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Government & Military Mobile Storage & Office Solutions

Government and Military
Government and Military

Government and Military Storage and Office Solutions

For over 30 years, federal, state, county, and municipal government agencies and departments, the military, and municipalities have relied on Mobile Mini’s reliable, customizable, and secure portable storage units and mobile office solutions. 

How do government agencies and the military use Mobile Mini’s conex storage solutions? Here are just a few ways they are put to work:

  • Equipment and supplies
  • Records and documents
  • Munitions
  • Evidence
  • General storage
  • Construction and renovation projects
  • Impound items
  • Vehicle fleet storage (parts, tires, etc.)

Mobile Offices for the Military

The military is always on the move, often working in places where permanent office spaces just won’t work. It’s in situations like these where Mobile Mini’s military office solutions really shine. Our mobile offices are fully portable, which means they are easily transferred from location to location as needed with no risk of structural damage. These 100% corrugated steel units can be installed anywhere, making them ideal temporary field offices, especially in locations that may be remote, wooded, or challenging to access. 

While our military customers each use our military office solutions differently, many find these units useful for:

  • Setting up field offices in emergencies..
  • Creating a quiet and secure place to work during temporary assignments.
  • Creating fully functional mobile command centers.
  • Offering a secure and stable place to work and take breaks in even the most challenging climates and environments. 

The beauty of these units is their versatility. Each Mobile Mini mobile office unit comes empty (unless you select one of our Essentials packages), which means you get a mobile office that can be configured (and reconfigured) to meet your evolving needs. 

As your team or tech grows, you can move desks and furniture around to create a new layout that allows for expansion. Our military customers have been very pleased about how easy it is to have one mobile unit grow with their teams for months and even years. 

Military office solutions aren’t just versatile; they also come with a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Portability: Our military office solutions are designed to move. These units can easily be transported (when empty) from location to location with no stress or impact on its physical or structural integrity. This aspect of design makes our mobile office units perfect for situations where job locations are subject to change, or where field offices are needed in multiple locations throughout a given quarter or year. 
  • Security: All of Mobile Mini’s military office solutions are constructed from 100% corrugated steel. This metal is one of the toughest and strongest on earth, offering unrivaled durability. Corrugated steel is also naturally weatherproof, which means all of our mobile office units can withstand even the toughest storms, harshest rains, strongest winds, and most challenging natural disasters. 
  • Adaptability: As we mentioned above, our military office solutions give you the ability to easily reconfigure your unit to account for changing teams, needs, and environments. With add-ons like furniture, supplies, and appliances, it’s easy to create, adjust, and expand your space as necessary.


Government and Military
Government and Military

Portable Storage for the Military

Our government storage provides military outfits with the space they need to keep worksites organized, efficient, and safe. Our military conex units come in standard and extra-wide sizes and are useful for:

  • Storing and protecting equipment and machinery from loss, damage, or theft. 
  • Organizing and tracking materials.
  • Keeping worksites safe by reducing clutter and chaos. 

Like our mobile office units, all military conex containers are 100% corrugated steel and come with lock options that enhance the overall security and functionality of these units. All storage containers are portable, durable, and easy to move (once empty) from site to site. 

The Essentials

Essentials is Mobile Mini’s optimization program. Essentials packages allow you to get the most out of your storage and mobile office rentals and include:

  • Storage Essentials: Packages come with options like lighting, shelving, and extra locks. All lock options are designed with Mobile Mini’s patented technology; they interlock and hinge in multiple places, offering theft-proof protection for your most valuable items.
  • Mobile Office Essentials: Packages can include office furniture, supplies, and appliances, giving you what you need to get in and get to work right away.
Government and Military
Government and Military

A Critical Component of the Government's Supply Chain

Our continuous cycle of service makes Mobile Mini a critical component of the government’s supply chain management process. They trust us to provide secure, accessible conex storage containers at a value they can rely on.

Security: Our highly secure patented locking systems, combined with all-steel construction, create the ideal solution for protecting supplies, equipment, records, and other assets you need to store with peace of mind.

Professionalism & Safety: Mobile Mini’s professional, trained, Class A CDL drivers are committed to our core value of Safety First. They deliver the container directly to your site, survey the area for safe placement, show you how the doors and locking systems operate, and pickup/remove the containers on your schedule.

Service: Our Government Customer Care Specialists are well-versed with government and military storage needs, and will provide a single point of contact for quote requests, ordering, delivery, pickup, billing, and more. Our Certified Federal Contracts Manager is trained on Federal Acquisition Regulations to ensure you get what you need, when and where you need it.

Cost Management: We offer short- and long-term rental options to meet your budget needs, as well as ISO-certified containers for sale—a good option to accommodate service budget limitations.

Government and Military
Government and Military