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Portable Storage & Mobile Offices - Columbus

Serving Central Ohio and Northern West Virginia



871 Buckeye Park Road
Columbus, OH 43207
United States

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39.917896, -82.9714328

Branch Managers 740.586.8243

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Areas served by Mobile Mini Columbus

Mobile Mini delivers secure storage containers and ground-level offices to customers throughout the Columbus area, including:

  • Charleston
  • Mansfield
  • Westerville
  • Lancaster
  • Lima
  • Huntington
  • Dublin
  • Newark
  • Grove City
  • Zanesville
  • Athens
  • Marietta
  • Parkersburg
  • Cambridge
  • Chillicothe
  • Gahanna

Storage Container Solutions


Columbus is in the midst of a development boom as people flock to “the biggest small town in America” for our culture, food, and universities. All this growth had led to an influx of commercial and storage needs throughout the region. 


At Mobile Mini Columbus, we work with our customers to develop storage solutions to meet the Greater Columbus Area’s unique needs. If you’re looking for shipping containers in Columbus to use for storage to mobile office units, Mobile Mini has everything you need.

National Expertise, Columbus Know-How


Our Columbus branch serves numerous cities throughout the Central Ohio and Northern West Virginia region, offering storage solutions that meet the needs of our business and residential communities. When you rent from Mobile Mini, you get a team of local storage experts who know the difference between a construction site in Athens vs. one in Westerville. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all storage; all of our storage solutions are developed to meet your individual needs.


Our products include:

  • Mobile Storage Units: Sometimes you need to store large construction equipment; sometimes you’re just googling “shipping container Columbus” to keep some documents safe through an office move. At Mobile Mini, our standard and extra-wide storage units can meet even the toughest storage jobs. With customizable doors to simplify loading and unloading and options to add shelves and other enhancements, our storage units are the versatile, affordable, and durable solution you’ve been looking for.
  • On-Site Water Management: Water management is a critical piece of any successful construction or agriculture project. Our tanks, pumps, and filtration systems are made from the highest quality materials and are strong enough to meet your water management needs all year long. 
  • Mobile Offices: Mobile offices are the perfect solution when your job takes you outdoors or your permanent office space is temporarily unavailable. All Mobile Mini office units come standard with textured ceilings and tiled floors and have options for additions like sliding windows, blinds, and shelving units.
  • Essentials: Our Essentials program allows you to maximize the safety, productivity, and utility of your jobsite, storage unit, and mobile office. For storage units, we offer lighting, shelving, and new locks; for mobile offices, we offer furniture, appliances, and supplies.

Need Industry Solutions? We’ve Got You Covered.


At Mobile Mini, we’re more than just “shipping containers in Columbus.” We pride ourselves on maintaining an inventory of storage and mobile office units that easily meet the needs of over 20 industries. From agriculture and construction to healthcare, retail, and education, our products can be found in dealerships, hotels, retail locations, hospitals, and schools nationwide. 


While each customer uses their unit in a slightly different way, some of the more common uses for our storage and mobile office containers include:


Storage Containers 

  • Creating a secure and organized space to store excess, seasonal, and unused inventory, supplies, and equipment. 
  • Protecting high-value items from loss, theft, and damage. 
  • Providing a space to store emergency medical supplies so they can be easily accessed at clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare settings.
  • Offering a secure space to store, organize, and sort documents, records, and other important paperwork. 
  • Creates a weatherproof space to store electronics and equipment at outdoor concerts, festivals, and events. 


Mobile Office Units 

  • Provide a quiet, safe, and stable place to tackle administrative tasks on construction and outdoor jobsites. 
  • Offer flexible, portable office space to help employees bridge corporate moves and renovations. 
  • Provides space to house sound and lighting functions at outdoor events and festivals. 
  • Create extra classroom, computer lab, and faculty space on school and college campuses. 


Our storage and mobile office units can meet all the needs associated with a changing, growing business. Our storage containers come with add-ons that make it easy to customize your unit as you need to. Moving from equipment storage to document and record storage? Simply add on shelves and blinds to make your container more secure and better suited for organization and sorting. Need more space in your mobile office? Move furniture and equipment around to create a new layout and configuration. 


If you have a need, these units can meet it. It’s that simple.

Rent vs. Buy: A Breakdown


Deciding whether to rent or buy a storage container can be high-stress, but don’t worry; we’re here to make your decision a bit easier. If you’re in the market for a storage container and are trying to decide between renting and buying, here are the top four things to consider:

  • Storage Timeline: With the prices we just covered in mind, renting a storage unit will be more cost-effective if your storage needs last less than 12-16 months; buying will make more sense for rental periods extending beyond 12-16 months. Of course, if you will be regularly needing to move your unit or you are storing materials that are likely to bring higher than usual maintenance needs with them, then these calculations will change.
  • Storage Needs: For many storage providers, hazardous, toxic, and highly volatile materials land on the prohibited list. If you are going to be storing these types of items, check your rental contracts closely; you may need to consider buying a unit outright.
  • Changing Locations: If you plan on using one unit across multiple locations, then a rental will likely save you time, stress, and money. Moving a multi-ton container is not for the faint of heart, so if you plan on moving around a lot, we encourage you to look at rental providers—like us!—who include these services within their range of offered support.

Security You Can Rely On


At Mobile Mini, we’re obsessed with security, and that’s not a bad thing. When we founded our company, we weren’t satisfied with standard storage locks and security, so we made our own. Mobile Mini’s patented tri-cam locking system is virtually theft-proof and can’t be hacked into, drilled into, or picked. Worried about how much an upgrade to these locks will cost you?


All storage units and mobile offices are also made from 100% corrugated steel which makes them weather-proof and able to withstand even the toughest storm or natural disaster. When you rent with us, you can rest assured that your belongings aren’t going anywhere that you don’t want them to. Guaranteed.

The Mobile Mini Difference

Renting with Mobile Mini just feels different. Mobile Mini is an industry leader in service, security, quality, and support. We are backed by an award-winning customer service team that is always available to answer questions and troubleshoot issues. Our commercial and residential storage and equipment rentals come standard with easy, no-stress delivery, pick-up, and relocation, and we fill most orders within 24 hours or one business day. We were founded on the belief that storage should be affordable, hassle-free, and uncomplicated, and we maintain that principle throughout every order we fill and the customers we serve. 


Choosing between simultaneous Buckeye and Browns games is complicated; storage doesn’t have to be. Contact us today and let us show you how easy storage can be!

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