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Vault-like Security
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Vault Like Security
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Tri-Cam Locking System

Patented technology interlocks and hinges in multiple ways to prevent theft.

Container Guardlock

Hardened steel & hidden six-pin tumbler system is bulletproof protection.
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The Mobile Mini Difference
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The Mobile Mini Difference
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MM Connect

Leverage our proprietary and industry-leading technology to manage all of your job site needs.


A full suite of furnishings to provide everything you need for your space, inside and out.

Standard Storage Containers

Standard width storage containers are ideal for keeping valuable materials, inventory and equipment safe and protected from the elements.
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Extra-Wide Storage Containers

Mobile Mini has extra-wide storage and shipping container types for your records, documents, materials, inventory and more.
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Tunnel Storage Containers

With doors at both ends, access couldn’t be easier making your stored items readily available when you need them.
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Mobile Mini’s Portable Storage Solutions for Construction Projects: Secure, Durable, and Adaptable Storage When and Where You Need It

Connecting with the right portable storage containers can be the difference between a smooth, timely construction project and a delayed, chaotic headache. Mobile Mini has been America’s largest and most trusted portable storage provider since 1983, connecting busy project managers with the storage units and storage containers they need to stay productive. 

We have a world-class inventory and an award-winning customer support team that ensures fast, convenient service that’s customer-focused and business-centered. When it comes to construction, you can’t play around with quality or efficiency. Mobile Mini connects even the busiest and most extreme construction sites with the portable storage options they need, want, and deserve. 

When it comes to one-stop shopping, look no further. We have everything you want with the service, support, and infrastructure to back it up. It’s commercial portable storage the way it was always meant to be. 

Key Features of Our Portable Storage Containers:

Our inventory of portable storage containers is designed to thrive on even the busiest and most extreme construction sites. Our units are designed to offer construction teams the space, durability, and portability they need to meet all of their commercial storage needs. Available in a range of sizes, from standard to extra-wide, these units contain the following features that make them ideal for construction and outdoor worksites:

  • Enhanced Security: All of Mobile Mini’s storage containers are made from 100% corrugated steel, which is one of the most durable materials on Earth. Our premium storage units come standard with our tri-cam locking system. These series of security bars interlock and hinge in multiple places, offering a secure close that’s virtually theft-proof. We also offer a wide range of locks that are available to rent alongside all portable storage units. 
  • Weather Resistance: We’ve mentioned the strength and durability of corrugated steel, but this metal is also naturally weatherproof. All of our portable storage units are water-sealed, which means that no matter what the weather looks like outside, your expensive supplies are going to stay safe, dry, and protected 24/7/365. Our units are designed to withstand rain, snow, heavy winds, storms, and even intense natural disasters. 
  • Customizable Sizes: Our portable storage units come in a wide range of sizes, ensuring that you’ll find one that will fit your exact storage demands. Ranging from standard to extra-wide (which offer two additional feet of space), units come in sizes from 10’ to 40’ and offer customizable add-ons like shelving and racks that make it even easier to get the most out of your storage containers. 
  • On-Site Accessibility: Our standard portable storage units are sized to fit within the confines of a standard parking space. This means they can easily be stored on-site without taking up too much space or getting in the way. With on-site access to all stored items, your team is free to load, unload, and access their unit 24/7. On-site accessibility also enhances the security of your unit and ensures that you have access to what you need when you need it. 
  • Portability for Project Mobility: All of our storage units are highly portable, which means that they are designed to be moved without impacting their structural and physical integrity. For project managers working across several sites, this portability means that you can use one storage unit across multiple projects, meeting all of your needs in one convenient package. 
  • Cost-Effective: Portable storage is a cost-effective way to keep construction supplies safe, organized, and protected. These units reduce costs associated with product loss and damage and allow for greater productivity.
  • Space Management: Portable storage units are an easy and convenient way to manage space on even the most chaotic construction site. These units provide a great space to organize materials, protect more fragile and sensitive items from risks of damage, and make it easier to conduct inventory and reorder necessary supplies before they run out. 
  • Adaptability: Our customers continue to applaud the adaptability of our portable storage containers. These units come empty, so you can make them your own. Whether you want to add shelving and partitions, customize lighting, or install tool racks, with Mobile Mini, it's easy to make our units work for your specific project needs.

Commitment to Service

At Mobile Mini, we take our commitment to service very seriously. Everything we do is centered on creating the best and most efficient customer experience out there, getting you into the units you need faster and with less stress than the competition. Some of the best aspects of our service offerings include:

  • Rapid Delivery: Most of our orders are fulfilled within 24 hours, giving you and your team the products they need faster than anyone else. Our standard service contracts include delivery, pickup, and the relocation of empty units, taking the stress and planning out of the equation and letting you focus on the things that matter.
  • Maintenance Support: All of our portable storage units come with free maintenance and support throughout the lifespan of your service contract. We handle everything from routine maintenance to the replacement of worn parts or units. Our customer support team will make sure you have everything you need to rent with total confidence, security, and satisfaction. 

The Mobile Mini Advantage

At Mobile Mini, being average is our worst nightmare. Everything we do is designed to give our commercial customers the best service experience imaginable. From fast turnarounds and product fulfillment to customer support you can rely on, when it comes to commercial portable storage, we’re pretty hard to beat. 

Work is hard. Storage shouldn’t be. Check out our website today and see how easy life can be.


The Scott

Angelone Builders uses Mobile Mini for The Scott Resort & Spa

“We use these Mobile Mini storage systems for keeping our tools and all of our equipment locked up and safe onsite so we don’t have to haul things out every day...” -Matthew McClung, Angelone Builders

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Fremont Eats

Fremont Street Eats Needs Portable Storage

“For our Street Eats events that happen over a 6-month period, we really need to have peace of mind that our equipment will be safe....” - Lance Scheetz, City of Fremont, California

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St Vincent De Paul's Urban Farm

Mobile Mini Supports St. Vincent De Paul's Urban Garden

“Today Mobile Mini has delivered two storage containers to be used on our site. The Mobile Mini containers will be used for storage, and eventually be used as a hydroponic system for our urban farm.” - Kaylynn Rewerts, Architect at Norris Design

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