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Portable Storage & Mobile Offices - Pittsburgh

Serving the greater Pittsburgh area and Western PA



981 Steen Road
Bridgeville, PA 15017
United States

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40.3778224, -80.1049567

Branch Managers 412.216.9579 570.324.2382

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Mon: 8:00 am-5:00 pm
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Areas served by Mobile Mini Pittsburgh

Mobile Mini delivers secure storage containers and ground-level offices to customers throughout the Bridgeville area, including:

  • Bridgeville
  • Morgantown
  • Johnstown
  • Cranberry Twp
  • Greensburg
  • New Castle
  • Butler
  • West Mifflin
  • Irwin
  • Monroeville
  • Greenburg
  • Grove City
  • Seven Springs
  • Somerset
  • Punxsutawney
  • Clarion

Storage, Mobile Office, and Jobsite Solutions for Pittsburgh 


Mobile Mini is changing and optimizing the way the Pittsburgh business community manages its jobsites. We are proud to be the nation’s largest and most trusted storage, mobile office, and jobsite solutions provider, a title we have held for decades. We offer fast, efficient, and reliable jobsite storage and spatial solutions. When you rent with us, one phone call immediately connects you with a team of experts who will help you find the best products to meet your unique commercial storage and mobile office needs. 


Just think of us as the one-stop shop you’ve been waiting for!

Total Site Solutions Built for Pittsburgh


Pittsburgh is a city that’s in a league of its own. Not only do we arguably have the best football and baseball team (and fans) in the country, but our city is filled with people who love their hometown and care about their community. 


At Mobile Mini, we’re big fans of Pittsburgh’s unique energy and culture. That’s why we have ensured that our Pittsburgh branch is staffed by locals who understand the city’s business needs and environments, and who are experienced in matching Pittsburgh businesses with the spatial and storage solutions they want and deserve. If you’re wondering, “What options do I have for quality portable storage and mobile office solutions near me?” look no further. 


One aspect that sets Mobile Mini apart from our competition is our focus on getting you what you need when you need it. We know that when it comes to your business, you don’t have time to waste. That’s why we operate on a one phone call model. With one conversation, you gain access to everything you need to keep your business productive. With Mobile Mini, your workspace is ready for business on day one. No wasted time, no wasted energy. Just efficiency at its finest. 


From Pittsburgh mobile office trailers that can hold their own through a winter storm to safe, quiet workspaces anywhere you can imagine, we have the solutions you need and the service and support you deserve. 


Our products include:


  • Portable Storage for Pittsburgh: Storage needs are never one size fits all. That’s why our storage units come in standard and extra-wide options, giving you the options you need to tackle storage needs both large and small. 


  • Mobile Offices and Ground-Level Offices for Pittsburgh: When it comes to mobile workspaces, the last thing you want is a space that feels, well, temporary. Our portable office spaces are designed to house teams of all sizes. From single units to modular complexes, we have everything you need to work without limits.


  • Essentials: With our Essentials packages, you get the add-ons you need to make the most out of your storage, jobsite, and mobile office rentals. Of course, even without these add-ons, our units leave little to be desired in terms of utility and function. Our storage add-ons include lighting and shelving; our mobile office add-ons include furniture, appliances, and supplies; and our jobsite essentials include portable bathrooms, air purifiers, and aerial booms. No matter what you end up going with, you’ll optimize the safety, efficiency, and productivity of your unit.

Any Industry, Any Need, Any Time


Mobile Mini is a company dedicated to meeting all storage, mobile office, and jobsite needs, no matter where those needs exist or come from. We proudly serve over 20 industries, providing a fleet of storage and mobile office units that are flexible, versatile, and easy to adapt to your commercial needs. 


While our customers are varied, some of our most common industry partners are in the following sectors: 

  • Agriculture 
  • Automotive 
  • Construction 
  • Education 
  • Events 
  • Government 
  • Hospitality 
  • Medical 
  • Retail 


Each customer uses our storage and mobile office units differently. However, many of our clients turn to our units for the following reasons:



  • Providing a space to store unused or seasonal inventory, machinery, equipment, and supplies.
  • Creating a secure space to store, sort through, and organize documents and records.
  • Protecting high-value items from loss, damage, and theft.
  • Offering a waterproof, weatherproof space to store tech, lighting, and sound equipment at outdoor festivals and events. 
  • Providing a space to store and organize emergency medical supplies inside hospitals, medical centers, clinics, and other healthcare settings.


Mobile Office Units 

  • Creating extra classroom or faculty space on school and college campuses.
  • Offering secure, quiet spaces on outdoor worksites.
  • Providing emergency first aid sites at large events and natural disaster sites.
  • Creating a portable sound, lighting, and tech booth at outdoor events and festivals.

Rent vs. Buy: The Ultimate Storage Choice 


The question of whether to rent or buy a portable storage unit has been confusing business owners for decades. The good news is that both options get you into a storage unit that will help optimize the efficiency and productivity of your jobsite. There is usually one clear winner regarding cost-effectiveness, utility, and overall value. 


When trying to decide between storage rental and purchase, here are the top three factors to keep in mind:

  • How Long?: If you are going to be using your storage unit between 1-24 months, most of the time, rentals will be your best option. Now, if you have storage needs that are likely to extend beyond 24 months, purchasing a unit outright might make most financial and logistical sense.
  • How Many Locations? For customers that will be transporting one storage unit across multiple jobsites, we often recommend renting a unit. Mobile Mini will retrieve your empty storage unit, bring it wherever you need it next, and even stick around to get everything installed. Offerings like this save you a considerable amount of time, money, and headache and tip the scale firmly in the “rental” category for this one.

Safe, Secure, Reliable


People have accused us of being “security-obsessed,” and frankly, we love it. All of our units are constructed from 100% corrugated steel, one of the strongest metals on earth. Corrugated steel is naturally weather-proof and can withstand even the harshest winds, heaviest rains, and most turbulent natural disasters. 


We also ensure that all of our units come standard with our patented tri-cam locking system. These locks are impossible to cut through, pick, or hack. They’re virtually theft-proof! With Mobile Mini, you can rest assured that nothing is getting into your unit without permission. Nothing. 

The Mobile Mini Difference


For almost 40 years, Mobile Mini has been an industry leader in customer service and support. Our customers are loyal, and that loyalty has been earned through our commitment to providing award-winning, reliable customer service. Our team is here for you whenever you need them. We also offer stress-free delivery, relocation, and pick-up with every order.


Explaining the fact that a Terrible Towel is much more than a simple piece of fabric to a non-Pittsburgh resident can be infuriating. Storage and jobsite solutions don’t have to be. Contact us today and see how easy life can be!

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