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Portable Storage & Office for Maritime Industry


When you need reliable, secure maritime storage for tools and supplies, Mobile Mini is here to help. Our conex storage units—or sea cans—come in a variety of sizes and are customizable to meet your needs. They have solid steel construction and come with our patented Tri-Cam Locking System to ensure complete security. 

Mobile Mini ground-level offices are the perfect solution when you need additional office space. These units are available in different sizes and combos, and they can be delivered directly to your location


What Are Sea Can Containers?

Sea cans are storage containers that are designed to move cargo across the world’s seas, oceans, and waterways. They are waterproof and can withstand salt, wind, rain, storms, and anything else the world’s toughest waterways have to offer. Since they’re literally designed to move cargo across the world, sea can storage containers are highly durable, portable, and versatile. 

At Mobile Mini, we take sea can shipping containers and give them a new lease on life. Our sea can rentals provide all of the durability and functionality that they were born with plus some added storage functionality. We have designed these portable units to meet all of your current, future, and unplanned commercial storage needs and demands. 

What Are Sea Cans Used For?

This is one straightforward question with a host of answers. Sea cans have many uses. If you’re looking for a convenient way to optimize your operations, enhance safety on your job site, and decrease clutter, sea can storage containers are the perfect solution. 

The diverse range of uses for sea can shipping containers includes some obvious functions and some which may not be. These uses include:

  • Serving as a secondary stock or inventory room during busy periods
  • Acting as a sound and lighting area for outdoor concerts, festivals, and events
  • Providing space to store unused, excess, and seasonal items
  • Offering space to house documents and important paperwork
  • Creating a weatherproof, secure space to store sensitive and delicate equipment and machinery
  • Providing a space to house medical equipment and emergency supplies. 

What our customers love most about our sea can rentals and maritime storage is how easily they can be adapted for new uses as needs change and evolve. For example, some customers start out needing to store equipment and then quickly realize that document storage is a more urgent necessity. Our sea cans come empty, so all you have to do is throw some shelves in, and you have immediate document storage containers with minimal effort required. 


Can I Add Anything to My Sea Can Rental?

Definitely. With Essentials, you get a fully functional add-on program that allows you to effectively optimize your storage and mobile office rentals. Essentials products make our inventory safer, more secure, and more user-friendly, offering customizable add-on packages that help change the way you do business. 

Packages include:

  • Shelving 
  • Lighting 
  • Office furniture and appliances 
  • Locks
  • And much more…

Essentials can be added to your Mobile Mini rental orders, and our team will deliver everything together. This ensures that you get the full benefits of your add-ons right from day one and don’t have to worry about coordinating different delivery times and windows. 

Now a little more on locks. All of our premium sea can rentals come standard with our patented tri-cam locking system. These security bars interlock and hinge in multiple places, offering security that’s unrivaled in this industry.

Need more support? Mobile Mini operates with an award-winning customer support team who are always on hand to answer questions, troubleshoot issues, and provide whatever you need to rent with confidence and success.

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