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Construction Mobile Storage & Office Solutions


Construction Trailers and Offices: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted (or Needed) to Know

What’s worse than an unsecured or unorganized construction site? Actually, we can’t think of anything. When you’re on a job, your equipment is everything. That’s why Mobile Mini offers secure construction site trailers to keep your tools safe and your equipment protected, as well as construction site offices to provide a safe and secure place to take care of administrative and office-related tasks. 

At Mobile Mini, we make construction trailer rental and construction site office rental a breeze. With national real and local branches throughout North America, it’s never been easier to coordinate your jobsite storage needs. Our units are secure and our team of experts is available 24/7 to answer questions, troubleshoot issues, and help you find the jobsite storage and solutions you need to stay productive and efficient. 

The following guide will give you a better understanding of what construction trailers and construction offices are, what they’re used for, and how they can help you and your business.


What are Construction Trailers and Construction Site Offices?

Construction trailers are temporary, portable spaces designed for use on construction sites. These units are often shipping containers, and they’re made to move, so they tend to be more durable and easier to relocate than similar products. While both construction trailers and construction offices can accommodate unused or extra equipment and supplies, the former are often used to house equipment and supplies, while the latter are a quiet, safe, and secure place to handle administrative project management tasks like bookkeeping, accounting, and vendor coordination. 

What are Construction Offices and Construction Trailers Used For?

Construction Trailer Uses 
Construction trailers are indispensable when it comes to keeping your construction site organized and secure. Think of them as storage units for your construction site that can house even the heaviest equipment without suffering any structural or even cosmetic damage. Our customers most commonly use construction site trailers to:

  • Secure metals, tools and other valuable supplies
  • Protect high-value equipment from weather and theft
  • Keep personnel safe on an organized job site
  • Create a weather-protected work area
  • Eliminate the need to travel between suppliers, wholesalers, and the home office
  • Maximize efficiency to complete projects on time and under budget

Construction Site Offices

Construction site offices, or ground-level office units if you’re feeling fancy, are mobile office spaces that go where you go. These units provide a safe and quiet place to work, offer all of the comforts of a traditional permanent office space, and are perfect for construction sites due to their portability and durability. 

If you organize your construction office rental through Mobile Mini, then we will mount your unit to the ground for increased stability. Our units are also customizable and include features like phone jacks, heating and cooling systems, and much more. 


Construction Site Record Storage 

Sometimes you need a construction office that does a little more. Our record storage units are part office and part record storage, and they’re perfect for storing, organizing, and sorting through records and professional documents. These units look just like our mobile office units, but have special customizations like shelving and blinds that make them ideal for bookkeeping. At Mobile Mini, we stock 12-foot and 23-foot options, depending on how much space you need. If you go with our 23-foot option, there’s more than enough room to add desks and chairs so your administrative team can work directly from the mobile office. 

What are the Benefits of Construction Trailers and Offices?

Construction trailers and offices have many benefits when compared to permanent storage and workspace options. To recap, these units offer: 

  • Security: Construction trailers and offices provide a safe and secure place to house equipment overnight or when it’s not in use. They also protect machinery and documents from weather, worksite hazards, and other damage risks. 
  • Portability: As we have mentioned above, construction trailers and offices are made out of shipping containers. Their design makes them the perfect choice for businesses that may need the same unit at multiple locations, or that plan on moving or relocating throughout their rental period. 
  • Flexibility: Both our construction trailers and offices are customizable, which means you have flexibility in how you use and design the space. If your needs change, you can easily adapt your unit to meet new requirements and demands. For example, if you initially are using your construction site office for work-only space, but then need some extra storage space for small items and equipment, you can easily configure the unit to allow for a co-work/storage setup. 
  • Cost Effectiveness: Renting a construction trailer or office is much cheaper than buying a unit. When you rent with Mobile Mini, we take care of delivery, relocation, and pick-up, saving you stress and expense. We also handle all unit maintenance (in the rare case where maintenance is needed) and regularly paint and clean our containers to keep them aesthetically fresh and structurally sound.

Construction Tank and Pump Solutions 

Rent pre-wet systems, pumps, load stands, hoses and more and have them installed by the experts at Mobile Mini Tank + Pump Solutions. We know the construction industry backwards and forwards and pride ourselves on an inventory of high-quality products to fit your needs. So when you need:

  • Pre-wet systems
  • Pumps and load stands
  • Grizzly trackout control devices
  • Pipes
  • Hoses
  • 12,000 gallon water tower Klein Tanks
  • Water bridges
  • Backflow preventers
  • And more…


Mobile Mini: Different. Better.

When it comes to product selection, security, and convenience, Mobile Mini is unbeatable. When you use our MMConnect portal, it's easy to coordinate rentals across multiple sites—locally, regionally, and nationally—schedule service, and track your order online from anywhere at any time.

Now, we did touch on security above, but when you rent with Mobile Mini, all of our units come standard with our patented tri-cam locking system and are virtually theft-proof. No one is getting into these units without a key. No one. Our construction site storage containers are also fully weatherproof, designed to survive even the roughest winter storms. 

When it comes to your construction site, there’s no such thing as “too safe, too convenient, and too efficient.” At Mobile Mini, we tackle all of your jobsite needs so you can focus on the important stuff. Check us out today and see how easy jobsite storage and solutions can be!

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