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Mobile Offices and Portable Storage in South Plainfield

Serving NYC, North and Central Jersey


2400 Roosevelt Avenue
South Plainfield, NJ 07080
United States

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Areas served by Mobile Mini Plainfield

Mobile Mini delivers secure storage containers and ground-level offices throughout New Jersey, including:

  • North New Jersey
  • Central New Jersey
  • Manhattan
  • Princeton
  • Piscataway
  • New Brunswick
  • Edison
  • Jersey City
  • Flemington
  • Newark
  • Staten Island
  • Long Branch
  • Morristown
  • Hackettstown
  • Woodbridge Twp
  • Middletown
  • Elizabeth
  • Union
  • Clifton
  • Sparta

Mobile Mini South Plainfield, New Jersey


From George Clinton to Judy Blume, New Jersey’s “Queen City” has inspired greatness in some of the country’s most beloved celebrities. Located within reach of New York City, Plainfield is a suburban dream and a city to be reckoned with.


At Mobile Mini, we’re big fans of this royal locale, and we’re proud to support the city’s businesses with fast, easy, and stress-free portable storage container rental in Plainfield. With almost 40 years of experience in this game, Mobile Mini is now America’s largest and most trusted storage and mobile office provider. We get you into the units you need faster and with less stress than our competitors.


From portable offices in Plainfield to shipping container rental in Plainfield, our award-winning team of experts is here when you need them to give you the support and service you need to rent with confidence. 


If you’ve spent weeks looking for the best portable storage container rental in Plainfield, you can take a well-deserved break because you’ve landed on the ultimate one-stop shop for all things mobile office, portable storage, and worksite rental. We offer world-class inventory, industry-leading service, and business-friendly practices that help keep your job sites safe, efficient, and successful. 

Portable Storage Container Rental in Plainfield


At Mobile Mini, we’ve been at this so long that we sometimes forget that not everyone is as familiar with the benefits and impact of portable storage. These small containers pack a big punch in a tiny package. The top three benefits of portable storage container rental in Plainfield are:

  • Organization: Portable storage containers offer a place to house all of your loose supplies and equipment, reducing the risks of product loss and damage. These containers also come with add-ons like shelves that give you the ability to organize your equipment and get a clear view of what you have and what you don’t so that you can reorder supplies before they run out. 
  • Safety: Better organized worksites are safer worksites. Portable storage containers reduce risks of personal injury due to misplaced equipment. They also help ensure that teams are able to see when they’re running low on equipment, allowing them to reorder materials faster so that employees have everything they need to do their jobs right.
  • Productivity: Safer and less cluttered worksites are more productive and efficient. Our storage units ensure that businesses have everything they need to be as efficient and result-oriented as humanly possible. 


At Mobile Mini, we offer two types of portable storage rental in Plainfield: 


Standard Portable Storage in Plainfield: Our standard portable storage containers range from 10 to 40 feet and are designed to fit within the confines of a standard parking spot, making them very space-efficient. Standard units are perfect for small to medium-sized storage jobs and give you everything you need to tackle even the most extreme commercial storage demands. 


Extra-Wide Portable Storage in Plainfield: Our extra-wide containers offer two additional feet of space that you can use to house large and oversized items or to move around your unit and load and unload equipment with more ease and comfort. 


Whether you opt for a standard unit or an extra-wide container, our standard service agreements include delivery, pickup, and the relocation of empty units. In short, we take care of the logistics so that you can focus on what really matters. 

Portable Offices in Plainfield


Mobile office rental in Plainfield got a whole lot easier when Mobile Mini entered the scene. We give you everything you need to tackle mobile office rental in Plainfield with as little stress and headache as humanly possible. 


Our customers come to us for all sorts of reasons, but the most common reason why businesses choose to rent mobile office spaces are:

  • Rapidly changing team sizes 
  • Office renovations 
  • Office moves
  • Rapidly changing team sizes 
  • The need for more space to get through busy periods
  • The need for a safe and comfortable workspace in the middle of active or outdoor work environments 

Our current mobile office offerings include:

  • Ground-Level Offices: Ground-level offices come in sizes that range from 10 to 40 feet and are standalone units that require no installation and are very easy to reconfigure and redesign as your needs change, grow, and evolve. These are great options for customers who need a portable and safe work environment that provides instant support and benefits.
  • Mobile Office Trailer Rental in Plainfield: Mobile office trailers in Plainfield are very similar to ground-level offices, with one main difference: they are set on wheels. Available in 8 to 12-foot options, these units are highly portable, versatile, flexible, and can be easily taken from site to site.
  • Tunnel Storage ContainersTunnel storage containers have openings on both ends of the unit, making it much easier to load, unload, and access your container. These units are great for businesses that plan to access their units frequently throughout their rental period or who plan to be loading and unloading heavy or oversized items. 
  • Office Storage Combination Units:Portable storage/work units give you the ability to tackle two critical needs in one compact unit. These containers have dedicated space for work and storage in the same place, offering effective solutions for a wide range of commercial needs. 


Just like our portable storage equipment, mobile office units come with service agreements that include delivery, pickup, and the relocation of empty units. 


Better products, better service, better experiences. 

Renting the Essentials in Plainfield


At Mobile Mini, we are always looking for ways to enhance our customers’ experiences. Essentials is our latest program resulting from these efforts. These add-on packages give customers the ability to customize packages that enhance the safety, efficiency, and utility of our full inventory. Packages include: 

  • Shelving
  • Locks
  • Office furniture and appliances 
  • Lighting
  • And much more

Essentials packages can be ordered at the same time as the rest of your Mobile Mini order, and our team will deliver everything at the same time in one convenient delivery. 


Just think of this as the one-stop-shopping experience that commercial dreams are made of. 

The Mobile Mini Difference


You don’t become America’s most trusted storage and mobile office provider by accident. First, our storage and mobile office inventory is made from 100% corrugated steel. This metal is not only one of the strongest materials on Earth, but it’s also naturally weatherproof and can withstand even the toughest storms and natural disasters. That’s right, when you go with our units, your most valuable supplies will stay safe, dry, and protected no matter what. 


Second, our premium units come standard with our tri-cam security system. These patented security bars interlock and hinge in multiple places. If you’re opting for one of our standard units or you just want extra security, we offer a wide range of locks available for rent alongside our storage and mobile office containers. 


We’re faster, more efficient, and less stressful than any other storage provider, and those are just facts. 


Finding another city that can claim Fudge and Sally J. Freedman is next to impossible. Storage and mobile office rental shouldn’t be. 


Check us out today and see how easy storage and worksite rentals can be. 


Request a quote for portable storage in Plainfield today!