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Customizable & Convenient
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Customizable & Convenient
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Office Trailer Essentials

We provide the essentials to make your space immediately, functional, including steps, ramps furniture, tech, security and much more.


The ultimate in versatility with nearly unlimited configurations, both inside and out.
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The WillScot Mobile Mini Difference
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The WillScot Mobile Mini Difference
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Total Site Solutions

With one call, outfit your entire jobsite. We have the world’s largest fleet of portable storage and office trailers. With one call, you’ll get a fully customizable solution.

National Footprint

275 locations and 4500 experts ready to serve you anywhere, anytime.

8’ Wide Office Trailers

Mobile Mini offers portable office trailers in a variety of sizes suitable for any operation. Check out our selection of 8ft wide mobile office trailers today!
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10’ Wide Office Trailers

Mobile Mini offers portable office trailers in a variety of sizes suitable for any operation. Check out our selection of 10ft wide mobile office trailers!
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12’ Wide Office Trailers

Mobile Mini offers portable office trailers in a variety of sizes suitable for any operation. Check out our selection of 12ft wide mobile office trailers!
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Modular Office Complexes

Mobile Mini offers modular office complexes in a variety of sizes suitable for any operation. Check out our selection of modular office spaces today!
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Get modular workspace that’s completely flexible to your needs. FLEX™ is the ultimate in versatility with nearly unlimited configurations, both inside and out. Connect two FLEXs end-to-end and as many as you like side-by-side, then stack it up to three stories.

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Blast Resistant Modules

Our diverse fleet of blast resistant modules are easily configured to deliver precisely the specs you need for any sized workforce.

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The Essentials

The Essentials

Every office needs furnishings, appliances, and accessories to be comfortable and functional. Our extensive line of packages fit our units perfectly and allow you to outfit your space for immediate productivity, saving you time and money.

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Mobile Office Trailers: Workspace Without Limits 

A workspace should be tailored to fit your needs, not the other way around. Mobile office trailers give you the portability and flexibility you need to get the job done on your terms. And at Mobile Mini, we have everything you need to stay productive wherever work—or life—may take you. From office trailer rental to mobile office furniture and equipment, we’re your one-stop shop for all things (portable) jobsite.

What Are Office Trailers?

In today’s business world, things move fast; you don’t always have the time to shop around for a new lease or a permanent office location. That’s where office trailers come in.

The terms “office trailers,” “portable office trailers,” and “jobsite trailers” all refer to portable office units that can be shipped nationwide and involve little to no installation time. These units can be placed on virtually any worksite and are quickly assembled and disassembled. Because of their extreme portability and convenience, office trailers are go-to units for construction sites, municipal projects, office renovation or remodeling sites, and in situations where a permanent brick-and-mortar structure just isn’t feasible. 

While many Mobile Mini customers use our portable office trailers for a few weeks to a few months, we do have businesses that have kept their unit in rotation for years. These jobsite trailers come with textured ceilings, vinyl floors, electrical outlets, and many of the comforts of a permanent office unit three times their size, making them a pleasure to work in.

When you rent with Mobile Mini, our team will deliver and install your office trailer for you and pick everything up when you’re done with your rental. We provide the portable office solutions you need with the service, quality, and support you deserve

What Industries Use Office Trailers?

At Mobile Mini, our office trailer rentals don’t play favorites. We are proud to serve over 20 industries, ranging from mechanics and car dealerships to construction projects and retail outlets. 

Some of the ways that our customers use our office trailers to optimize their operations include:

  • Automotive: Our automotive clients use our office trailers to create temporary office space on car lots, saving valuable indoor square footage for clients and vehicles. These office trailers allow car dealerships to house administrative functions and tasks off-site, giving them a greater ability to serve their clients and display their inventory. 
  • AgricultureOur agriculture clients use office trailers to create temporary workspace right on fields and harvest sites, allowing them to tackle paperwork and logistics coordination during busy times or seasons. 
  • Construction: Our construction clients use our mobile office trailers to create a quiet, safe, and secure workspace on active projects and worksites. These office trailers also provide clean spaces to take breaks, eat, and rest between shifts.
  • Education: Schools, colleges, and universities use mobile office trailers as extra space to house classrooms, computer labs, and faculty rooms. 
  • Government: State, local, and federal government agencies use office trailers to house field or emergency response sites or to create mobile headquarters during large events or natural disasters. 
  • Hospitality: Hotels and other hospitality sites use mobile office trailers as extra space to accommodate customer check-in or to take care of administrative functions off-site, saving indoor space for clients and customers. 
  • Medical: Hospitals and medical clinics use mobile office trailers to house emergency operations or to create response spaces at outdoor festivals, celebrations, and other large public events. 
  • RetailRetail sites use our office trailers to manage administrative functions, sort through unused or seasonal inventory, and create extra storage space to enable more square footage for active inventory and staff.

Mobile Mini: More Than Office Space.

Mobile Mini prides itself on being more than just office and storage space. Our Essentials line offers mobile office add-ons that enhance the functionality and utility of our portable office trailers. Essentials lets you create a comfortable and efficient portable workspace that’s ready to go on day one. It includes furniture to enable comfortable solo and team-based work, appliances like microwaves and coffeemakers, and lighting to ensure all work is performed safely. 

We created our Essentials packages to reduce the stress and hassle of going to several vendors to meet your office needs. It’s one-stop shopping the way it’s supposed to be.

Flexible, Reliable, Secure.

One of the best things about Mobile Mini office trailers is that it’s easy to reconfigure your space to meet your changing needs. Our larger units let you move partitions around to create new rooms as necessary. With our smaller units, you can use furniture to create new layouts and give your team some flexibility in their portable work environment. For example, create a small break area by adding some chairs and a small table with snacks and drinks. 

Now let’s talk security. At Mobile Mini, our mobile office trailers offer a safe space to work that’s removed from the chaos of the jobsite. These trailers offer protection for documents, office equipment, tech, and other essential business supplies that shouldn’t be exposed to the elements. 

Managing a jobsite in a location with harsh winters or sweltering summers? Well, our temperature-controlled units will keep you nice and warm during the winter and cool in the summer, giving you and your team a comfortable space to work year-round. With features like vinyl flooring and textured ceilings, our mobile office trailers have the comforts of a permanent space with the flexibility and portability you need in a temporary worksite.

The Mobile Mini Difference 

Mobile Mini has been an industry leader in customer service and support for almost four decades. When you rent with us, you don’t just get office space; you get a team of experts who are behind you every step of the way. From delivery and pick-up to relocation and technical support, we make sure that everything is taken care of so that you can focus on what really matters.

Mobile Mini: Storage and Jobsite Done Right.

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