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Shipping Container Dimensions

wide storage unit for sizing guide

Mobile Mini Storage Container Sizes: A Guide 

When it comes to shipping containers, size matters. Storage needs can vary by business and situation; that’s why Mobile Mini’s storage units are available in a range of sizes and dimensions, giving you the room to make the right choice for your company.

From standard to extra-wide containers, our storage unit sizesand range of shipping container dimensions ensure that Mobile Mini units can tackle any job and any need. Period.

A Wide Range of Shipping Container Sizes


Shipping Container Dimensions Graphic

Mobile Mini is all about choice. We want our customers to have plenty of options so they can find what they need, when they need it. Our shipping container sizes and shipping container dimensions range from standard to extra-wide, giving you flexibility in what you store and how you store it.

Let’s delve a little deeper into what you can do with each of our storage unit sizes:

Standard Width Shipping Container Dimensions: We like to say that our standard width containers are standard, but not boring. These units come in 10-foot, 15-foot, 20-foot, 25-foot, and 40-foot options and have internal volumes that range from 598 cubic feet to 2,414 cubic feet. That’s a whole lot of storage space! Our standard units work best for your basic storage needs; this includes small-medium size residential or commercial moves, or storing furniture and other household or office items. 

Extra-Wide Shipping Container Dimensions: Our extra-wide storage containers are where things start to get interesting. They lend themselves to large storage jobs like construction or oversized equipment, large or multi-family residential moves, office remodels or renovations, and so on. They also include an aisle so you can easily see what you have in storage! Extra-wide units come in 18-foot and 25-foot options with internal volumes that range from 1,292 cubic feet to 1,778 cubic feet. If you have a storage job that seems larger than life, our extra-wide containers are most likely the best fit for you. 

Why Are Shipping Container Dimensions Important?

Have you ever tried to squeeze a 15-foot sofa through a 10-foot door? If you answered yes, then you know the importance of getting your shipping container dimensions right the first time. Your shipping container dimensions should match your storage needs and be large and wide enough to give you room to walk around and retrieve items/re-organize your unit as needed. 

If you go with a container that is too narrow or too tight, you risk damaging whatever equipment you put inside, as well as injury when trying to load or unload your container.

Things to Consider When Deciding on Shipping Container Dimensions

Your storage needs: How big or small are your storage needs? If you are only storing a few small items or boxes, chances are you can go with a unit that has standard shipping container dimensions. However, for larger or unusually sized items, like construction equipment, you will want to go with an extra-wide unit to give you the room and flexibility you need.

Loading and Unloading/Unit Access: If you need to access your shipping container regularly to retrieve items and bring new ones in, you will probably want some extra space. Select shipping container dimensions that will give you space to safely and comfortably navigate your unit and load and unload throughout the day or week. One of our favorite tips is creating aisles in your unit when you initially load your items in. This will give you a clear walkway and allow you to see what you have without moving things around too much.

Location of Unit: If you keep your storage unit on-site, you’ll want to ensure your external shipping container dimensions match the size of the outdoor space you intend to occupy. Most of Mobile Mini’s storage units with standard shipping container dimensions are designed to fit into a standard parking space, while extra-wide units need a bit more room.

What Doors Go With What Shipping Container Dimensions?

Doors are often overlooked and rarely given the respect they deserve. At Mobile Mini, we know that when it comes to storage, the type of door you choose for your unit can make life much easier or more complicated. 

Our units can be customized to include the following doors (please note, not all units can accommodate all door types):

  • Standard Doors: These doors work well for basic storage needs and for situations where you won’t be hauling heavy or bulky items in and out of your unit on a daily basis. All of our standard doors are only accessible with a key. 
  • Single-Entry: Our single-entry doors are designed for commercial storage jobs or large residential moves. These doors resemble barn doors and are designed to open much wider than standard doors, allowing you to use almost the entire width of your storage unit to get equipment and larger furniture items safely inside. 
  • Premium Doors: Our premium doors provide one-handed entry to our units. Yes, you read that correctly. With these doors, you can get in and out of your unit with one hand, allowing you to carry heavy goods and open your storage container at the same time. These doors make storage easier, more convenient, and pretty stylish, if we do say so ourselves. Like all of our other doors, when it comes to premium doors, it's no key, no entry. 

