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Conex Storage Containers 101

Posted on: 02/03/2020
Mobile Mini containers lined up outside of building

Everything to Know About Portable Conex and Storage Containers

If you own a business, you know that too much of a good thing is sometimes…well….just too much. When it comes to things like paperwork, inventory, tech, machinery, and equipment, things can go from good to disorganized in a heartbeat. 

That’s where Mobile Mini’s portable conex and storage containers come in. They give you the durability, flexibility, and performance you need to tackle any and all commercial storage needs that arise. 

Our customers love these units for their extreme portability and how easy it is to install and relocate them. They’re the perfect solution for storage needs on one or multiple jobsites, and with Mobile Mini’s customer support and additional package options, there’s absolutely no storage need we can’t meet.

To help you better understand if a conex box is right for you and your team, we’ve created a brief guide to teach you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about these storage containers.

What Is a Conex Box?

In the storage world, there are many ways to say “portable storage container,” and “conex box” is one of them. Conex boxes are made from industrial steel, which means they are strong, durable, and weather-proof.

One of the big perks of the conex box is their portability. These containers are designed to move, which means you can easily transport them wherever your needs take you. These units also lend themselves to customization, allowing you to install lighting, shelving, or climate control to meet your specific storage or jobsite needs.

Mobile Mini Storage Containers Provide:

  • TOP SECURITY: Mobile Mini general purpose containers are durable closed-steel boxes mostly of either 20- or 40-foot (6 or 12m) length. Common heights are 8-feet 6-inches (2.6 m) and 9-feet 6-inches (2.9 m), or “High Cube” containers. With thick walls made of the strongest corrugated steel, these storage containers are tamper- and natural disaster-proof. This is key. Lock it up with us and you’ll never have to worry again.
  • ALL SIZES: Mobile Mini portable storage containers are great for retail, construction, job site equipment storage, auxiliary storage for power plants and even office swing space storage! We’ll help you quickly alleviate inventory problems and we’ll create more precious space for your business. Portable storage container solutions should be your business’s #1 problem-solver! It’s the cheapest and fastest way to adapt to changing space and inventory demands. Compared to leasing a new building or warehouse space, or moving a business, there’s no contest. Your company can take advantage of our on-site portable storage units which include the big 20′ Standard container holding ~1,150 cubic feet; the bigger 40′ Standard holding ~2,400 cubic feet or the awesome 40′ High Cube holding ~2,700 cubic feet.

Which Industries Use Conex Storage?

The beauty of portable storage is that it’s for anyone. At Mobile Mini, we only stock portable storage units that are fully customizable, meaning that our customers can make their unit the perfect space for their business, team, and jobsite. 

Through the decades, we’ve worked with over 20 industries and sectors, providing our customers with the products they need and the service they deserve. This number didn’t happen by accident. We continue to work hard to ensure that our service and inventory meet the needs of a wide range of industries. 

To better understand who our containers can support and how they can enhance your jobsite, here are a few examples of our conex boxes in action:

  • RetailOur retail customers love our conex boxes because they provide a space to store unused and seasonal inventory. Some of our retail customers also use these containers to sort through inventory and keep things organized, freeing up stockroom and showfloor space for customers and active items. 
  • Construction: Construction managers love conex boxes because they are perfect for storing equipment, machinery, and supplies overnight or when the site is not in use. Conex containers are also great for protecting sensitive or fragile materials from weather, loss, damage, and theft. 
  • EducationSchools, universities, and college campuses use our conex containers to store textbooks, tech, supplies, paperwork, and other education materials throughout the school year.
  • MedicalHospitals, health clinics, and medical centers use conex boxes to store emergency medical supplies, ensuring that they’re organized and ready for use in first response or high-pressure situations.
  • EventsAt outdoor events and concerts, our conex boxes make perfect storage sites for tech, sound, and lighting equipment. 
  • AutomotiveCar dealerships and auto body sites use conex boxes to store equipment, supplies, and parts, keeping indoor space clear for repairs and customers. 
  • Hospitality: Restaurants and hotels use conex containers to store unused and seasonal supplies, paperwork, and personal protective equipment. These containers keep things organized and allow chefs and managers to access this equipment as they’re needed, keeping lobbies and kitchens clear from clutter and chaos.

Conex Box Rentals You Can Rely On

At Mobile Mini, we have more conex box storage rental options than you ever knew you wanted or needed. From 10- to 20-foot models and everything in between, our rentals can meet just about any project need..

