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Some jobs require a little bit more. Two feet more, to be exact. At Mobile Mini, we offer industry-exclusive, extra-wide storage containers that give you 10 feet of secure storage capacity. From commercial jobs to large residential moves, our 10 ft shipping containers offer two extra feet of storage for your most valuable and needed items.

For Those Times When You Need a Little Bit More

From hotel renovations to large-scale construction projects, sometimes a standard container just doesn’t cut it. Our extra wide shipping containers are designed to meet even the most extreme storage needs. These 100% corrugated steel containers come in 18- and 25-foot options, and are virtually indestructible. 

When it comes to uses for these wide storage bins, the sky’s the limit. Our customers range from retail store owners and construction project managers to school districts and families trying to coordinate a big move. Whatever your storage needs are, with an extra-wide storage container you'll have more than enough room.

Safe and Protected

When it comes to storage, there is no such thing as “too secure.” At Mobile Mini, we know that our customers trust us to help house their belongings. From construction equipment to office supplies, our storage containers have seen it all. All Mobile Mini double-wide shipping containers come with our patented tri-cam locking system, which is impenetrable without a key. Our steel extra-wide storage containers are also designed to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. 

Doors You Can Depend On

Doors are often overlooked, but the right door makes all of the difference. Both our 18ft and 25ft extra wide storage containers come with high-quality doors that simplify entry, loading, and unloading. 

We firmly believe in offering our customers as many options as we can so they can customize their storage experience. Our door selection is no exception. The following doors are available on our wide storage bins:

On the 18 ft Extra-Wide Storage Container:  

  • Single-Entry: Our single-entry doors are designed for commercial sites or large residential moves. Like barn doors, these open wider than standard doors and allow you to use almost the entire width of your storage unit to get equipment and larger furniture items safely inside. 
  • Standard Doors: These look like regular doors, and work well for basic storage needs. All of our standard door units are only accessible to those with a key. 
  • Premium Doors: Our premium doors open easily with one hand. Our customers have reported that once you go premium, it’s hard to ever go back.

On the 25 ft Extra-Wide Storage Container:

  • Double-Entry Doors: Two doors are better than one! Both doors open fully, which is optimal for situations where you will need to go in and out of your unit throughout the day.

Service You Can Depend On

You probably don’t work with storage containers everyday, and that’s why our team is here to support you from rental through pick-up. Our award-winning customer service team will drop your storage container off when and where you need it. When everything is said and done, we will handle pick-up and removal. The whole process is stress and hassle-free!


The Scott Resort & Spa
The Scott Hotel & Spa

“We use these Mobile Mini storage systems for keeping our tools and equipment locked up and safe onsite.”


Matthew McClung

Angelone Builders

Tri Cam Lock Up Close
Boro Construction

“I’m a firm believer in Mobile Mini. These containers are going to stay with me on many projects in the future.”


Brian Glover

Boro Construction

Fremont Eats Image
Fremont Eats

“Having the Mobile Mini units out at the events gives us peace of mind that the equipment will be there when we need it.”


Lance Scheetz

City of Fremont, California

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