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Truths About Portable Storage

Posted on: 03/12/2018
Truth - Typewriter

Truth #1: Portable Storage Containers Are Clean, Freshly-Painted Organizers

Mobile Mini storage containers are the cleanest in the industry and always freshly-painted. The unit is clean; your valuables stay clean. And from the outside it’s not an eyesore, it’s a symbol of your business’s efficiency. Mobile Mini’s extra storage space keeps your inventory organized and your regular place of business free of clutter. We offer extra shelving options for even more space!

Truth #2: Portable Storage Containers Are Affordable For Smaller Businesses

Your only expense is leasing the unit, and you’re only paying for the space you need. Choose your desired length of container and date of delivery and Mobile Mini works closely with your business to find the perfect fit. Storage containers improve your bottom line by speeding up the process of stocking, accounting for and moving your inventory.

Truth #3: Portable Storage Is Strong Against Theft & Vandalism

Like any building, portable storage containers can be a target of thieves. But Mobile Mini’s containers are built Superman Strong to avenge unwanted invasions. They are made of the strongest steel (unlike the windows in your place of business) and are often locked up an area close to the security cameras and night security guards. Mobile Mini containers feature our famous, near-flawless Tri-Cam Locking System. When combined with available Container Guard locks, these wonder containers are more secure than most office buildings.

Truth #4: A Little Extra Insurance Wouldn’t Hurt

Standard practice for businesses is to protect their property with insurance for their storage units. This is typically an addition to their regular business insurance. As secure as they are, portable storage containers are like any other building and items inside can still be at some risk. Mobile Mini recommends business owners ensure their possessions. Consider the possibility that one day you or one of your employees forgets to lock up the storage container and items are subsequently stolen. Sometimes there’s no anticipating human error. But you can prepare for it.

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