The Right Storage for Every Project

Here at Mobile Mini, we’re big believers in giving our customers a ton of storage options. When it comes to conex rentals, we have four sizes to choose from:

  • 10-foot Conex Box Rentals: These 7' 8-1/2" W x 9' 10-1/2" L x 7' 10-1/4" H containers are perfect for smaller storage jobs like seasonal supplies, small equipment, and record boxes.
  • 15-foot Conex Box Rentals: Like their slightly smaller sibling, our 15-foot conex box rentals are great for smaller jobs and come in at 7' 8-1/2" W x 14' 10-1/2" L x 7' 10-1/4" H.
  • 20-foot Conex Box Rentals: Our 20-foot conex boxes are where things start to get interesting. These 7' 8-1/2" W x 19' 10-1/2" L x 7' 10-1/4" H containers are perfect for larger seasonal storage, construction projects, and remodeling.
  • 40-foot Conex Box Rentals: You can’t get much bigger than our 40-foot conex box rentals. These 7' 8-1/2" W x 39' 10-1/2" L x 7' 10-1/4" H have an internal volume of 2,414 cubic feet and can handle your biggest and toughest storage jobs.

Our conex storage container rentals also come with door options, including single-entry, double-entry, standard, and premium or one-touch.

Quick Tips For Renting A Portable Conex Storage Container

  1. Your delivery fee will be based on mileage. How far is your property from the Mobile Mini Conex yard?

  2. You can control the timing. Mobile Mini guarantees fast and reliable pick-up and delivery with advanced notice. Most deliveries happen within 72 hours.

  3. For a 20-foot conex box storage container, you’ll usually need 75 feet of straight clearance. For 40-foot containers, that’s more like 100 feet. For most containers, you’ll need a minimum of 12 feet of width clearance and 20 feet of overhead clearance. The truck and trailer weigh over 30,000 lbs. Remember to communicate if your site is at ground-level and/or on a concrete pad. You’ll also need to let us know if you have a paved road and if the site is prone to flooding. You’ll want to make sure you have enough room for semi-truck access.

Conex Box Storage Container FAQs

We get it—this blog has given you a lot of information to chew on. Sometimes, though, it’s easier to have the most basic questions answered in one convenient (and condensed) space. That’s why we’ve compiled a summary of the most frequently asked questions about our conex box storage containers: 

  1. What is a conex box storage container? A conex box is a portable steel storage container used in commercial storage. 
  2. Are conex boxes waterproof? Very much so. Our containers are designed to keep water and moisture away from your business supplies, ensuring that your most valuable items stay safe, dry, and secure throughout your rental period.
  3. How long do conex boxes last? On average, conex storage containers last for about 25 years. While this number can fluctuate due to use and items stored, Mobile Mini’s conex units have a long lifespan and offer reliable and dependable storage for decades. This lifespan is again due to their construction. As Mobile Mini only uses storage units made from converted shipping containers (yes, those shipping containers) they are built to last and offer reliable storage for a long, long time.

  4.  What are the benefits of a conex container?  Conex boxes have many benefits, but the primary “pros” of using a conex box storage unit are:
    • Portability: Conex boxes are easily transported from site to site, with no impact on the physical or structural integrity of the unit. 

    • Security: Conex box storage containers are made out of corrugated steel, which means they are weather -proof and provide the optimal security for your commercial goods.

    • Shape: Most conex boxes fit in a standard parking space. This means that you can store your conex boxon-site without taking up valuable commercial real estate or creating a cumbersome obstacle to navigate

  5. What are the dimensions of a conex box?: At Mobile Mini, we stock conex boxes that come in the following sizes: 10’, 15’, 20’, 40’. These sizes cover a full range of storage needs from office moves and document storage to heavy-duty equipment and construction supplies. 
  6. How much space do I need for a conex box storage container?: Not much! Our conex box storage units are designed to optimize space at your worksite which means that our boxes often fit within a standard 9 x 18 parking space. This feature gives our customers the added convenience of being able to store their conex box on-site for easy access to any and all stored materials.  
  7.  What can I store in a conex box? Just about anything. Our conex boxes work well for most commercial items, including: 
  8. Should I rent or buy my conex box? This one is a personal choice, but we recommend sticking to the following:
    • Buy: If your storage needs extend further than a 24-month period, it usually makes more financial sense to buy a conex box storage unit rather than renting. This also allows you to avoid the challenges of moving your goods in and out of your conex box when rental periods expire, etc. 

    • Rent: If your storage needs are 24 months or less, or if you have changing storage needs throughout the year, we recommend renting your conex box. Rentals provide more flexibility in that you can switch out your unit if you run out of space, have too much space, etc.

Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

Anyone can rent you a conex box, but few can do it like us. When you go with Mobile Mini for your next conex box rental, you get support from rental to pick-up. Once you have selected your unit, we’ll get everything delivered and set up, usually within one day. When you’re done with your unit, just give us a call; we will come and pick everything up, leaving your space looking as good as new. Contact us today and see why we lead the industry in safety and customer satisfaction!

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