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Mobile Mini Product Guide

Welcome to our Product Guide page —  Your pdf should download automatically in your browser. 

Read below for a small sample of the clear, useful information you’ll get in the Product Guide. In the full Product Guide you’ll learn everything you need to know about Mobile Mini Solutions and how they can solve your business needs. 

Mobile Mini: Taking Storage Out of the Box

At Mobile Mini, we take a different approach to storage. When we look at our clients’ storage needs, we see more than containers and units – we take in the big picture. For example, when event producers call for event storage units, they’ll usually also need generators, tents, and other outdoor equipment. Sure, our construction clients tend to need worksite mobile office and storage units, but they also benefit from our portable bathrooms and industrial pumps. 

We may have started as a storage company, but we’ve evolved into a one-stop-shop for temporary worksite solutions, no matter where that worksite may be. The following guide will walk you through our top products and give you a little more information about who we are and what we do.

Products, Specs, and More:

Portable Storage: These units are what gave us our start! At Mobile Mini, we offer a range of portable storage units that meet any storage need you throw at them. All of our portable storage containers are made from 100% corrugated steel and are built to last. We also offer a range of door options on our storage units. Door customizations include:

  • Single Entry: Single entry doors are perfect commercial sites and large residential moves. These doors resemble barn doors and open wider than your standard door, allowing you to utilize the full width of your storage unit. 
  • Double Entry: Double entry doors allow you to access your unit from either end and are perfect for those who need to visit their units throughout the day. 
  • Premium: Our premium doors offer one-handed entry, which makes entering your unit a breeze, even when your hands are full. Premium doors work well for construction sites, retail locations, and commercial storage needs.

Our portable storage units come in the following sizes:

  • Standard-Width Units: These containers are perfect for small- to medium-sized storage needs. Our standard units range from 10-40 feet and have storage volumes ranging from 598-2,414 cubic feet.
  • Extra-Wide Units: Extra wide units are designed for heavy-duty storage needs and are great for large equipment and oversized items. These units range in size from 18-25 feet and have storage volumes ranging from 1,292-1,778 cubic feet.

Mobile Office Units: Mobile office units have more uses than we can even list. Traditionally, they’re a staple of construction sites, allowing project managers to utilize a quiet and safe space to go over plans and handle administrative tasks. Today, these units are used for mobile/temporary classrooms, temporary office space to accommodate employee overflow, and in hospitality settings. 

Mobile Mini’s mobile offices feature:

  • Drywall-textured flat ceiling
  • Vinyl tile floors
  • Drywall-textured walls

Available Mobile Office Units Include:

  • Standard Width Offices: These units are great for basic office and administrative needs and range from 10-40 feet. These offices can be outfitted with all of the comforts of a permanent space with more mobility and at a fraction of the cost.
  • Extra-Wide Offices: Extra-wide mobile office units give you more room to work. Whether you need to fit more office furniture and supplies or you want to accommodate additional staff, these units give you plenty of space to play around with. Our extra-wide, 30-foot  office spaces are 8’ x 10’ x 30’. 
  • Mobile Office/Storage Combination Units: These units offer the best of both worlds: a place to work and a place to store unused equipment and supplies. Our combo units come in 20- or 40-foot options.

Tanks and Pumps: Construction sites can go from functional to hazardous in the blink of an eye. Every millimeter of a job site must be planned and accounted for; that requires reliable equipment that you can depend on. At Mobile Mini, we carry all of the tanks, pumps, dumpsters, and filtration systems that you need to keep your site operating optimally all year long.


Mobile Mini vs. Southwest Mobile

Southwest Mobile is an excellent option for people with limited storage needs. But if you’re looking for a company with a diverse selection of units, innovative storage solutions, and award-winning customer service, there is really only one option: Mobile Mini. Unlike Southwest Mobile, Mobile Mini is a national company with local branches across the United States. We offer commercial and residential storage solutions that are virtually unbeatable, giving our customers unrivaled flexibility and unbeatable support.

Mobile Mini vs. Pods

We love some friendly competition, but we aren’t afraid to claim victory. When it comes to customer service, security, flexibility, and product diversity, Pods just can’t compete. Pods does offer a great product, but their storage units are basic and hard to customize. At Mobile Mini, we offer a range of storage options, from standard and basic to extra-wide and loaded with extras (like shelves and one-handed entry). Innovation is at the core of our operations, and our products reflect this commitment to constant evolution. Mobile Mini gives you what Pods can’t: flexible storage options that color outside of the lines and think outside of the box.

Perks of Storing With Mobile Mini

Security: Whether you’re storing equipment, supplies, or records, you want your items to be safe and secure 24/7. At Mobile Mini, we use a patented tri-cam locking system on all of our units. These locks are drill-proof, tamper-resistant, and virtually theft-proof. Our units are also made from the world’s strongest steel and are designed to withstand even the toughest natural disaster. Rain or shine, day or night, nothing is getting into these units without a key. 

Service: There’s a reason that Mobile Mini has been around for over 40 years. Service has always been at the forefront of our agenda, and we continue to impress our customers with award-winning customer support and rental perks that put us far ahead of our competition. When you rent with Mobile Mini, you are guaranteed delivery and pick-up, usually within 24 hours of placing your order. To accommodate our commercial clients, we also offer relocation on most units. Yes, that’s right: we will come and transport your empty unit from job site to job site throughout your rental period, taking one logistical task off of your plate.

Mobile Mini is a locally-minded company with a national reach. When you rent from Mobile Mini, you work directly with your local branch. This means that everything from the truck that delivers your unit to the person you interact with lives in your neighborhood, understands your unique local needs, and can support you in real-time.


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