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Why We Stand Out!

Posted on: 02/03/2020
Flower - Why we stand out

Why Choose Mobile Mini?

  1. Mobile Mini wins with 24/7 world-class customer service and on-the-dot on-time delivery and pick-up guarantees. If critical repairs are ever needed, Mobile Mini will dispatch the industry’s best same-day or next-day service.

  2. Mobile Mini’s world-famous Tri-Cam Locking System is the best on the market and we offer single- or double-door entry options.

  3. Mobile Mini has portable storage containers as long as 45-feet and as wide as 10-feet with single- or double-door entry. Will your items fit into a standard 8-foot 6-inch tall container? Or will you need a premium High Cube container at 9-feet 6-inches tall?

  4. A classic 20’ on-site storage container will hold about 1,150 cubic feet. A premium 40’ standard will hold about 2,400 cubic feet. And a super High Cube has almost 2,700 cubic feet!

  5. If you plan on moving the items within your container frequently, you might want a Mobile Mini Premium Door which opens and closes with less effort. Roll-up, side-mounted, and end-mounted doors are also available.

  6. All world-class Mobile Mini shipping containers comply with ISO and CSC regulations. Any modification that changes the integral design or structural strength of the container should be re-tested prior to shipment. However, most modifications made to a container can still be shipped via flatbed truck or trailer.

Mobile Mini Shipping Containers Are The Industry's Most Secure

  • Not all storage containers are created equal. Most important is the quality of the locking system. The stronger the locking system the more it will deter vandals and thieves from trying to damage or break into your container.  

  • Can you believe 62% of stolen equipment is never recovered?! Plus, many storage unit thefts aren’t even reported, possibly because they go unnoticed. You must know Mobile Mini secure storage containers offer many benefits over a storage unit facility that is positioned in an obscure or out-of-the-way location.

  • All storage units have some type of locking system. They range from a simple bolt lock like on your front door, to sophisticated systems of rods that make the unit virtually break-in proof. Most common are:

    • Single-locking rod: very much like the bolt lock on your front door
    • Two locking rods: sometimes called a “bi-cam”; better than a single-locking rod but fairly easy to penetrate
    • Tri-Cam Locking System: the premier system available on the market and used exclusively by Mobile Mini; this a network of 3 rods locking into the top, bottom, and a side of the container; similar in design to a bank vault

Learn more about our patented security features

What Happens After Ordering?

Mobile Mini storage containers are delivered on a tilt-bed truck and trailer by the industry’s safest drivers. Mobile Mini has an industry-leading TRIR score of under 1.0 with a goal of 0. Additional factors to consider when scheduling a delivery:

  • Road conditions
  • Weather conditions
  • Ground conditions
  • Overhanging trees and wires
  • Driveway space upon entry

When your Mobile Mini delivery truck arrives, the driver will back in and then lower the tilt-bed until the storage container unit is touching the ground on one side. The tilt-bed pulls straight out from under the conex box until it lays flat on the ground.  It will be important to communicate which way you want the doors to face before delivery.

Please remember the container and its contents are the customer’s responsibility once on your property. Mobile Mini also offers a Loss Limitation Waiver (LLW), which may be worth the cost depending on what you’re storing. Ask about an LLW before signing a contract.

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