More Shipping Container Office Size Options Than You Know What To Do With

When it comes to shipping container offices, the more sizes and options, the better. Mobile Mini’s shipping container office dimensions are varied, like standalone or brick-and-mortar offices. We ensure businesses of all types, shapes, and sizes can find the portable workspace they need to stay on track and meet their goals. Our shipping container offices come in the following sizes:

  • Small Offices (8’ x 10’): Our small shipping container offices measure 8’ x 10’ and are designed to meet the needs of smaller teams and business demands. These units are perfect for one to two employees and can help you tackle everything from administrative tasks to financial planning to inventory assessment.
  • Medium Offices (10’ x 18’, 8’ x 20’): Our medium offices include our 10’ x 18’ and 8’ x 20’ containers and are a great option for teams of four to six people or for smaller teams who have larger amounts of equipment, computers and electronics, or office furniture. Like our small shipping container offices, these spaces are designed to meet all kinds of business needs, from finance and inventory to administrative and tech.
  • Large Offices (10’ x 25’, 10’ x 30’, 8’ x 40’): Our large offices are where things really get interesting. These units can fit up to 10 people or smaller groups with larger amounts of furniture and equipment. Our larger office containers can handle anything you throw out, and many customers use these units on outdoor job sites (construction, energy, government, utilities) or to help bridge busy periods at retail, healthcare, and hospitality locations.

All of our shipping container offices are designed to be highly portable and can be moved from one location to another without compromising their physical or structural integrity. These units are also equipped with wall-mounted HVAC units to ensure comfort and climate control all year round.

Mobile Mini Essentials: Everything You Need To Store and Work With Confidence

Essentials is our newest program, designed to give you everything you need to enhance the safety, utility, and comfort of your Mobile Mini storage container or portable office unit. Essentials is a fully customizable program. You can create your own add-on packages based on your business needs and the preferences and requirements of your team. 

The Essentials packages that you choose will correlate with the shipping container dimensions and shipping container sizes included in your order. The following add-ons can be used in each of our shipping container size options:

Storage Essentials

  • Lighting (small, medium, and large units): Extra lighting enhances the safety of your unit and allows your team to access the space at night or in dimly lit environments. 
  • Locks (small, medium, and large units): Extra locks bolster the security of your unit, keeping thieves out and ensuring that your valuable items stay exactly where they should be. 
  • Prorack (medium and large units): Prorack can be configured to serve as a desk, storage site for equipment and material, pipe racks, tool spaces, or any combination of those four things. This versatile space saver is best suited for medium to large units as they need enough room for proper installation and utilization. 

Office Essentials

  • Data Hub (small, medium, and large units): Data hubs give you immediate internet access in your mobile workspace. Pre-wired, these hubs require no labor or drilling to install and give you stress-free internet access right from day one. 
  • Security Features (small, medium, and large units): Security features like door bars and window screens enhance the safety of your unit and keep thieves where they belong — away from your valuable work equipment and supplies. 
  • Furniture (medium and large units): Office furniture is key to creating a useful and comfortable work environment. Our Essentials furniture offerings include desks, tables, chairs, conference room setups, kitchen setups, and every other configuration you could need to create a well-stocked workspace right from day one. 
  • Appliances (medium and large units): Essentials appliances include microwaves, coffee makers, mini-refrigerators, air purifiers, and more. These items provide additional comforts that allow your team to complete their work in a comfortable (and well-caffeinated) setting. 

The best part of Essentials is that you can add these items to your Mobile Mini equipment order at the time of purchase. Our team will bring everything in one easy delivery, allowing you to get the most out of your storage and portable workspace right from day one. 

Mobile Mini: More Than Storage 

At Mobile Mini, we pride ourselves on being a total storage solution destination. Our team offers you storage solutions that meet your commercial needs in less time and with less stress than our competitors. We have everything you need to tackle any storage or jobsite need, from storage units to mobile jobsite office supplies, furniture, and accessories. When it comes to mobile storage and workplace needs, we are simply unbeatable. 

In addition to having one of North America’s largest inventories of storage containers and temporary jobsite products, Mobile Mini has been an industry leader in customer service for almost 40 years. When you rent with us, you’ll have an experience free of stress and hassle. Our customer support team is always available to answer questions and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Oh, did we mention security? Every unit we stock is made from 100% corrugated steel, which means they are durable, reliable, and naturally weatherproof. From harsh rains to heavy winds and even natural disasters, our units are designed to handle it all while keeping your valuable items safe, dry, and secure. Our patented tri-cam locking system offers virtually theft-proof security, with interlocking bars hinging in multiple places. We also offer a variety of locks to rent alongside all our units. 

One-size-fits-all works well for clothing but not so well for storage. Visit our site today and see how easy storage can be!