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Portable Storage & Office Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Doctor using medical equipment


Mobile Storage Units and Ground Offices for the Healthcare Industry

Stop Using Patient Rooms for Storage with Mobile Mini

Do you need dedicated storage space for stock outs, emergency restocking, inventory, materials, and general clutter? Most hospitals—whether part of an integrated delivery network, individual hospital, outpatient center, or skilled nursing facility—face these storage-related issues on a daily basis. 

Don’t let a lack of adequate storage be a problem for your facility anymore. Mobile Mini's portable storage units are available for temporary or permanent use to help you free up much needed space for patients and other areas. We can provide customizable storage solutions for your facility to help save you space, time, and money. Securely store your inventory, supplies, equipment, records and more in our easy-access storage units right on your site. 


What Are Healthcare Storage Solutions?

Healthcare storage solutions are storage containers that take the chaos and hassle out of finding safe spaces to keep healthcare-related supplies and equipment. Whether you’re in desperate need of a place to store and organize emergency medical supplies or require containers to transport medical equipment from main buildings to field outposts, healthcare storage can make the difference between a functional healthcare environment and a chaotic one. 

Benefits of Healthcare Storage and Portable Healthcare Offices

Storage units and mobile office containers can bolster the safety, productivity, and effectiveness of healthcare operations. 

The primary benefits of both products include:

  • Safety: Healthcare storage keeps your items safe and secure from theft, damage, and weather. 
  • Portability: Healthcare storage units are highly portable, allowing you to easily transport them (when empty) from one site to another with no risk of structural damage.
  • Convenience: At Mobile Mini, most of our healthcare storage units are designed to fit within the confines of a standard parking space. This means that you can easily keep your healthcare storage unit on-site, giving you continued access to the items you need when you need them.

Portable Healthcare Storage Offices: 

Portable healthcare office units are perfect for a number of medical situations. Our medical clients use these offices to:

  • Set up emergency operations during natural disasters and other public emergencies. 
  • House temporary medical offices during moves and renovations. 
  • Create field locations of larger hospitals in rural or remote areas.

Mobile offices are standalone units that are easy to install, can be moved as necessary, and give you all of the comfort and convenience of a more permanent and traditional office space.

How Can Storage Be Used for the Healthcare Industry?

This is one question with a whole lot of answers. Healthcare storage can be used in countless ways, from housing and organizing patient records and documents to keeping high-value medical equipment safe. 

Our healthcare customers utilize their healthcare storage units in different ways, but some of the more common uses for these containers include:

  • Storage of Emergency Medical Supplies for Quick Access: Medical emergencies require an immediate response. Healthcare storage units can provide a quick and easy way to organize and store emergency medical supplies so they can be accessed quickly and efficiently when emergencies pop up. 
  • Organizing Medical Supplies for Safe Storage: Medical providers often need a surplus of supplies at all times in order to ensure that they are able to respond to emergencies as they arise. Healthcare storage gives providers a place to store, organize, and protect these supplies, avoiding damage- or loss-related waste. 
  • Transporting Medical Supplies to Field Offices or Emergency Sites: One of the primary benefits of healthcare storage is that these units are highly portable. This means that they can easily be moved from location to location with minimal effort and with absolutely no risk to the unit’s physical and structural integrity. This characteristic makes healthcare storage perfect for medical providers looking to transfer supplies from one site to another to outfit field offices, respond to natural disasters, and facilitate other emergency responses. 

To learn more about how Mobile Mini’s storage units can benefit your healthcare operation, call 888.838.7015 or email ManagedServices@mobilemini.com