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Buying vs Renting : Storage Edition

Posted on: 02/03/2020
Fork in the Road Rent - Buy

To rent or to buy?

When looking at portable storage containers, the question always seems to be: Do I rent or buy?

While Mobile Mini can’t make the final decision for you, we can provide you with the information you need to make an informed choice. As North America’s largest portable storage container, mobile office, and jobsite solutions provider, we do know a thing or two about the subject matter!

Why Rent or Buy a Portable Storage Container?

Portable storage containers are a lifesaver for businesses and companies across the industrial sector. Whether your construction site needs a safe place to store equipment and supplies overnight, or you need a spot to stash inventory and seasonal supplies so your retail store has more customer space, portable storage containers offer a safe, secure, and convenient space to house and protect your operation’s valuable goods.

Benefits of Renting a Portable Storage Container 

  • Cost: One of the biggest reasons why renting a portable storage container is often more appealing than buying one is cost.


  • All-Inclusive: When you rent a portable storage container, things like insurance, maintenance, relocation (for jobs where you will move from site to site), delivery, pick-up, and repair are built into your monthly expenses. If you’re using your unit to store heavy-duty equipment, these inclusions could save you thousands over your rental period and reduce the stress and hassle of portable storage container use. 
  • Built-In Security: When you rent a portable storage unit from Mobile Mini, weather and theft-based security is included with your unit. All of our portable storage containers are made from 100% corrugated steel. Corrugated steel is one of the strongest metals on earth, and can withstand even the most extreme weather.


  • Adaptable: Any business owner knows their operation’s needs are ever-changing. When you rent a portable storage unit, you can upgrade or downgrade that unit as your needs change and grow. This flexibility ensures that you are always using the exact amount of space that you need and never paying for square footage that you don’t use. 

Benefits of Buying a Portable Storage Container 

  • Permanence: Not all storage needs are temporary. If you’re looking at a unit to meet storage needs lasting a year or longer, buying will be the most cost-effective option.
  • It’s Yours!: Sometimes you want to leave your mark on your portable storage container. If you want to brand or use your portable storage container as an opportunity to market your company, buying is the best option, since you can customize the design and aesthetic of your unit. 
  • Challenging Materials: If you are looking to store unusually-sized equipment, machinery, or things like toxic or hazardous materials in your portable storage container, it can sometimes make more sense to buy a unit since most rentals come with content restrictions, especially around toxic or highly reactive or incendiary materials. 

The Mobile Mini Difference

While we can’t tell you whether renting or buying a portable storage unit makes more sense for you and your business, we can provide you with the best rental experience on the market. When you rent from us, you’re joining a team of award-winning customer service agents who are there to assist you throughout your rental journey. We are there to support you from rental to pick-up, helping you assess your storage needs, answering questions about how to use our containers, and making sure that your unit is removed when everything is said and done.

Most people aren’t storage experts. Most of us don’t think about storage until we absolutely have to. When you rent with us, you have access to support from a team of experts. This means that when you wake up with a burning storage question, you have people there to help. Contact us today and find out why we are considered one of the best players in the storage game.



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