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Shipping Container Dimensions

wide storage unit for sizing guide

Mobile Mini Storage Container Sizes: A Guide 

When it comes to shipping containers, size matters. Storage needs can vary by business and situation; that’s why Mobile Mini’s storage units are available in a range of sizes and dimensions, giving you the room to make the right choice for your company.

From standard to extra-wide containers, our storage unit sizes ensure that Mobile Mini units can tackle any job and any need. Period. 

A Wide Range of Shipping Container Sizes


Shipping Container Dimensions Graphic

Mobile Mini is all about choice. We want our customers to have enough options to explore so they can find what they need, when they need it. Our shipping container sizes and container dimensions range from standard to extra-wide, giving you flexibility in what you store and how you store it. 

Let’s delve a little deeper into what you can do with each of our storage unit sizes:

Standard Width Containers: We like to say that our standard width containers are standard, but not boring. These units come in 10-foot, 15-foot, 20-foot, 25-foot, and 40-foot options and have internal volumes that range from 598 cubic feet to 2,414 cubic feet. That’s a whole lot of storage space! Our standard units work best for your basic storage needs; this includes small-medium size residential or commercial moves, or storing furniture and other household or office items. 

Extra-Wide Containers: Our extra-wide storage containers are where things start to get interesting. They lend themselves to large storage jobs like construction or oversized equipment, large or multi-family residential moves, office remodels or renovations, and so on. They also include an aisle so you can easily see what you have in storage! Extra-wide units come in 18-foot and 25-foot options with internal volumes that range from 1,292 cubic feet to 1,778 cubic feet. If you have a storage job that seems larger than life, our extra-wide containers are most likely the best fit for you. 

Record Storage: Whether you own a bustling business or just have a ton of paper files lying around, Mobile Mini’s record storage units are perfect for keeping records and important documents safe and organized. These units come in 12-foot and 23-foot options and have add-ons like blinds and shelves to keep things comfortable and organized. Our units even have room for office furniture so you can work with your files without ever removing them!

What Doors Go With What Container Dimensions?

Doors are often overlooked and rarely given the respect they deserve. At Mobile Mini, we know that when it comes to storage, the type of door you choose for your unit can make life much easier or more complicated. 

Our units can be customized to include the following doors (please note, not all units can accommodate all door types):

  • Standard Doors: These doors work well for basic storage needs and for situations where you won’t be hauling heavy or bulky items in and out of your unit on a daily basis. All of our standard doors are only accessible with a key. 
  • Single-Entry: Our single-entry doors are designed for commercial storage jobs or large residential moves. These doors resemble barn doors and are designed to open much wider than standard doors, allowing you to use almost the entire width of your storage unit to get equipment and larger furniture items safely inside. 
  • Premium Doors: Our premium doors provide one-handed entry to our units. Yes, you read that correctly. With these doors, you can get in and out of your unit with one hand, allowing you to carry heavy goods and open your storage container at the same time. These doors make storage easier, more convenient, and pretty stylish, if we do say so ourselves. Like all of our other doors, when it comes to premium doors, it's no key, no entry. 

Security in All Storage Container Sizes

When it comes to our storage units, the safety of your goods always comes first. All of our shipping containers are 100% corrugated steel, which means they are built to last and can withstand storms, natural disasters, and anything else Mother Nature throws at them. Our units also come standard with our tri-cam locking system. These meticulously designed locks are impossible to hack into, break, pick, or compromise.

When you store your valuables in a Mobile Mini container, you can rest assured that absolutely no one is getting into your unit without a key. No one. 

Mobile Mini: More than Storage

At Mobile Mini, we pride ourselves on being a total storage solution destination. Our team of experts are trained in offering you storage solutions that meet your commercial or residential needs in less time and with less stress than our competitors. We have everything you need to tackle any storage or jobsite need, from the storage units we just described to mobile jobsite office supplies, furniture, and accessories. When it comes to mobile storage and workplace needs, we are simply unbeatable. 

In addition to one of North America’s largest inventory of storage containers and temporary jobsite products, Mobile Mini has been an industry leader in customer service for almost 40 years. When you rent with us, you’re guaranteed a stress- and hassle-free experience, and our customer support team is available 24/7 to answer questions and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

One-size-fits-all works well for clothing, but not so well for storage. Visit our site today and see how easy storage can be!

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