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Mobile Storage and Construction Office Solutions for Industrial Construction

Industrial Construction
Industrial Construction

Construction Office Solutions for Industrial Construction Sites

Secure your supplies, tools, and equipment, all while ensuring personnel and industry safety compliance with portable construction offices from Mobile Mini. Ideal for industrial construction sites, Mobile Mini offers permanent and temporary storage solutions to protect against thieves and the elements. 

Provide a clean and secure working environment for your employees while complying with government safety regulations with a Mobile Mini construction office. It’s the ultimate worksite solution.

What Is a Construction Office?

A construction office is a portable, ground-level office trailer that can accommodate temporary work needs on construction sites, municipal projects, renovations…pretty much anywhere one is needed. 

Some of the great things about construction offices are that:

  • They’re portable: Construction offices can easily be moved from site to site as needed, which means you can use them across a range of projects without the hassle, stress, and inconvenience of labor-intensive moves. 
  • They’re Versatile: Construction offices are easy to reconfigure, which means they can meet multiple needs at once. Need on-site supply and equipment storage? You can easily arrange your construction office to be part workspace and part storage, allowing you to meet all of your jobsite needs with one convenient unit. 
  • They’re Easy to Swap Out: The one constant about jobsite needs is that they’re always changing and evolving. With construction offices, well…with Mobile Mini construction offices, you can easily change your unit for a larger model as your needs grow, or downgrade your construction office if you overestimated your usage. We stock a wide range of construction offices, starting from 10-foot options and going all the way up to 40 feet. In other words, you have a whole lot of square footage to play around with.


How Can You Secure a Construction Office on your site?

  • Secure metals, tools, and other valuable supplies
  • Protect high-value equipment from weather and theft
  • Organize your job site to keep personnel safe
  • Create a weather-protected work area
  • Eliminate excessive travel between supplies, wholesalers, and the home office
  • Maximize efficiency to complete projects on time and under budget
Industrial Construction
Industrial Construction

Size Matters: Construction Office Edition

If you’re looking at renting a construction office, one of the first questions you might be asking yourself is, “How big is a construction office?” A great question—with many answers. 

At Mobile Mini, we stock standard and extra-wide construction offices, giving you the flexibility to meet your team’s current and future needs. Our standard construction offices have the following dimensions:

  • 10-ft: 8' H X 8' WX 10' L
  • 20-ft: 8’ H X 8’ W X 20’ L
  • 40-ft: 8’ H X 8’ W X 40’ L

Our extra-wide construction offices are 30-ft and have the following dimensions: 8’ H X 10’ W X 30’ L.

Our construction office units are sized to accommodate a wide range of commercial needs, teams, and equipment. It’s the flexibility you need, the quality you trust, and the durability you deserve.

Industrial Construction
Industrial Construction

When Should I Consider Adding a Construction Office to My Site?

Construction offices are multi-purpose, which means that if you have a jobsite need, there’s a good chance that a construction office will be the perfect solution. Some of the most common needs that our construction office customers come to us with are: 

  • Needing a Dedicated On-Site Workspace: Construction sites can get loud and busy. Construction offices offer a quiet and secure place to work, meet with clients, and complete paperwork, helping customers keep their projects on-time and on track. 
  • Needing an On-Site Work/Storage Space: As we have mentioned above, construction offices are great multi-purpose spaces and can easily be used to work during the day and to store high-value or sensitive equipment and supplies at night. 
  • Needing a Place to Store and Organize Important Files and Records:  Keeping track of important documents on an active construction site is a real challenge. Our construction offices provide a space to store, organize, and go through important records and documents, helping you keep track of financial and administrative paperwork and ensuring that nothing is lost or damaged. 

Ground-Level Office Solutions

Stay organized and secure with a ground-level construction office from Mobile Mini. Available in multiple sizes and customizable to fit your needs, ground-level construction offices from Mobile Mini are great for on-site offices, security sheds, medical tents, and so much more.