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portable generator

Electricity and the great outdoors don’t always play well together. When you’re working construction or managing an outdoor event, finding ways to power your equipment can be a real challenge. That’s where Mobile Mini’s portable generators can step in.

Portable electricity generators are just what they sound like: moveable sources of electricity that can work in almost any environment. And while they’re indispensable, they’re usually needed on a temporary basis and can be expensive to purchase outright. 

Mobile Mini offers some of the industry’s most affordable generator rentals with all of the perks that come with renting from an award-winning customer service powerhouse. Before you decide if portable electricity generators are for you, let us give you a little portable generator 101.

Portable Electricity Generator Uses and Benefits

If there’s a need for electricity, chances are portable electricity generators are up for the task. We’ve broken our love letter to all things portable energy into two parts: benefits and uses.


  • Portability: Portable generators are easy to move and transport. If you’re managing a construction site, you can use your generator in one location during the morning hours and then move the equipment as your project progresses throughout the day. Working an event? You can hit your morning, afternoon, and evening stages with the same generator, avoiding the costs of renting multiple units for one event.
  • Affordability: Portable generator rentals are much more cost-efficient than purchasing a permanent unit or trying to power your outdoor event in other ways. Most industrial portable generators cost around $70 a day to rent compared to the high price tag of ownership, which tend to start at around $8,000. Renting generators are a great option for businesses that don’t need a generator year-round but have one-off projects that require portable electricity sources throughout the year.


  • Construction and Outdoor Job Sites: Construction and outdoor job sites are ripe with electrical needs. Machinery requires power, batteries need recharging, and many types of pumps and filtration systems require an electrical hook-up to function properly. While construction sites are filled with electrical demands, they also tend to be located outside, in areas that lack electrical infrastructure. In these situations, portable generators – and depending on the size of the site, large portable generators in particular – are indispensable. Generators provide reliable, continued access to electricity, allowing construction crews to complete their work efficiently and on-time. 
    • Keep in mind that not all portable generators are waterproof, so make sure you select the appropriate model if you plan on operating the generator during inclement weather. 
  • Outdoor Events and Festivals: Outdoor events tend to have significant power needs. Portable lighting, food and beverage trucks, perishable goods storage, and speakers and audio equipment all tend to require electricity to work properly. Portable electricity generators power the most crucial elements of your outdoor events, helping to create a safe and well-outfitted environment for your guests and customers to enjoy.
  • Restaurants and Outdoor Dining: Outdoor dining and electricity are a dynamic duo. If you plan on hosting customers after the sun goes down, portable generators are needed to support lighting and heat lamps. Portable generators can also power hot plates and other equipment used to ensure food stays warm and fresh all night long. 
    • Restaurants can also use portable generators to support outdoor fridges and freezers, creating off-site food storage options that free up kitchen space. As new social distancing guidelines come into play across most of the United States, finding alternative food storage space that doesn’t take up valuable indoor real estate will become a priority for many restaurant owners and managers. Portable generators create opportunities to house food storage off-site, freeing indoor space for table and bar service.
  • Retail Uses: While portable generators don’t seem like the most logical fit with retail activities, they can actually be a real business saver. As storefronts look for ways to meet social distancing and public health guidelines while maintaining their core operations, portable generators can make life much easier. Need to move some in-store shopping outside? Portable generators can power lights and heating to ensure that your customers are comfortable and all year long. Or, maybe you’ve decided to keep your shopping indoors but need to perform inventory and stockroom functions outside to accommodate customer space. With portable electricity generators, you can ensure that inventory and stocking functions are well-lit and well-powered no matter where they take place. 
  • Residential Use: Portable generators come in handy during renovations, natural disasters, and in pretty much any situation where a home’s permanent electricity supply is interrupted.

No matter what your electrical needs may be, Mobile Mini is your ultimate portable electricity generator source. We offer top storage and temporary infrastructure solutions with industry-leading service and support that make renting with us easy. From delivery and installation to pick-up and relocation, we’ll sweat the small stuff so you can focus on getting your job done.


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