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Mobile Bathrooms

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We can’t understate the true value of a mobile bathroom. Whether you’re working outdoors without access to indoor plumbing or you’re attending a festival without permanent infrastructure, mobile bathrooms can be a real lifesaver. 

Unfortunately, not all portable bathrooms are created equal. We feel pretty confident in adding that there are few things worse than walking into poorly-outfitted facilities. That’s why Mobile Mini offers mobile bathroom rentals that meet a diverse range of needs and work in almost any environment, setting, or location.

Size Matters

When you enter the world of mobile bathroom rental, you can quickly find yourself confused and overwhelmed. Take a breath, relax, and let us walk you through the wonderful world of portable bathrooms.

Individual Bathroom Units

Individual portable bathroom units give the user privacy and are self-contained (no plumbing hook-ups required!) so they can be easily moved and relocated. These units are perfect for work sites, outdoor festivals, and situations where you may have to move your mobile bathroom to accommodate equipment, changing logistics, or increased spatial needs.

Mobile Bathrooms With Showers and Handwashing Stations

If you manage a jobsite where people are working overnight or staying for extended periods away from home, then you know the value of a warm shower before or after a shift. Mobile Mini’s portable bathrooms can be outfitted with showers and handwashing stations that offer vital sanitation and hygiene services anywhere, anytime. 

Mobile bathrooms with showers and handwashing stations work well at construction sites, mobile or temporary hospitals or clinics, and during business or residential renovations when more permanent showers and sinks may not be accessible. Bear in mind that they will require a water hook-up and are much less “mobile” than your average portable bathroom. If you’re looking at portable bathrooms with these options, make sure that you won’t have to move your unit often.

Mobile Mini: Your One-Stop Shop for All Things Mobile Bathroom

When you’re looking into mobile bathroom rental, you may not know exactly what you want or need. Do you want to go with individual units or trailers? Do you opt for portable sinks? 

While you may not have all of these answers on-hand as you start the rental process, we’re here to help. When you rent with Mobile Mini, you gain immediate access to an award-winning customer service team that can help you assess your needs and pick the right products for you and your business or family. Once you have decided on a unit, our team will deliver your mobile bathroom and stick around to set everything up. Worried about knowing how to use everything? Not an issue. Our team stays on-site to make sure that you and your team know how everything works. When everything is said and done, just give us a call and we will come and pick everything up, leaving your site as clean as we found it...maybe even cleaner. 

Bathrooms are a basic need, but portable bathroom selection can get a bit complicated. Mobile Mini is here to help. Life is complicated; portable bathrooms don’t have to be. Come and see how different the “Mobile Mini difference” really is!

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