and sanitizing stations, holding tanks, water tanks, and even shower rooms. When we say there’s no restroom need that we can’t meet...we aren’t joking.

Security to Put Your Mind at Ease

Whether you’re storing food or coveted PPE supplies, you want it to be safe and secure. We take security as seriously as you take your food. All of our storage units come with a patented tri-cam locking system. These locks ensure that the only way you’re getting into these units is with a key. Period. Our storage containers are made from the toughest industrial steel, which makes them tamper- and weatherproof. When you go with Mobile Mini, your food and supplies are safe from the toughest storms and the hungriest night-time critters.

COVID-19-Conscious Customers

In 2019, customers chose a restaurant based on reviews, reputation, and cuisine. In 2020, customers have added “Observes COVID guidelines” to their list of dining requirements. Restaurants that create a safe, distanced, and healthy eating experience will win out over those that don’t.

You need to keep your restaurant full...but you also need to make sure your customers and employees are safe. That means creating a dining environment that complies with new health rules and regulations. Since we have all just gotten a very rough, very intense crash course in epidemiology, it can be challenging to figure out how to make indoor dining safe and germ-free.

That’s where we step in. Since the start of the pandemic, Mobile Mini has been helping customers safely and successfully adapt to this new world. Our team of experts are up-to-date on CDC safety guidelines and can help you figure out what restaurant storage solutions will work best for your space. When it comes to safety, there’s no “too safe” right now. At Mobile Mini, we will help you feed your customers while keeping them safe and virus-free.

The Mobile Mini Difference

There’s no denying COVID-19’s impact on the restaurant world. While we can’t change the new normal that we are all adjusting to, we can help you re-open your restaurant as quickly and safely as possible. Our award-winning customer support team will assess your restaurant storage needs and help you find budget-friendly solutions to get you up and running.

Worried about getting everything set up? Don’t be. Delivery, installation, and pick-up are all included in your rental, so the only thing you have to worry about is your menu. When you rent with Mobile Mini, you have access to support 24/7, so if you can’t figure out how to load-in your fencing in the wee hours of the morning, someone will be on the line to walk you through it.


Example of Social Distancing in Restaurants
Example of Social Distancing in Restaurants
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