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Get a modular workspace that’s completely flexible to your needs. FLEX™ is the ultimate in versatility with nearly unlimited configurations, both inside and out. Connect two FLEXs end-to-end and as many as you like side-by-side, then stack it up to three stories. Plus, everything you need comes with it, from windows and walls to furnishings and fixtures.


Office space should always work for you, not the other way around. With flexible office space, or a mobile workspace that can easily be reconfigured to meet your changing requirements, you gain the freedom to work in an environment that meets your needs in real-time. 

Flexible office space also allows you to change things up without high renovation costs and lost time. With this guide to all things flex office space, we will give you more information about the benefits of flex buildings and provide insight into their value and utility. 

What Is Flexible Office Space?

Flex space is really just a better way to say “mobile, temporary, modular, or ground-level office unit.” When we use this term, we are referring to portable workspaces that can be easily moved and that are designed to adapt to your jobsite needs as they change and grow. 

Many flex spaces come with features like moveable interior partitions and other innovations that make it easy to expand your conference room or add another office. From new team members to visiting clients, it’s easy to ensure that your space matches your office needs as they unfold. 

How does a FLEX office differ from a traditional mobile office? 

FLEX office space is portable, so you can move your unit around as your work needs change, shift, and evolve. They are also “flexible” in that you can easily configure these units to accommodate changing team sizes, equipment needs, etc. While traditional office space is relatively fixed in terms of location, layout, and size, FLEX office space offers the ability to change things up as needed. This adaptability has made our FLEX office units a customer favorite and has helped countless businesses work better, smarter, safer, and more productively. 

When does a FLEX office space make sense? 

We are really tempted to say “always” because these units can be used in so many ways. FLEX office space is a great option for businesses of all sectors and is particularly useful in:

  • Situations where you need a secure workspace to handle administrative duties on an outdoor worksite (construction, utility management, gas and oil work).
  • Environments where you need mobile headquarters to serve the public (mobile police stations, emergency medical aid, government sites during emergencies).
  • Times when traditional office space is being renovated or when businesses are in the process of moving to another site or location. 
  • Periods when team sizes or equipment needs grow rapidly and extra office space is needed.

These are just a few of the situations where a FLEX office can go from a decision to a lifesaver. If your business is experiencing a need for portable or extra workspace, chances are FLEX office units are the right choice for you, your employees, and your bottom line.

Can I customize the layout of my FLEX office space

Absolutely. The beauty of FLEX office space is that, essentially, these units are large, empty steel boxes. This design aspect means that you can make these portable office units your own. From furniture layout to dividers, blinds, and appliances, you can design and redesign these units as many times as you want. For businesses that go through fluctuations in staff size or equipment needs, this feature is indispensable, as it provides the ability to meet demands in real time without having to find a new space or solution.

If you need some help customizing your FLEX office, Mobile Mini can help with that too! Our comprehensive Essentials program allows you to order add-ons (blinds, locks, furniture, insurance) to make these units everything you want and need them to be. Your Essentials orders will be delivered at the same time as your FLEX unit, so you can set everything up and be ready to work right away!

What amenities does a FLEX office have?

You can choose from a wide range of amenities for your FLEX office, including options for LED lighting and double-paned windows, heating and cooling, electrical outlets, internet ports, and more. Additionally, all FLEX office units come with furnishings and fixtures to ensure that you and your team walk into a comfortable and work-ready space right from day one.

Benefits of Flex Buildings

Versatile: Unlike permanent office space or traditional modular space, flex space is versatile and allows you to expand and reconfigure as necessary. When working in a permanent space, adding an office or moving a conference room often requires a significant amount of time, money, and lost work hours. With traditional modular spaces, moving things around can be labor-intensive and isn’t always possible within more rigid models. 

With flex space, you can easily change your space to meet your needs. As we mentioned, most modular flex spaces come with movable panels that enable limitless configurations and floorplans. If you need more space, you can easily combine units to expand your office or stack up to three stories to create a multi-floor unit. Flex offices give you the ability to meet any site challenge that comes up and eliminates footprint constraints that can limit comfort and productivity.

Modern: Flex offices have been designed to meet changing aesthetic and functionality needs, often incorporating sleek, sophisticated design elements like glass panels, luxurious finishings, and modern lighting. They create the perfect environment to get your work done, entertain clients and vendors, and house meetings, conferences, and other important in-person events. Unlike permanent spaces, you can easily change the aesthetic of your flex space to meet changing styles and needs. Add wooden partitions for a more traditional look or bring in contemporary furniture for a more sleek and Architectural Digest-ready facade. 

Energy-Efficient: Energy-efficient office spaces save money and have a smaller environmental footprint. Many modern flex office sites come with options for motion-activated LED lighting and double-paned windows, two features that limit the energy needed to light, cool, and heat your space. 

Safety You Can Rely On

Many modular offices are constructed from reinforced steel, which is one of the toughest metals known to man. Reinforced steel is naturally weather-proof, and many models are built to withstand rough weather. 

Flexible. Reliable. Designed Around You. 

We like to think of flex offices as the future of workspace. These units give you the flexibility you need to design your workspace around your needs, easily changing things up or expanding as your needs evolve and grow. When compared to permanent office space, flex space is cheaper, more portable, and involves a much smaller time commitment when it comes to moves, renovations, and relocations. Permanent office space will always exist, but we predict that once you try flex space, you won’t ever want to go back to a traditional office site again.

Flex The Boundaries Beyond The Typical Trailer

Interior Partition Panels Create Infinite Possibilities

Sleek steel and glass partitions allow you to create any configuration to accommodate offices, open meeting rooms, training spaces, even break rooms complete with our cafe package. We offer 12 fully furnished standard layouts. Plus with the ability to expand units infinitely and stack as high as three stories, your needs have no boundaries.


Outfit Your Space With The Essentials
Office Package

Get everything you need to make the unit functional.

Café Package

Easy for employees to take a quick break and keep their energy up 

Portable Storage

No job site is fully equipped without quality storage space to keep your most valuable items safe, secure and protected.