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Portable Storage & Office Solutions for Education Industries

Portable Modular Classrooms

Twenty-first century schools have twenty-first century needs, and modular school buildings offer the flexibility and versatility to meet those demands. From in-classroom social distancing to campuses that have outgrown their current space, modular school buildings, or portable classrooms, allow schools to expand their learning areas in the most efficient way possible. Better yet, portable classrooms offer a safe classroom alternative that meets all state building codes.

Modular School Buildings: What’s In a Name?

Let’s start with the basics: what is a modular school building? 

Well, modular school buildings, also known as portable classrooms, are standalone portable units that can be easily moved, come fully assembled, and take mere minutes to install. Think of them as instant space that comes empty and ready for you to make it your own. 

Due to their portability and the fact that modular school buildings are extremely easy to reconfigure and re-design, these units are perfect for classroom activities, computer labs, nurses stations, and faculty spaces. They can even be used as a place to store equipment when not being used by students or staff. 

Are Modular School Buildings for Me?

Modular school buildings offer a new solution to an age-old problem: space. When you’re dealing with education, time is of the essence. Enrollment, renovations, and social distancing guidelines can lead to immediate space limitations that require fast, safe, and affordable solutions. 

These portable classrooms offer safe, comfortable learning and administrative spaces at a fraction of the cost and time required to renovate or add to existing structures. These modular classrooms also offer you the flexibility to customize your room, creating an environment that fully meets the needs of your students and faculty. 

All modular school buildings come with heating, cooling, and electric systems, are ground level, and can be ordered to meet ADA compliance standards. An added benefit of ground-level portable classrooms is that they offer easy entry for everyone.

Modular School Buildings, Portable Classrooms, and More

Despite their name, modular school buildings and portable classrooms are adaptable and multi-purpose. From administrative offices and library rooms to tech labs and after-school activity space, modular school buildings can do it all. The benefit of going with a modular classroom is that you have the flexibility to change up your space – and even move it to a new location – as your needs change. Maybe you need a classroom for half of the year and a lab for the rest. No problem! Modular classrooms can be moved around your school campus as necessary.

Customizable Space to Meet Your Needs

A pre-school will have very different portable classroom needs than a high school or college, so our selection of ground-level modular classrooms can be adapted to meet any need. From small learners to college students, our learning spaces can do it all. We have standard and extra-wide modular school building options that come in several sizes, including:

Standard Modular School Buildings

Our standard modular classrooms come in three sizes:

  • 10-foot classrooms: 10-foot portable classrooms are a great choice for offices or library rooms. These units are 8’ x 8’ x 10’ and offer a quiet, secure space for studying or administrative work.
  • 20-foot classrooms: Our 20-foot classrooms are perfect for extra classroom space, library rooms, or offices. At 8’ x 8’ x 20’, these portable classrooms offer a decent amount of space and are customizable to meet your needs.
  • 40-foot classrooms: Now we’re talking. 40-foot portable classrooms give you 8’ x 8’ x 40’ of space to house students, faculty, and administrative staff. With built-in electrical systems, these classrooms work well as learning spaces, tech labs, administrative offices, and library rooms.

Extra-Wide Modular School Buildings

Our extra-wide portable classrooms give you 8’ x 10’ x 40’ of space to meet almost any educational need. These units are large, comfortable, and come fully equipped and ready for use.

What Are the Benefits and Uses of Modular School Buildings?

Modular school buildings have many uses and can really enhance the functionality and efficiency of the schools that use them. 

Some benefits include: 

  • Portability: Like their name suggests, one of the best aspects of portable classrooms is that they can easily be moved around your school or campus to meet changing needs and demands. Portability also means that you can move your portable classroom without damaging the unit's integrity and structure. 
  • Flexibility/Multi-Use: Portable classrooms can be easily reconfigured to fill a variety of needs and uses. From mobile libraries and computer labs to learning spaces and administrative rooms, portable classrooms are easy to reorganize, meaning that one unit can meet multiple demands. 
  • Cost Effectiveness: Renting a construction trailer or office is much cheaper than buying a unit. When you rent with Mobile Mini, we take care of delivery, relocation, and pick-up, saving you stress and expense. We also handle all unit maintenance (in the rare case where maintenance is needed) and regularly paint and clean our containers to keep them aesthetically fresh and structurally sound.
  • Safe: With public health regulations and social distancing coming more into play, portable classrooms offer a safe learning space that can accommodate smaller classroom sizes and give students and faculty room to distance and practice safe and healthy learning. Portable classrooms can also serve as spaces to store and display personal protective equipment, sanitizer, and other items to aid in a safe and healthy school environment.


When you’re dealing with valuable school materials and equipment, you don’t want to leave anything to change. All Mobile Mini modular classrooms come with our patented tri-cam locking system. Our modular school buildings are also made from 100% corrugated steel, which means they are strong, durable, and built to last. These classrooms are weatherproof and will keep your students, faculty, and equipment safe and secure.

Mobile Mini

Mobile Mini has been in the storage game for over 40 years. During this time, we have established ourselves as an industry leader in safety, reliability, and service. When you rent with us, you have access to premier support from order to pick-up. Once you place your order, we will deliver your portable classroom immediately. Our technicians will set everything up, answer questions, and show you how the unit works. When you are done with your modular classroom, we will pick everything up and leave your school campus looking good as new.

As educators, you should be worried about the curriculum and tests. Leave the space issue to us!




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