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Preparing your restaurant to Re-Open after COVID-19

The "New Normal" for Restaurants
The "New Normal" for restaurants

When considering what the future of restaurants after COVID-19, operations will look very different to continue social distancing and improved hygiene practices. Less tables in the restaurant, servers wearing PPE like gloves and masks and even disposable menus to reduce risk. Further, most restaurants will continue take-out and delivery options for customers and will need designated areas for those services.

Don’t stress about your strategy. Mobile Mini is your one-stop-shop for all COVID-19 storage and equipment solutions. We are helping small and large restaurants across the U.S. prepare to re-open a safe and healthy environment their customers feel comfortable in. Make sure you are proactive with game planning your strategy, so people are excited and confident about visiting you soon!

Example of Social Distancing in Restaurants
Example of Social Distancing in Restaurants
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