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10ft Portable Storage Containers

At Mobile Mini, we’re particularly fond of our 10ft storage containers. These small shipping containers are perfect for small office moves or for storing inventory, records, unused office supplies, and equipment. Like all our portable storage units, the 10ft containers are durable, reliable, and designed to keep your commercial items safe and secure 24/7/365. 

Portable Storage Needs 

  • High-value inventory
  • Seasonal supplies
  • Small equipment
  • Record boxes
  • Landscaping tools
  • Janitorial equipment


10ft Standard Continer - Angled View
10ft Standard Continer - Angled View - Closed
10ft Standard Container - Angled View - Open
10ft Container Floorplan
10ft Standard Container - Side
10ft Standard Continer - Angled View thumbnail
10ft Standard Continer - Angled View - Closed thumbnail
10ft Standard Container - Angled View - Open thumbnail
10ft Container Floorplan thumbnail
10ft Standard Container - Side thumbnail

Tri-Cam Locking System®

Our patented Tri-Cam Locking System® provides bank-vault security for your precious valuables and most-important documents with interlocking bars. 

  • Waist-level, one hand opening lever
  • Utilizes either a padlock or Mobile Mini’s exclusive ContainerGuardLock®


More than a simple padlock, our ContainerGuardLock® features a hidden six-pin tumbler system and is made from hardened steel to provide the ultimate protection. 

  • Virtually drill-resistant with hidden, hardened steel six-pin tumblers and hidden sheath
  • Made from all-hardened steel to protect against pulling and prying.

Why Choose a Mobile Mini 10ft Shipping Container? 

As people who live and breathe storage all day every day, we can think of endless reasons to choose a 10ft storage container to tackle your smaller commercial storage jobs. Alas, we don’t have room to write a manifesto on the benefits of using one of our 10ft storage units, so we will narrow this summary down to five key points:

  • Service: We’ve been industry leaders in customer support for decades. Our award-winning team is available to answer questions, troubleshoot issues, and make sure you have a successful rental experience. Stress-free delivery, pick-up, relocation, and installation are included with every order, and we’re here every step of the way to ensure that you are satisfied. 
  • Cost: For less than the cost of a burger and fries, you get reliable, convenient storage that will keep your equipment and supplies safe and secure year-round. 
  • Peace of Mind: You can’t put a price on peace of mind, but we can try. When you rent with Mobile Mini, you can rest assured that your commercial equipment and supplies are secure. You can also feel confident that you have a dedicated team behind you that will help you with whatever comes up throughout your rental period. 

Life can get complicated. Storage should be easy. Check us out today and see how stress-free storage can be!

7’ 8-1/2" W
9’ 10-1/2" L
7’ 10-1/4" H

8’ W
10’ L
8’ 6" H

Interior: 598 cubic feet
Exterior: 680 cubic feet

Premium Single Entry

For simple access to your stored items, a single entry will control access to only those with the key. Mobile Mini’s premium doors allows access with one hand for ease and convenience.


Brackets and Rails for Shelving
Our customized brackets and rails shelving system is available as one of our permanent portable storage options. Brackets and Rails can accommodate shelves of different widths at any height. (Brackets and rails are not available at all locations.)



Whether you need one unit or a hundred across the country, our dedicated drivers will swiftly and carefully deliver your unit directly to your door, and help you find the safest and most convenient place to put it on your site. They can even help show you how to use the specific features on your unit if you need assistance. Because we own trucks we are a reliable and cost-effective solution.



For customers with long-term logistical needs, we can relocate your empty container to your next jobsite. This additional solution makes us more flexible and responsive to meet your needs. It can also means extra savings for you.



Returning your unit is just as convenient. Schedule your pick-up on the MM Connect customer portal or give us a call.


Mobile Mini National Accounts

Synchronize your supply chain across the US through our National Accounts Program. You’ll get preferred pricing and hassle-free access to the largest selection of products. With over 150 locations, we are one of the only companies in our industry with a national footprint to meet your storage needs nearly anywhere.


Step into the Driver’s Seat

MM Connect, our state-of-the-art customer portal puts the power in your hands to see all products on rent, locations, and costs in one view, on demand. Easily request service, pickups, and relocation's, while accessing your account information in real-time.

What Are 10ft Storage Containers?

Our 10ft storage containers are made from repurposed shipping containers. These steel beasts are designed to transport cargo across challenging waterways and rail lines. That means they’re virtually indestructible—and perfectly suited to storing your valuable business equipment and supplies. 

At Mobile Mini, our 10ft storage containers fall into our “standard width” category and have the following dimensions:

  • Internal: 7’ 8-1/2" W x 9’ 10-1/2" L x 7’ 10-1/4" H
  • External: 8’ W x 10’ L x 8’ 6" H
  • Volume: 598 cubic feet (Interior), 680 cubic feet (Exterior)

There is plenty of room to accommodate your small commercial storage needs. And as an added perk, these small storage containers fit into the width of a standard parking space, which means that you can easily store your unit on-site without taking up too much space. 

When to Choose a 10ft Shipping Container: Most Common Uses 

The most common uses for these small storage containers include:

  • Small Equipment Storage: Whether you're managing a construction site, landscaping job, or municipal project, our 10ft containers are great for storing small equipment during lulls in work or inclement weather. 
  • Inventory Storage: Retail businesses love to use our 10ft storage containers to keep high-value inventory safe and out of the way. Many of our retail customers use them to sort through inventory that doesn’t fit or belong in stockrooms or on the sales floor.
  • Record and Document Storage: Paper takes up more space than people initially realize, and our 10ft containers are perfect for storing important documents that you wouldn’t want lost, damaged, or stolen. 
  • Seasonal Supplies: Seasonal supplies can quickly move from essential to cumbersome as their time of the year comes and goes. Our retail and hospitality customers love these units because they provide a place to offload unused and seasonal supplies to an area that doesn’t take up valuable kitchen, lobby, or stockroom space. 
  • Small Office Moves: Office moves can be stressful, but we like to think that our 10ft shipping containers make things a bit less stressful. With portability built into their initial design, it’s easy to load these units up and move them to your new location.

Benefits of a 10ft Shipping Container

  • Security: One of the top benefits of our small storage containers is the security they offer for your equipment and supplies. Our units are all made from corrugated steel, which means that they are strong, durable, and naturally weather-proof. Your supplies will stay safe, dry, and protected through any weather. Our units also come standard with our patented tri-cam locking system. These locks cannot be cut, tampered with, hacked, or picked; they’re virtually theft-proof. 
  • Portability: Our 10ft storage containers are designed to move from site to site with no risk to their structural soundness or integrity. This makes it easy to transport these units from site to site or use them during office moves, remodels, and renovations. As an added perk, Mobile Mini will come and move your empty unit to wherever you need it next.
  • On-Site Access to Your Equipment and Supplies: When we designed our storage containers, we paid attention to their shape and size. We wanted units that would take up less space but fit more items, and not to brag, but we think we really nailed this one. Our small storage containers fit into standard parking spaces, so you can easily store your unit on-site without taking up valuable real estate.
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