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Vault-like Security
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Vault Like Security
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Tri-Cam Locking System

Patented technology interlocks and hinges in multiple ways to prevent theft.

Container Guardlock

Hardened steel & hidden six-pin tumbler system is bulletproof protection.
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The Mobile Mini Difference
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The Mobile Mini Difference
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MM Connect

Leverage our proprietary and industry-leading technology to manage all of your job site needs.


A full suite of furnishings to provide everything you need for your space, inside and out.

Standard Storage Containers

Standard width storage containers are ideal for keeping valuable materials, inventory and equipment safe and protected from the elements.
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Extra-Wide Storage Containers

Mobile Mini has extra-wide storage and shipping container types for your records, documents, materials, inventory and more.
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Tunnel Storage Containers

With doors at both ends, access couldn’t be easier making your stored items readily available when you need them.
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Mobile Mini's portable storage units keep your most valuable items safe, secure, and protected, so you can focus on what really matters. Our commercial portable storage containers are an affordable and reliable solution to all your company’s storage needs. 

What Is a Portable Storage Container?

A portable storage container is a standalone storage container that is highly portable and can easily be moved to different locations as needed.

At Mobile Mini, our portable storage containers are made from repurposed shipping containers. In a previous life, these corrugated steel containers carried precious cargo through some of the world’s toughest terrains and waterways. Today, our portable storage containers bring the strength, durability, and reliability of shipping containers to your supplies and equipment, offering a convenient way to tackle your commercial storage demands.

When Do Portable Storage Units Make Sense?

Storage units can make a huge difference for your business. Some of their most common uses include:

  • Construction and Municipal Projects: Construction sites and municipal worksites can risk your delicate equipment and tech. Portable storage units give you a secure place to store these materials and keep them safe from weather, theft, and accidental damage. 
  • Retail Spaces and Hospitality Sites: Restaurants, bars, hotels, and retail stores are always looking for ways to save space, giving their customers more square footage to shop, eat, and lounge. Portable storage containers provide a space to store seasonal inventory and equipment, surplus stock and supplies, and any other materials that are taking up valuable real estate. Portable storage containers also allow you to organize and track these supplies as you store them, creating more efficiency and less stress throughout the year. 
  • Business Expansion: When managing or growing a business, office space can sometimes feel like a luxury. Storage units give businesses a space to store equipment, supplies, and records, freeing up indoor areas without costly moves, renovations, or remodels. 

Benefits of Commercial Portable Storage Containers

  • Independence and Control: Portable storage units let you store on your own terms. Our storage containers allow you to decide where your unit is placed, making it easier to take things in and out. Most of our customers choose to keep their units on their property to have 24/7 access to their items.
  • Portability: Our storage units are portable, making it easy to transfer them from location to location. This portability is a big draw for commercial customers using their unit during a move or renovation or for those who need to take their unit from project to project. Note that Mobile Mini does not move filled units - we only transport them when empty.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Remodels are costly. Most portable storage unit models are not. They also free up space, allowing many businesses to avoid purchasing or renting more space to accommodate excess or unused equipment and supplies. 
  • Security: Portable storage units provide protection from weather issues, theft, and other risks to your valuable equipment. All of Mobile Mini’s portable storage units are fully weatherproof and made from 100% corrugated steel. Our units also have security bars that interlock and hinge in multiple places, offering a cut-proof, hack-proof locking system that has made us the bane of burglars. No one is getting into your unit without a key!

Finding the Right-Sized Portable Storage Container for You and Your Business 

We recommend going with a storage rental unit that will comfortably fit your equipment (always go with extra-wide if we are talking construction equipment) and gives you space to maneuver inside of the container. A rookie mistake is to go with a unit that just fits all needed supplies, but that leaves no room for anything else. 

You want to be able to clearly be able to see what’s inside of your storage container without emptying it or moving things around. You also want to move easily inside of the storage unit so you can safely remove and restock items as needed. 

With over 90 configurations available and sizes ranging from standard to wide and extra-wide, we adapt to your needs. 

Many of our customers come to us with the same question: “Do you have storage rentals that would work for my industry?” 

The answer to that is always: “Yes, we do!” At Mobile Mini, we take immense pride in the utility of our storage containers, and we work hard to ensure that we have units to fit any industry and any need. From healthcare and education to energy and construction, our units sit proudly on job sites nationwide, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Some of the specific ways that our storage containers benefit different industries include:

Utilities & Energy: At Mobile Mini, we’ve been working with utility and energy companies for well over three decades. Our containers help these companies continue to power their communities and keep things moving as they should. 

Utility and energy companies use our portable storage containers to: 

  • Reduce costs associated with storage and overhead.
  • Create more space in warehouses and facilities.
  • Organize materials and equipment more efficiently.
  • Reduce instances of material loss, damage, and theft.
  • Provide secure and weatherproof spaces to house valuable equipment and supplies. 

