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Reefer Container

refrigerated shipping container

Extreme temperatures and precious cargo can be a dangerous combination. Whether you’re hosting a work barbecue or need a place to store climate-sensitive items like medication, flowers, or film, reefer containers offer the temperature-controlled storage your goods require. 

What Is a Reefer Container?

So what are these storage unicorns? Reefer container is a very fancy way of saying “refrigerated container” or “insulated shipping container.” Think of a reefer as a giant portable fridge. These refrigerated storage containers offer cool, temperature-controlled storage environments that take the stress and risk out of storing sensitive items.

Refrigerated shipping containers can be a game-changer for food suppliers, restaurant owners, outdoor event producers, and anyone dealing with heat-sensitive products.

The following “Reefer Guide” will give you a bit more information on reefer container features, how they work, and everything else you need to know about refrigerated storage.

1. How Does Reefer Container Temperature Work?

Insulated shipping containers, or “reefer containers,” are basically giant refrigerators and work similarly to their domestic counterparts. These refrigerated storage containers are made of refrigerated compartments.

Unlike kitchen refrigerators, which are stationary and only have to cool a small surface area, reefer shipping containers have more square footage to contend with. Refrigerated containers have air vents that evenly circulate cool air, ensuring that all contents are cooled consistently and uniformly. The even airflow means that all of your items will stay cool and protected throughout their time in storage, limiting damage and potential waste.

2. What Industries Use Reefer Containers?

Too many to count! Our refrigerated storage container rentals work well for a range of industries, including:

  • Restaurants 
  • Retail stores
  • Agriculture 
  • Food suppliers 

Why are reefers so practical for so many industries? Because refrigerated storage containers are durable, flexible, and extremely easy to customize. Storing food or items that need to be separated or organized? Add shelves to make things easier to navigate. Decided to switch it up and store larger goods? Remove those shelves and you’re good to go.

3. What Are Reefer Containers Used For?


We’ve seen reefer containers put to work in various ways, but here are the top three reasons our clients keep renting them from us: 

  • Outdoor Events: Reefer containers are the unsung heroes of outdoor festivals. They provide portable food storage to keep your meat, fish, produce, and dairy products cool and safe all day long. Whether you’re running an outdoor food festival or a summer concert series, these containers allow you to serve your guests safely and avoid the high costs of perishable food spoilage and waste.

    Since these containers are portable—and with Mobile Mini including delivery and pick-up in your rental cost—transport in and out of your event couldn’t be easier or more convenient. 
  • Storing Delicate Items: Meat and fish aren’t the only products that thrive in a cool environment. Medications, film, and antique furniture are just a few items that require temperature-controlled storage to remain functional and intact. Reefer shipping containers are excellent commercial and residential storage options for goods requiring a stable and cool environment to flourish.
    Whether you’re storing your refrigerated shipping container outside of your home, on your job site, or outside your restaurant, refrigerated containers are portable, convenient, reliable, and the perfect way to keep your perishable items fresh and safe.
  • Temporary Restaurant Storage: The COVID-19 pandemic forced many restaurants to rethink their use of available indoor space. For some businesses, this has meant converting areas that were previously staff-only into guest seating, creating an immediate storage issue for food and perishable goods. Enter the refrigerated shipping container.

Reefer containers’ temperature control and portability make them the perfect temporary outdoor fridge, freeing valuable indoor space for socially distant dining and enjoyment. Temperature-controlled storage has never been this easy—or portable!

4. What Size Containers Am I Looking At?

Mobile Mini offers a range of standard and extra-wide reefer containers. Our standard models come in 10’, 15’, 20’, 25’, and 40’ options, and our extra-wide containers come in 18’ and 25’. Extra-wide models accommodate odd or oversized equipment and furniture, while our standard units can handle most small-large storage needs.

5. What Are Reefer Containers Made Of?

At Mobile Mini, our reefer containers are made from 100% corrugated steel. They’re weather-proof and can survive storms, natural disasters, and anything else they encounter. When you go with a Mobile Mini insulated shipping container shipping container, you can rest assured that your items will be safe and protected anytime, anywhere, all year round.

6. Are They Secure?

Our reefer containers feature a patented tri-cam locking system. These locks are drill-proof, virtually theft-proof, and indestructible. Once your reefer shipping container is locked, there’s no way that anyone without a key is getting inside.

Reefer shipping containers are the MVPs of the food and sensitive goods storage world, and ours come with a ton of perks. All Mobile Mini refrigerated storage container rentals come standard with things like delivery—usually within one business day—pick-up, and relocation. Our award-winning customer service team is here to answer questions and troubleshoot problems, and we do everything we can to make sure your needs are met during your time with us. 

Heat is great for cold winter nights. It’s not so great for a shipment of fresh salmon. When you rent reefer shipping containers from Mobile Mini, you can rest easy knowing that your heat-sensitive items are kept cool and safe at all times, as temperature-controlled storage takes the stress and risk out of storing sensitive or delicate items.

Business is complicated. Storage shouldn’t be. Call us today and see how “cool” storage can be!

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