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Vault-like Security
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Vault Like Security
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Tri-Cam Locking System

Patented technology interlocks and hinges in multiple ways to prevent theft.

Container Guardlock

Hardened steel & hidden six-pin tumbler system is bulletproof protection.
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The Mobile Mini Difference
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The Mobile Mini Difference
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MM Connect

Leverage our proprietary and industry-leading technology to manage all of your job site needs.


A full suite of furnishings to provide everything you need for your space, inside and out.
Ground-Level Offices

Standard Ground-Level Mobile Offices

We have secure solutions for every demand. Ground mounted installation creates an instant office space solution. Contact us today and let us get you into your next office trailer rental.
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Extra Wide Ground-Level Office

Extra-Wide Ground-Level Offices

The extra wide open bay office is great when you need a little extra width to fit large desks or tables with chairs.
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Office Storage Combo

Office Storage Units

The office-storage combo offers the best of both worlds—allowing you the flexibility to do what you need.
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Container Offices

When you job site needs convenient, quick access to office space, our shipping container offices provide an ideal solution.
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HQ® Office

Engineered to be durable, versatile, secure and energy efficient, making them perfect for tight urban settings and rural projects.
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The Essentials

The Essentials

Every office needs furnishings, appliances, and accessories to be comfortable and functional. Our extensive line of packages fit our units perfectly and allow you to outfit your space for immediate productivity, saving you time and money.

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What Are Portable Offices?

Portable offices are a temporary solution to a permanent problem: space. Whether you’re renovating or expanding quicker than your current set-up allows, portable offices offer an immediate and affordable solution to your space-related needs. 

Let’s start with the basics. Container offices, also known as portable offices, are just what they sound like. These portable, temporary workspaces can be easily moved and reconfigured to accommodate outdoor job sites, office moves or renovations, and much more. In short, the spaces that container offices can work in are endless. 

Now, at Mobile Mini, we like to think that our container offices are unique. They’re extremely versatile and can be turned into whatever you need them to be. For our construction clients, these rental offices are often a place to take care of administrative tasks; our restaurant owners, however, have turned container offices into portable dining stations, check-in windows, and even waiting areas. We offer versatile rental offices that meet our customers’ needs, even as those needs change.

The beauty of a container office is that it lends itself to customization, providing a safe, comfortable workspace for any industry and anyone. With HVAC included, you get maximum comfort all year round. 

Portable Office FAQs

Here are some of our customers’ most frequently asked mobile office trailer rental questions:

What Industries Use Container Offices?

The beauty of container offices is that they work for a wide range of industries. They are easy to move around and reconfigure, offering many sectors the ability to customize their unit to meet their exact requirements and to use one unit to meet changing needs and demands.

Mobile Mini is proud to serve over 20 industries nationwide.

Who Needs a Mobile Office, Are They For Me?

Container offices work across a range of industries, but how do different businesses use portable offices to optimize their jobsites and operations? Some of the more common uses for these units include:

  • ConstructionOur construction clients use container offices to establish safe, secure workspaces right on their jobsites. These spaces are perfect for tackling administrative tasks, vendor meetings, and anything that requires a door and four walls. 
  • SchoolsContainer offices provide temporary space for computer labs, classrooms, and faculty rooms, offering schools an opportunity to safely accommodate growing populations. 
  • Hospitals: In hospital and medical settings, container offices offer a space to handle patient check-in or to provide auxiliary services.
  • Government agenciesGovernment agencies use container offices to set up mobile command centers (police and public safety officers) and temporary on-site offices during emergencies or public events. They also use them to establish field offices before permanent structures can be constructed or acquired. 
  • Restaurants and hotelsWhen you’re managing a restaurant or hotel, every square inch of your space is valuable. With this in mind, hospitality sites use container offices to provide waiting areas for customers — reserving indoor space for dining. These offices are also put to work as check-in locations that spare the lobby of guest bottlenecks, and to house administrative operations which leaves more space for meeting rooms, extra dining tables, and so on. 
  • Retail businessesIn retail, every inch of showroom space matters. Our retail clients use container offices to house administrative and accounting staff and warehouse and sorting functions, leaving indoor space for customers and current inventory. Some clients even turn their container office into a dual storage/work space to securely store unused or excess inventory. 

When Do Portable Offices Make Sense?

Portable offices are a great resource for businesses that are looking for office space to bridge temporary situations, like running out of space in a pre-existing building. They are also ideal for those times when a permanent office space just isn’t necessary. More specifically, these units work well for those seeking: 

  • Temporary office space during a move or renovation
  • A safe and quiet space to work on an active construction or municipal jobsite
  • A place for a smaller business to establish itself before finding a more permanent site.
  • An extra on-site location to house bookkeeping and financial services for retail locations and other commercial outlets.

What Are Benefits of Mobile Offices?

  • Versatility: One of the great things about mobile offices is that they lend themselves to low-cost, easy reconfiguration. For example, some of our retail clients use their mobile offices as standard office space during slow seasons. These offices can even be outfitted with shelving, furniture and appliances to make your work space complete.
  • Portability: Mobile offices are easily transported from site to site, which makes them ideal for people managing multiple jobsites or companies that have frequently changing locations. 
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Office renovations and remodels are expensive; some cost upwards of $1 million. Portable offices are a much cheaper alternative to costly renovations; they also allow you to meet changing or growing needs at a mere fraction of the cost of other options.

