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Does Mobile Mini Offer Portable Tents?

two men setting up portable tents for an event
portable tents

Camping, the circus, a backyard sleepover for the kids: some things are just better with a tent. We often overlook their utility, but when we need them, tents can truly save the day. 

While we appreciate a good sleepover, here at Mobile Mini, we are more interested in portable tents’ place on the job site. From construction projects to outdoor festivals, outdoor pop-up tents play a critical role in keeping your employees, customers, and equipment protected and secure. 

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about these versatile job site heroes and will help you decide if job site tents are right for you and your business.

Preparing your Construction Site with a Portable Tent

Few things can impact productivity more than inclement weather. Outside of the discomfort of trying to operate heavy machinery outside in the rain, wind, or snow, inclement weather can be dangerous to your construction crew, equipment, and project. Enter the portable tent. 

Portable tents have many uses on a construction site, but their most important role is to provide shelter and protection to your employees and your equipment. Job site tents protect your team from dust and debris during demolition. They also offer shelter during bad weather, and they give you a place to temporarily protect your expensive equipment from the elements while you wait for storms to pass. Outdoor pop-up tents ensure that your team can remain productive no matter what Mother Nature throws at them. 

Portable tents also create spaces for employees to take breaks. If you have ever tried to eat a sandwich with dirt and dust flying everywhere, then you know how important it is to have a covered space for meals. When your crew is fed and rested, they’re more productive and better equipped to give their all throughout the day.

Festival Favorites: Large Event Tent Rentals

Large event tents fulfil many roles at outdoor festivals and events, but the most important is protection. In the summer, tents provide lifesaving shade to festival attendees and offer shelter to protect your guests from occasional summer storms. Portable tents also offer organization and structure. When you’re trying to organize tens, sometimes hundreds, of thousands of people in a large field or outdoor space, having designated areas for key activities like ticket sales, music and performance spaces, medical services, merchandise sales, and so one will keep everyone safe and orderly. 

Event tent rental add-ons like fencing and barriers add to their utility and help you create a structured, safe, and orderly flow at your festival or outdoor event. As an added bonus, outdoor events typically bring expensive music, electric, and hospitality equipment with them. Like your guests and employees, that equipment is vulnerable to the elements and can go from functional to obsolete after mere seconds of exposure to a rain or wind storm. Large event tents protect this valuable equipment from the elements and give you peace of mind even in the worst and most extreme weather.

Mobile Mini: Service, Reliability, Security

Mobile Mini has provided quality portable tent rentals for over four decades. Our tents are some of the most secure in the industry, and we have all of the fencing and add-ons you need to optimize your job site. From the moment you click on your website or call our support line, our award-winning customer service team will be there to help you pick the right tent for your needs and will stay with you 24/7 to answer questions and troubleshoot any issues throughout your rental period. Delivery, pick-up, and relocation are all included in your order, and most tents are delivered within one business day. 

While we can’t control the weather, we can outfit your job site with portable tents that will make them as weatherproof as humanly possible. Life is stressful; protecting your job site from the elements shouldn’t be!

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