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Automotive Industry Mobile Storage & Office Solutions

Automotive Industry
Automotive Industry


Conex Storage Solutions for the Auto Industry

People who know cars know that quality counts. We know that auto parts stores, dealerships, and businesses that depend on cars and parts need quick access to dependable storage. 

Whether you need the resources to expand your existing car and auto parts storage, periodic storage that’s as flexible as you are, or something in between, Mobile Mini has the solution to help your bottom line. 

Our convenient, secure conex storage units are delivered on your schedule—and right to your shop or dealership. With a variety of door configurations, security, and size options, we’re here to help you find the most secure storage unit to hold expensive parts and excess inventory or serve as a mobile office if you need more administrative space.



Securely Store Excess Inventory and Supplies On-Site. 

How can you use a Mobile Mini secure conex storage unit?

  • Expand your parts inventory to meet unique customer needs
  • Decrease clutter in your parts department
  • Protect high-value parts by controlling access to them.
  • Maximize your showroom and service area space by relocating storage
  • Decrease costs by limiting deliveries and rush orders
  • Increase customer satisfaction by having what your customer needs, when they need it
Automotive Industry
Automotive Industry


This is a question we get asked a lot. While answers vary by customer, there are definitely some clear-cut signs that automotive storage solutions might be the right move for your business. 

Are you constantly digging through piles of equipment and parts to find what you need?

If you answered yes to this question, automotive storage solutions can help. Automotive storage units are perfect for storing, organizing, and tracking parts and supplies. With shelving and other add-ons, you can easily separate materials by type and use so you can see what’s available and what you need to restock.

Is your stockroom overflowing with parts and supplies?

Again, if you answered yes,automotive storage solutions can help. Many of our automotive storage customers use their units as secondary stockrooms, giving their teams more space to house and organize parts and supplies. Since Mobile Mini’s automotive storage units are highly portable and designed to fit within the confines of a standard parking spot, it’s easy to set up your unit alongside your permanent stockroom or pre-existing storage space. Some of our customers even put two automotive storage units side by side to create a larger, more spacious storage solution. 

Are you losing parts to weather, damage, or theft? 

Every year, theft costs American businesses over $50 billion per year. Theft isn’t just costly —it can also have catastrophic impacts on business operations and forecasts. Outside of theft, the automotive industry always carries risks of product damage or loss due to weather, human error, or natural disasters. Automotive storage units address these risks by providing a secure and weatherproof space to house automotive parts and supplies. At Mobile Mini, we offer patented technology that interlocks and hinges in multiple places, offering theft-proof protection for your business materials. Our units are also made from 100% corrugated steel, which is virtually indestructible and fully weatherproof.

Lastly, keeping your items securely stored in one of these units limits the risks of damage and loss due to human error. 


When it comes to benefits, automotive storage solutions are in no short supply. In fact, one of the hardest parts of our job is summarizing the benefits of these units for potential customers and storage renters. 

Still, we never shy away from a challenge! Here are the top three benefits of automotive storage solutions: 

  • Portability: Our automotive storage units are standalone containers; in their past lives, they were shipping containers. Because they were built for transportation, they’re safe to move from site to site (as long as they’re empty). Wait, you can meet multiple storage needs with the same unit? Yup—you can’t get more portable than that. 
  • Adaptability: As we mentioned, our automotive storage units are versatile and easy to adapt to meet your automotive storage needs as they grow and evolve. With add-ons including shelving, you can ensure your unit is always working for you and your business. 
  • Security: All of Mobile Mini’s agricultural storage containers are made from corrugated steel. This metal is naturally weatherproof, which means that your unit and the materials inside will stay dry and protected through rain, snow, wind, hail, and even natural disasters. 


Mobile Mini Essentials allow you to get the absolute most out of your storage rental. Packages include things like lighting, shelving, and added security features, allowing you and your team to improve the safety, efficiency, and convenience of your automotive storage unit. 

With Essentials, we have created a one-stop shop for all things automotive storage. It’s everything you need in one easy, stress-free place. 

Ground-Level Offices

Undergoing a remodel? Need additional office space? Don’t let your business lag for even a moment. Mobile Mini ground-level offices are the perfect solution for the automotive business that needs secure temporary office space. Our mobile offices offer a variety of customizable features to meet your specific needs. 

These office units are great for creating:

  • Temporary office space during remodels/construction.
  • Additional office space for seasonal or part-time employees.
  • A quiet and secure space to work in the midst of a busy worksite, garage, or service center.
  • A separate and secure space to work during audits or busy times.

To learn more, call 888.838.7015 or email ManagedServices@mobilemini.com.

Automotive Industry
Automotive Industry