What Value Do Container Offices Offer Businesses?

One of the greatest values that container offices provide to a business is that they offer a safe, secure, and cost-effective way to enhance operations and productivity. Have you ever tried to coordinate vendors on an active construction site with machines and materials flying everywhere in the background? 

If you have answered yes, then we don’t need to tell you the value of a portable workspace where you can quietly tackle the administrative aspects of the job. 

Container offices give you a secure area to establish a functional work environment anywhere, which creates room to develop, plan, and execute the administrative frameworks that help businesses stay profitable and productive. 

How Do I Find the Right-Sized Portable Office for Me and My Business?

The size of your portable office will depend on what you will use it for. Looking for temporary classroom space? You’ll probably want to check out our 40-foot portable office building option, while our 20-foot options work well for more basic office needs. All of our portable office space features textured drywall ceilings and walls and vinyl tile flooring, giving you a permanent office feel in a temporary space. 

Our advice is to make sure that you get a unit that’s slightly bigger than you think you need. We say this because when you have your team, furniture, tech, and other equipment in your space, you want to ensure that there is still room to walk around, collaborate, and move comfortably. For our construction and municipal clients, some outfits even use their extra office space to house more delicate or sensitive equipment that could potentially be damaged outdoors. 

  • Will My Employees and Supplies be Secure? Absolutely. Our office rentals are 100% steel, weatherproof, and come with our tri-cam locking system. These drill-proof locks are inaccessible without a key.
  • Ground-Level vs. Mobile Container Office: Think of ground-level offices as functional shipping containers. These temporary office spaces aren’t fancy, but they get the job done. 

Check Out Our Office Essentials

With our Essentials program, you can easily add on storage items to enhance the utility of your rental. With things like lighting, locks, and shelves, Essentials allows you to optimize your unit and have it ready to go on day one. As an added bonus, many Essentials packages give you the ability to reconfigure and redesign your unit as needed, allowing your rental to change and grow with you. 

No matter what industry you’re in, we’re here to make your work life a bit more manageable and a lot more organized.

How can temporary offices be customized to meet specific job site requirements?

The beauty of our portable offices is that they are extremely easy to customize. When our temporary offices arrive at your job site, they’re basically giant empty steel boxes. This design aspect gives you a blank canvas to customize and design to meet your site-specific needs. 

Many of our customers use Mobile Mini’s Essentials to make their portable offices their own. With additions like shelving, lighting, and blinds, businesses are able to create functional, productive work environments wherever and whenever they’re needed.

Another benefit of renting your temporary workspace with Mobile Mini is size diversity. Our portable office inventory contains units of all dimensions, allowing you to scale up or down as your needs shift, change, and grow.

What are the advantages of using temporary offices for job sites compared to traditional office spaces?

When it comes to traditional office spaces, we have nothing but respect. While traditional office spaces have their place, portable offices offer flexibility and utility that these OG office environments just can’t. For example, portable offices can: 

  • Move around. Unlike traditional office spaces, portable offices can be moved from site to site, allowing you to create safe and comfortable working spaces wherever they’re needed. 
  • Go anywhere. Portable office spaces can be used anywhere, including on outdoor worksites, construction sites, etc. This flexibility is crucial for businesses that are going through renovations or moves or utilize worksites in nontraditional/outdoor areas.
  • Be installed in minutes. At Mobile Mini, our portable office spaces require no installation, which means that our team is able to get these units ready for work almost immediately after delivery. Having an office space that can be set up in minutes means that you spend less time waiting and more time working. Sounds pretty ideal to us! 

Are temporary offices equipped with necessary amenities such as electricity, heating, and cooling systems?

Yes, they are. At Mobile Mini, our portable office spaces come with these desirable features:

  • Electric: Electrical outlets, ceiling lights, breaker panels, and phone/data rough-ins. 
  • Climate Control: Heating and AC are included in your unit, giving you complete control over its temperature. This control also allows you to comfortably use your portable office all year round, which, when it comes to business, is an essential benefit.

Everything about our portable office spaces is designed to offer a comfortable, business-forward working environment that transcends the limitations of brick-and-mortar spaces. From electrical hookups to climate control and internal design features, these units are made to help you forget that you’re working from a portable location.

How can temporary offices help in improving productivity and efficiency at job sites?

When it comes to enhancing productivity and utility, the benefits of portable office spaces know no end. These units give your team a quiet, secure, and well-equipped space to tackle administrative work, run logistics, and take care of operations anywhere. More specifically, these spaces:

  • Increase safety by offering secure spaces on even the most chaotic job site.
  • Create greater flexibility in where you and your team can work.
  • Decreasing risks of property loss, theft, and damage by creating lockable, weatherproof spaces on active job sites.

Our portable offices also allow businesses to grow their teams without having to find new physical space to house everyone.

In short, they’re indispensable.

Contact our team today and see how portable offices can handle your office space needs!