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Container Offices

Our container offices can help keep your operations on track and moving forward. No matter what space challenge you are trying to solve, you can be confident that our container offices will meet your needs. If you’re looking to rent a container office or are curious as to what these units are all about, we’re here to answer all of your pressing questions. 

What Are Container Offices?

Let’s start with the basics. Container offices are highly portable, secure, temporary workspaces. These portable office containers can be placed anywhere and create comfortable, equipped workspaces where traditional office structures just won’t work. They can be used on construction sites, for energy projects, and to help with office moves and renovations. These containers are a lifesaver for businesses looking for temporary office space that can be moved, reconfigured, and adapted to meet changing work needs and demands. 

Size Matters

Now, like our customers, Mobile Mini’s inventory of container offices is not one-size-fits-all. Our portable office containers and modular office containers come in a range of sizes, ensuring that we have units to meet all sectors, needs, and teams. Options include the following:

  • 20’ Models: These units are 8’ wide by 20’ long and are perfect for small to medium teams and work needs. 
  • 40’ Models: These are 8’ wide by 40’ long and are perfect for medium to large business and work needs. 
  • 40’C Models: These models are 8’ wide by 40’ long and include 15’ office space and 25’ storage space. 

All of our portable office containers come with the finishes and comfort of a traditional office space. These finishes include:

  • Pre-finished walls
  • Tile floor with vinyl wall base
  • Exterior finish
  • Steel ribbed panels
  • White or green color schemes
  • equipped with heat and AC

These container offices are climate-controlled units with heat and AC, and they include electrical hookups.

When Are Container Offices Best Utilized?

Our container offices work in all sorts of environments, but they are most commonly used to:

  • Bridge gaps between office renovations and moves. 
  • Provide secure workspaces on outdoor sites like construction and utility projects. 
  • Provide secure spaces to respond to public and medical emergencies.
  • Offer additional workspace during busy periods for retail and hospitality businesses.

This list is just the beginning! Our customers are constantly finding new and innovative ways to put our portable office containers to good use. 

What Are the Benefits of Container Offices?

  • Portable: Our portable office containers are very easy to move around as needed. This means that if you’re changing job sites or just need to move your unit to a different part of your site, you have that ability without compromising the physical safety and integrity of your office container. 
  • Versatile: Our container offices are versatile and easy to adapt to any need or environment. If you need more space, simply stack your modular office containers side by side and create your own container office buildings. Need a different space? It’s easy to reconfigure and redesign these units to meet your evolving needs. 
  • Safe: When it comes to safety, our portable office containers cannot be beat. Our premium units come standard with our tri-cam locking system. These security bars interlock and hinge in multiple places, offering a theft-proof closing feature. Our units are also made from 100% corrugated steel, which is naturally weatherproof and can handle even the most intense storm or natural disaster. For extra protection, we offer a wide range of locks that are available to rent alongside all of our units. 

With Mobile Mini’s Essentials program, you can also add whatever you need to get the most out of your container office. From lighting to locks, we’ve got you covered. Better yet, your Essentials order will be delivered at the same time as your unit, giving you everything you need at once.

Mobile Mini: Your Container Office Partner

At Mobile Mini, we have all of your container office and portable storage needs covered. From fast delivery times to award-winning customer service, we have developed America’s most trusted one-stop shop for all things portable workspace. 

Life is complicated. Portable work doesn’t have to be. When you rent container offices from Mobile Mini, your unit will be set up quickly and without hassle. Check out your office options today, and your team will be ready to work in no time!