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Back to School Clean-up

Posted on: 02/03/2020

“When administrators are faced with opening up every available square foot for instruction, I can see these types of containers being used on a more long-term basis to instantly free-up space by housing anything and everything not attached to a classroom."

- Balsz Elementary School Principal Dr. Michael Halper

How Schools use Portable Storage Solutions

Arizona school districts are finding more effective ways to manage their teaching and workspaces better with the help of Mobile Mini’s portable storage solutions.

School enrollment is one of the leading issues for K-12 school administrators across the United States. Changing fertility rates, migration, and open school enrollment policies are causing dramatic shifts in schools’ student populations year-over-year. For many schools experiencing high enrollment growth, they are turning to Mobile Mini for storage solutions to maximize the use of their facilities, while minimizing the need for financial investment in new infrastructure.

The ability to centralize storage outside of the classroom can help free up space within. Payson (Arizona) High School Principal, Brian Mabb explains, “Our custodial supplies are now centrally stored and our teachers and students are no longer navigating around boxes that before might just show up in a room.”

For one high school’s football program, onsite storage changed everything. Gilbert High School needed more space to store the football program’s equipment. Before utilizing Mobile Mini’s storage solutions, offices, weight rooms and wrestling rooms were all used as storage space. “It meant our equipment had to be moved in and out in order to use the wrestling room,” said varsity head football coach Derek Zellner. “After getting a storage container, the real payoff was having all the equipment in one place under lock and key.”

Kids in library

Schools across the country are using Mobile Mini onsite storage and office solutions for needs such as:

  • Administrative offices
  • Athletic equipment
  • Classroom supplies
  • Cafeteria storage for dry goods
  • Library books and supplies
  • Maintenance items
  • Nurse’s offices

Mobile Mini‘s onsite storage and office solutions give you room for growth. Count on Mobile Mini to deliver the product you need, when you need it. We strive you meet your needs at any point of the school year to make life easier, and keep your equipment and supplies safe.

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