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Weighing the Benefits of Renting or Buying On-site Storage Solutions

Posted on: 02/03/2020
Buy or Rent

As the economy continues to pick up from the recession and businesses continue to grow many companies, like yours are constantly expanding. These expansions can cause companies to be faced with the question about on-site storage. Should I buy or rent? Many attractive qualities on either side can make it challenging to determine what's best for your business. Consider the pros both sides have to offer:

Why Rent?

  • Cost Effective
  • No maintenance fees
  • Pay per use
  • Lower overhead cost
  • You don’t have to store the storage (when container is not in use)
  • Quality Assurance (Wind and Water Proof)
  • Scheduled pick-up or relocation
  • Incur pickup Fees
  • Incur reoccurring rental fees
  • You don’t own it;  can’t Paint/Alter

Renting a storage container has its perks. When renting, your container will always be of the highest quality with necessary repairs/paint fixes, due to normal wear and tear. You only pay for the container when you need it, so if you only need extra space for only 3 months that’s all you pay for. When the container is not in use you don’t have to worry about where you’re going to put it.  You have it picked up. Renting a container is great for projects, seasonal, and restoration uses.

Why Buy?

  • Ownership
  • No Customization Limitations
  • No Rental Fees
  • No Pickup Fees
  • Cost Effective Long Term (5+ years)
  • Depreciating asset on record books
  • Can’t have it pickup when not in use
  • Must arrange any moves or relocations yourself
  • Sole Responsibility for upkeep
  • Must have long-term space for your unit

There are limitations. If you rent a container you can’t paint it or customize it beyond the capabilities of the company. If you would like to put a hole in the side, to make a window, or allow fumes to escape most of the time there’s nothing you can do.

Buying a container is for those who are looking for a permanent solution on their property. It’s a long-term commitment. When you buy a container, there are no monthly costs or fees associated with the container from month to month. But the cost of a container requires more capital than companies are willing to pay for. Owning a container allows an added level of customization ability, such as painting the container, or drilling a hole in the side. Long-term ownership means that you are solely responsible for all damage. If your container gets broken into or damaged during an attempted break-in; and you can’t just call to get another one.  However, if you’re in for the long haul it may be a good option.

Questions to ask yourself before you decide:

  • How long do I need the storage?
  • Will I need to relocate the container? (and do I have my own equipment to do so?)
  • Where will the onsite container be placed?

There are a lot of things to look at when making the decision on whether to rent or buy. Buying is a great option for the long-term use, especially if you are looking to customize the container. Renting a container is great for short-term, project-based, seasonal, or limited use. If you are still having trouble deciding call your local representative today.


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