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Dewatering Boxes

Dewatering Box

Dewatering Box rentals from Mobile Mini Tank + Pump Solutions are passive-gravity dewatering containers available in all three of the roll-off box configurations: Roll-tarp, Metal-Lid and Vacuum.  Each roll-off box is equipped with a steel-frame screen-insert which creates a French drain system within the individual containers interior. A geotextile woven or non-woven liner is installed as a filter media to allow excess liquid from the deposited slurry or sludge to leach into the annular drain space between the wall of the container and the screen insert. Drain ports installed in the bottom of the box allow for controlled discharge of the separated effluent. Upon dewatering completion, the container is picked up by a roll-off truck and taken to the desired location to be dumped and returned for reuse.


  • Sludge control and disposal in refinery or chemical refinery applications where pumps may not be an option
  • Filtration of some liquid waste streams with the use of a clarifier, disposable cloth filter, or chemical coagulants
  • Dewatering of digester sludge from wastewater treatment plants for disposal in landfills
  • Applications where low maintenance is required such as remote pipeline sites
  • Floor Grid 3/16 x 1 Galvanized bar grating for a long life and low maintenance
  • Grid area 84" x 240"
  • Grid opening 3 3/4" x 1"
  • Sump height 13" above floor (approx. 1100 gal.)
  • Drain 2" pipe nipple with ball valve
  • Choice of roll-tarp or metal lid configurations


Length 26’ 4” (20’ 6” inside)
Width 7’ 5” (6’ 5” inside)
Height 4’ 4” (4’ inside)



25 Cubic yards


Roll-Top Dewatering Box: 9725 lbs

Metal Lid Dewatering Box: 11,910 lbs

Vacuum Dewatering Box: 14,554 lbs


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