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Keeping Your Jobsite Safe

Posted on: 02/03/2020
tri cam lock

Across the country, keeping tools safe and dry at jobsites is key for peace of mind. While there are many storage solutions that can help, secure storage can be harder to come by. Not having the right secure storage can lead to delays in your construction timeline. Theft risks can be resolved by understanding what product options are available and what level of security you need for your jobsite. 

Container Build

When choosing a provider for portable storage, make sure to research the materials used to produce the containers. Staying away from containers made from wood or aluminum, can ensure theft is minimized. All steel containers can provide the safest solution.

Doors and Locks

Look for tamper proof doors and locks provide the heightened security measures. Mobile Mini offers patented technology that keep unwanted strangers out. Our Container Lock Guard is a hidden, size-pin tumbler system is made from 100% hardened steel. It’s virtually drill-resistant to keep your items safe and secure. 

Storage Size

Choosing the right-sized storage container for your job is also crucial. Balancing a container big enough to accommodate your equipment and one that fits on your jobsite requires logistical planning. Think about your design options and if an office and storage combination would make more sense for you. 

Mobile Mini provides the high quality storage containers to the construction market. With a Tri-Cam lock, Mobile Mini’s containers are theft and vandal resistant. Having valuable equipment that is vulnerable to the elements requires a safe, dry environment, which is exactly what Mobile Mini provides inside its portable storage containers.