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Can Mobile Mini Provide Portable Showers and Laundry Trailers?

shower head for portable showers
shower head for portable showers

Sometimes sanitation needs to go beyond the bathroom. Whether you’re pulling an 18-hour shift on a construction site or you and your family are rebuilding after a fire or natural disaster, portable showers and laundry trailers can quickly become essential. These trailers give you instant access to hot showers and laundry wherever there is power. 

At Mobile Mini, we have been providing critical infrastructure support and services to residential and commercial clients for over 40 years. In this time, we have seen it all, from global pandemics and public health crises to natural disasters and local emergencies. We understand that life can change at an instant and we are here to help you respond, rebuild, and recover.

Providing the Basics

Portable showers and portable laundry trailers are just what they sound like. These mobile units provide full shower and laundry capabilities wherever there is an available power source. 

Our portable showers are available in various sizes, and they offer:

  • Individual shower stalls for optimal privacy.
  • Mirrored sinks and trash cans for improved cleanliness.
  • Heat and air conditioning to ensure comfort and safety year-round.

Laundry trailers also come in several sizes and provide access to:

  • Commercial washers and dryers.
  • Sinks for handwashing items. 
  • Folding tables and other surfaces to make folding and ironing more convenient.

These trailers can be set up in minutes, creating essential access to sanitation and hygiene services in any environment and situation.

Natural Disaster Recovery is Easier with Portable Showers & Laundry Trailers

While we can prepare for most things in life, fires, earthquakes, and other disasters tend to catch us off-guard. With all of the stress, loss, and chaos that accompany these events, the last thing you want to worry about is how to stay clean while you work to rebuild. 

Portable showers and laundry trailers allow families and communities to maintain their hygiene and their dignity in the face of extreme tragedy.

Pandemic Response

If COVID-19 taught us anything, it’s that our reality can change overnight. When the pandemic hit, sanitation and hygiene went from important to lifesaving. As workers pulled ultra-long shifts to create masks and other personal protective equipment, our portable showers and laundry trailers helped keep everyone safe and clean throughout the process. When doctors and nurses started pulling double and triple shifts, our mobile shower units offered hot showers to keep them clean and safe. Now, as we all work to re-open and rebuild, these units continue to prove their value. 

Restaurants are using laundry trailers to expand their sanitation capacity and to ensure that customers have access to clean, hygienic linens with every meal. Grocery stores and other essential businesses are installing mobile shower trailers to provide employees with a safe way to get clean before going home to their friends and family. Additionally, laundry trailers provide the ability to disinfect uniforms after each use, ensuring that employees have access to germ-free clothing at the start of each shift.

As businesses become more reliant on sanitation services to keep their customers and employees safe and healthy, portable showers and laundry will become increasingly important and more common on all sorts of job sites.

Portable Showers for Work Site Solutions

Sometimes we really don’t want to take the workplace home. From hazardous materials on a construction site to long shifts as a first responder, having immediate on-site access to sanitation services like showers and laundry facilities can be lifesaving. With Mobile Mini’s mobile shower trailers and portable laundry, you can keep your crew clean and safe no matter how intense your site conditions are. 

Portable showers and laundry trailers also work well for outdoor festivals and events. Have you ever had 100,000 people living in a field and listening to music for five days? If so, then we don’t need to explain the value and importance of access to showers and laundry facilities.

Service When You Need It Most

There’s portable shower and laundry rental, and then there’s Mobile Mini. Mobile Mini offers a holistic rental experience, meaning that from order to pick-up we are with you 100% of the way. Our award-winning customer service team is available 24/7 to answer any questions and to help troubleshoot any issues that may arise. 

Outside of service, we are virtually unbeatable when it comes to delivery and pick-up. Most orders are delivered within one business day. During delivery, our team will stay on-site to install your units and to explain how everything works. When you are done with your portable showers and laundry trailers, we will pick them up and leave your site exactly as it was before we came. If you find yourself moving sites or locations during your order, don’t worry. We offer relocation services with most rentals so that you can take your showers and laundry wherever they’re needed. 

Life can be unpredictable, portable shower and laundry trailer rental shouldn’t be. At Mobile Mini, we have everything you need to stay clean, safe, and comfortable no matter what life throws at you. Showers and laundry when you need them – it’s as simple as that.


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