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Modular Office vs. Modular Home

Mobile Mini Modular Office
Mobile Mini Modular Office

Modular spaces are having a moment, and for a good reason. Modular offices and homes offer a fast, easy, and portable way to enjoy the comforts of a traditional office and living space at a fraction of the cost and construction time. However, while modular spaces are becoming more common, there is still a decent amount of confusion about what these spaces actually are. 

That’s why we’ve created this guide to modular spaces. We’re here to help you to understand what modular spaces are and educate you on the differences between modular offices vs. modular homes.

What Is a Modular Space, Anyway?

Modular spaces are a very fancy way of saying “prefabricated.” Modular offices and homes contain sections that are delivered pre-made and assembled on-site. Once they’re complete, you have a space that rivals any home or office for a fraction of the time and cost of labor.

Modular Office Space

Modular office spaces are temporary or permanent office spaces that come in pre-assembled parts. With traditional office spaces, construction could take years, cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and cost you precious time and money. Modular offices offer spatial solutions that are assembled quickly, cost less, and provide the same comforts and amenities you would find in a more traditional space. 

At Mobile Mini, we offer modular office buildings that meet all needs. From a temporary storage solution while your business expands or renovates to more permanent answers to spatial needs, our standard, extra-wide, and office/storage combination sites give your employees a safe place to work while simultaneously addressing your need for extra storage space for equipment, records, and furniture. 

Modular office spaces work for any industries, but we find them especially useful for:

  • Schools and universities 
  • Construction companies 
  • Agricultural outfits 
  • Government agencies 
  • Hotels, resorts, and hospitality sites

As an added perk, modular office spaces are also portable, so you can easily transport them from site to site as needed. If you’re working in construction, you can take your offices with you as you advance from location to location. Do you have multiple storefronts undergoing renovations at different times of the year? Modular office spaces give you the ability to provide your employees with temporary office space as they need it, allowing you to stay in business as your permanent office space is updated or expanded.

What Is a Modular Home?

Like modular offices, modular homes come in pre-assembled parts. Unlike traditional homes, which can take years to complete, modular homes can be assembled in days.

Permanent vs. Temporary
Modular homes come in temporary and permanent options. Temporary homes are most commonly used during natural disasters and other situations where there is a need for immediate shelter. Temporary modular homes are more mobile than permanent models and tend to contain just the basics, although, like modular office spaces, they can be configured to meet your needs and preferences. 

Permanent modular homes resemble your typical residential living space. Like traditional homes, permanent modular homes can be built as large or as small as you want, can be outfitted with special amenities and features, and create a beautiful, spacious home environment in a short timeframe. While permanent modular homes do come in pre-assembled sections, they are usually not mobile; once they are installed, they are built to stay in one place for life. Like traditional homes, modular homes are built to meet local building codes and are fully equipped to support comfortable long-term living.

Mobile Mini does not provide modular homes, however we can help you with your modular office needs.

The Mobile Mini Difference

At Mobile Mini, we can meet most of your modular office and business storage needs. Our award-winning customer service team is available 24/7 to answer your questions and provide technical assistance and support. When you rent with us, you’re getting much more than a work or living space; you’re getting an entire team of people that are ready to support you from rental to pick-up. Most of our orders are delivered in one day, and installation is always included. After we set everything up, we remain accessible and responsive throughout your rental period. When you are done with your modular space, we will come and pick everything up, leaving your space as it was before we met you. Moving around throughout your rental? No problem. Relocation is offered with most rental packages. 

Mobile Mini is here to help you discover the benefits and convenience of modular work spaces. Whether you’re looking for a temporary answer to spatial constraints or you need something more permanent, we’re here to help you decide on the best modular solution for your unique situation.

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