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Upgrade Your Office Storage

When it comes to jobsites, space matters. Whether you’re managing a construction project or a retail location, office storage can make the difference between a functional operation and a jobsite disaster.

What Are Office Storage Combination Units?

Office storage units are part mobile office and part storage unit. Mobile Mini’s office storage containers are designed to provide a secure place to work and house business equipment and supplies. Office storage units are perfect for situations where you need on-site office storage and a mobile workspace but don’t have a lot of available space. It’s work and storage in one compact, portable, and secure unit.

Are Office Storage Containers Right for Me? How Would I Use Mine?

Our storage combination units give you the best of the storage and mobile workspace worlds in one compact container that often fits in a standard parking space. These units are useful for all industries, and are commonly used across:

  • Retail: Storage/workspace combination units are great for storing and organizing seasonal inventory (or any inventory) without taking up valuable floor or stockroom space. 
  • Construction: Customers have used our storage/workspace combination units to store equipment overnight and act as a quiet, safe administrative space during the day. 
  • Administration: From government agencies to law firms and accounting offices, our storage workspace combination units are great for bookkeeping, audits, and storing and analyzing documents. 
  • Education: Storage/mobile workspace combination containers provide extra space to house classroom activities and unused equipment and supplies in one secure unit.

Benefits of Office Storage Containers

Portable office storage containers bring immediate enhancements to even the busiest job sites. While benefits differ from customer to customer, some of the most celebrated benefits of these containers are:

  • Organization: Office storage containers help project managers keep their job sites neat and organized. The storage side allows you to keep your equipment and machinery safe, stocked, and off of your project floor. With add-ons like shelving, you gain a complete view of what you have on hand, making it easier to conduct inventory and replace equipment and machinery before shortages impact your timeline or schedule. With their dual office/storage capacity, you can work right alongside your supplies, making it easier to keep track of everything and get what you need when you need it. 

  • Save SpaceWhen you combine your office space and storage in one unit, you’re killing two birds with one stone. Our office storage containers help businesses save valuable worksite space by offering a useful, dual-purpose space that is designed to be as compact as possible while still providing plenty of room and comfort. 
  • Improves Worksite Safety: Organized, clean job sites are safer job sites. By storing machinery and equipment in a secure space, you’re reducing risks of personal injury or equipment damage due to misplaced or loose items. And with a secure space to work, you limit the risks of compromised or lost data by ensuring that all high-value paperwork stays in one place. When employees don’t have to carry financial documents back and forth from building to building, there’s less risk of those documents being seen by someone who shouldn't be looking at them. The same goes for computer screens, private phone calls, and other confidential transactions.
  • Prevent Loss & Damage: One of the best features of our office storage containers is that they protect your valuable commercial machinery and equipment from damage and loss. By keeping your supplies inside a giant steel container, you limit the risks of them getting stepped on, run over, or damaged throughout the course of the workday. Additionally, our office storage containers are weatherproof and secure, which ensures that your equipment stays dry and safe 24/7/365, no matter what it looks like outside. 
  • Highly Portable: The extreme portability of our office storage containers makes it easy to move them from site to site as needed. This aspect of their design allows you to meet your temporary work and storage needs across several job sites, giving you the flexibility you need to stay productive and on track. Better yet, Mobile Mini includes the relocation of empty units in our service contracts, which means that we do all of the heavy lifting so you can focus on your work.

Office Storage Combination Sizes

We offer two mobile office/storage combination units to accommodate work needs of all sizes. Our offerings include the following:

  • 20-Foot Unit
  • 40-Foot Unit

Our units come with features like drywall textured flat ceilings, vinyl tile floors, two-door options (single-entry and office door), and drywall textured walls. They also come with vertical HVAC units, phone and data jack access, electrical outlets and hookups, and fluorescent ceiling lights.

Are Office Storage Solutions Safe?

Common questions that arise pertain to the security of our units. It’s understandable since most customers intend to keep valuable equipment and supplies in them. Here, we address safety concerns:

Are Office Storage Containers Weatherproof? You bet. All of our office storage containers are made from 100% corrugated steel. This strong metal is naturally weatherproof, which means that your equipment, machinery, and supplies will stay safe through heavy storms, harsh winds and rain, and anything else that Mother Nature throws at these units.

How Secure Are Office Storage Containers? It’s basically Fort Knox in here. Our premium office storage container units come standard with our tri-cam security system. These patented bars interlock and hinge in multiple places, offering a secure close that’s virtually theft-proof. We also offer a wide range of locks available for rent alongside all of our containers. It doesn’t get more secure than that.


Office Storage Unit Essentials

Mobile Mini is a company that’s extremely invested in the customer experience. Our Essentials add-on program is a commercial storage shopping experience that brings convenience and utility to busy companies. 

The Essentials program allows you to bolster the safety and utility of our office storage units, regular storage units, mobile office containers, and worksite rentals. Essentials packages are customizable and can include:

  • Shelving 
  • Lighting 
  • Locks 
  • And much more…

You can place your Essentials order with your storage or mobile office rental, allowing our team to deliver everything in one streamlined trip. This model also allows you to use your add-ons right away.

How Will I Get My Office Storage Unit? What if We Move Sites?

At Mobile Mini, delivery, pick-up, and relocation of our office storage units are always hassle-free, fast, and convenient. 

If you end up changing worksites and want to take your office storage container or containers with you, no problem! Just empty your unit and we’ll pick it up and relocate it for you. And when you are done with your rental, just schedule a pick-up and we will retrieve it, leaving your site as good as new.

Mobile Mini: Built Different. Built Better.

Mobile Mini is North America’s largest storage and jobsite solutions provider. We maintain a national reach, and we make it easy to coordinate rentals and orders over multiple cities, states, and regions. Thanks to some of the industry’s most innovative technology, you can track your orders, request service, and schedule pick-up and delivery in one virtual place, allowing you to work on your time and your schedule. 

Managing a jobsite can be stressful; storage and workspace rental shouldn’t be. Check us out today and see how easy things can be!