Education: Our education customers love the portability, reliability, and utility of our entire range of storage rentals. Schools, colleges, and universities use our storage containers to:

  • Store excess textbooks, notebooks, and other school materials and supplies.
  • Create a secure, weatherproof space to keep tech, computers, and electrical equipment. 
  • Organize supplies and materials for easy teacher and student access.
  • Provide additional space for desks, chairs, and school furniture.

Healthcare: It doesn’t get more essential than the healthcare industry. At Mobile Mini, we’re proud to support hospitals, doctors’ offices, and ambulance companies as they work to save lives and keep people healthy. With our storage rentals, healthcare companies and providers will be able to do the following:

  • Gain access to secure storage that helps them to organize medical and emergency supplies for quick access when needed.
  • Transport emergency materials and supplies easily and efficiently.
  • Have weatherproof, secure storage for delicate and high-value medical materials and supplies. 
  • Free up valuable medical space for patients and medical staff. 

Commercial Construction: Mobile Mini is almost synonymous with construction. Our units are perfect for heavy-duty job sites. The Mobile Mini name can be seen on construction sites across America, as our units give construction teams the space they need to:

  • Secure high-value equipment and supplies when sites are not in use.
  • Protect equipment and materials from damage or loss due to weather or theft.
  • Reduce risks of personal injury by enhancing the organization of construction sites. 
  • Create a more efficient workspace by organizing supplies and making it easier for teams to conduct inventory and order needed supplies before they run out. 

No matter what industry you work in, we have storage rentals to fit your exact needs, demands, and daily work. Our storage containers are designed to be versatile and flexible, making them easy to adapt to whatever needs arise throughout your rental period. 

Any industry. Any need. Any time.

Frequently Asked Questions: Portable Storage Container Edition

We may have covered some of these questions, but sometimes it’s just easier to see everything summarized in one convenient place. Keep reading; we’ve compiled this list of our customers’ most frequently asked questions about our storage rentals and inventory. 

Do portable storage containers work for multiple industries?

Absolutely. When it comes to industries and sectors, our storage containers never play favorites. Mobile Mini is proud to serve over 20 industries and sectors, providing convenient, cost-effective storage solutions that meet even the toughest storage demands. Some of the industries that we work within include:

  • Agriculture 
  • Automotive 
  • Construction 
  • Education 
  • Government
  • Hospitality 
  • Medical
  • Retail 

Are portable storage containers actually portable? 

Very. Like we said, all of our portable storage containers are made from converted shipping containers. Our units are designed to move and can be transported across cities, towns, and states without suffering any structural damage.

At Mobile Mini, we even have our own fleet of trucks, drivers, and equipment so delivery is hassle-free!

Will my supplies and equipment be secure the entire time they're stored inside of these units?

Yes. Our locks keep thieves out of your storage unit and ensures that everything you pack into your container stays exactly where it’s supposed to. Our units are virtually impossible to break into or compromise, giving you the peace of mind you need to store with confidence. 

What about bad weather and natural disasters?

Our units aren’t just theft-proof. They’re also weatherproof. Made from corrugated steel—one of the strongest materials on earth—our portable storage containers can withstand heavy rains and wind, snow, ice, extreme heat, and natural disasters…you name it, our units can take it.


Can I use commercial portable storage for long-term storage?

Definitely. While many of our customers use our units for short-term jobs (six months or less), our units can easily be utilized for longer periods of time. In fact, some customers come to us with short-term needs and end up renting our containers for over a year. 

All of our storage containers come as empty metal boxes, which means they are very easy to reconfigure and reorganize as your storage needs change, grow, and evolve. 

With maintenance and the relocation of empty units included in our service agreements, it’s easy to get over your fear of commitment. Many of our customers start out with a short-term plan and end up sticking with one of our units for the long term. Once you see how our units can enhance the utility and operations of your job sites and projects, you’ll understand why!

The Mobile Mini Difference 

We began over 40 years ago with the belief that storage is an essential service. Today, our commitment to providing quality storage units is even stronger. Our rapid response times—most storage containers are delivered within one day of placed orders—combined with our record of safe, hassle-free delivery, has positioned us as a trusted and valued storage unit provider in even the most intense environments. 

Life is hard enough. Storage doesn’t have to be. Let us take the stress and chaos out of your commercial storage needs!


The Scott

Angelone Builders uses Mobile Mini for The Scott Resort & Spa

“We use these Mobile Mini storage systems for keeping our tools and all of our equipment locked up and safe onsite so we don’t have to haul things out every day...” -Matthew McClung, Angelone Builders

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Fremont Eats

Fremont Street Eats Needs Portable Storage

“For our Street Eats events that happen over a 6-month period, we really need to have peace of mind that our equipment will be safe....” - Lance Scheetz, City of Fremont, California

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St Vincent De Paul's Urban Farm

Mobile Mini Supports St. Vincent De Paul's Urban Garden

“Today Mobile Mini has delivered two storage containers to be used on our site. The Mobile Mini containers will be used for storage, and eventually be used as a hydroponic system for our urban farm.” - Kaylynn Rewerts, Architect at Norris Design

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