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As COVID-19 continues to change our world, on-site storage containers are filling new needs and taking on greater uses. Schools are using on-site storage containers to house equipment and accommodate hybrid learning and  social distancing guidelines. Restaurants are responding to decreased capacity by storing unused equipment outside. As families spend more time together indoors, storage container rental can help them declutter and create more space for work-from-home set-ups and virtual classroom spaces.
In short, everyone has had to get creative. The good news is that Mobile Mini is here to provide reliable, safe storage solutions to help you navigate this new normal.

Is a Standard Shipping Container Right for Me?

Determining the right storage capacity can be challenging. Our standard width units are the perfect choice for storage related to:

  • Remodeling
  • High-value commercial inventory
  • Seasonal supplies 
  • Small equipment
  • Record boxes
  • Landscaping tools
  • Janitorial equipment

Of course, we don’t want to box you in. Our storage container rentals can meet almost any need you throw at them. Hosting a festival or community event? Our storage containers are perfect for keeping equipment and supplies safe overnight. Adjusting to working from home and need more space? Our on-site storage containers give you space to store unused furniture, toys, and other household items so you can build that dream home office space. 

Standard width shipping containers meet most residential and small commercial needs. Still unsure of which unit to choose? Just reach out and we’ll help you pick the best storage solution for your needs.

Standard Shipping Container, The Secure Choice

When storing your personal items or equipment, security is key. Whether you’re moving homes, hosting a large-scale event, or upgrading your work space, when you rent an on-site storage container you expect the best. 

At Mini Mobile, we appreciate the trust you’re placing in us when you choose us to manage your storage container rental. Our units will be holding some of your most valuable and needed items. All Mobile Mini storage containers come with a patented tri-cam locking system, which ensures that no one is getting into our units without a key. Our storage shipping containers are also weather-proof and withstand even the toughest storms.

Doors to Adore

All doors (and moves) are not created equal. While traditional single-entry doors work well for smaller, residential moves, have you ever tried to fit a large piece of construction equipment through a standard-width door? Spoiler: it never goes well. At Mobile Mini, our storage container rentals come with three door options: single-entry, standard, and premium. 

  • Single-Entry: Our single-entry doors are designed for commercial sites or large residential moves. Think of these as barn doors; they open wider than standard doors and allow you to use almost the entire width of your storage unit to get equipment and larger furniture items safely inside. 
  • Standard Doors: These look like regular doors, and work well for basic storage needs. All of our standard door units are only accessible to those with a key. 
  • Premium Doors: Our premium doors open easily with one hand to optimize the ease and convenience of entering your unit. Our customers have reported that once you go premium, it’s hard to ever go back.

The Mobile Mini Difference 

Storage is essential. This principle has always been a guiding force for our company, and we remained very much centered on this belief. Today, our commitment to providing responsive, quality storage units at times when they’re needed most is even stronger. 

We know that storage needs tend to be urgent matters. Most of our on-site shipping containers are delivered within one day of you placing your order. Our customer service team has a leading record of safe, hassle-free delivery, so you can rest assured that your unit will be ready-to-go when you need it most. 

When you rent from Mobile Mini, you’re not just getting a storage container, you’re entering a team of support, patented safety advances, and a reputation that speaks for itself. From rental to pick-up, we’ve got your back.


The Scott Resort & Spa
The Scott Hotel & Spa

“We use these Mobile Mini storage systems for keeping our tools and equipment locked up and safe onsite.”


Matthew McClung

Angelone Builders

Tri Cam Lock Up Close
Boro Construction

“I’m a firm believer in Mobile Mini. These containers are going to stay with me on many projects in the future.”


Brian Glover

Boro Construction

Fremont Eats Image
Fremont Eats

“Having the Mobile Mini units out at the events gives us peace of mind that the equipment will be there when we need it.”


Lance Scheetz

City of Fremont, California

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