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Portable Storage & Office for the Mining Industry


When To Use Portable Storage for Mining Equipment

Everyone has a different way of deciding when mining equipment storage is right for them. Since we’ve been in this business a long time, we’ll share some of what we’ve seen. 

Many of our mining equipment storage customers come to us in three main situations:

  • As the busy season ramps up.
  • When worksites get cluttered and disorganized. 
  • During seasons or times of the year with intense weather. 

While our mining customers come to us for different reasons, one thing remains the same: our units are always durable, versatile, and easy to reconfigure. These characteristics allow you to use your mining storage to meet whatever needs your operation develops. 

Mining equipment storage is often used to:

  • Store machinery and equipment during extreme or inclement weather. All of Mobile Mini’s mining storage units are made from 100% corrugated steel, which means they’re tough and weatherproof. Our units are built to withstand rain, snow, wind, and natural disasters, giving you the reliability you need to protect your valuable supplies and store with confidence all year round.
  • Keep worksites safe and clutter-free. Mining is dangerous work, and the last thing you need is the added challenge of trying to get where you need to go while tripping over equipment and supplies. Mining storage provides you with a place to safely store all worksite supplies, ensuring that everything has its proper place and decreasing jobsite chaos and clutter. These units also protect equipment from damage and loss by reducing the risk of people stepping on or accidentally crushing high-value items. 
  • Organize equipment and supplies. Mining involves a lot of moving parts. At Mobile Mini, our mining storage comes with add-on options like shelving that help you keep everything organized and tracked throughout the lifecycle of your project. With these units, you won’t have to go through the endless frustration of searching for a small piece of equipment or a critical piece of machinery.

The Benefits of Mining Equipment Storage 

Mining storage comes with a ton of benefits, some of which we just talked about above. While we could talk about these benefits all day, we love a concise list as much as the next guy, so here’s a top three list of mining storage benefits:

  • Security: When you rent with Mobile Mini, you have access to our patented security devices that interlock and hinge in multiple places to offer protection that's virtually theft-proof. Your equipment and supplies are safe 24/7, and no one is getting into your mining storage unit without a key. Period. 
  • Portability: All our mining storage units are standalone containers that are made to move. They are former shipping containers, which means empty units can be transported without any risk of physical or structural damage. All of this portability means that you can use one unit across multiple sites, increasing the value and convenience of your mining storage rental.
  • Organization: Like we mentioned above, mining storage units make it easy to keep jobsites organized and on track, decreasing costly delays due to lost or damaged equipment and supplies. 

The Essentials

Essentials allow you to optimize your mining storage rental. Our storage Essentials packages include:

  • Lighting: With proper lighting, you can safely access your unit day or night. Lighting also lowers risks of personal or product injury by making it easier (and safer) to move around your unit. 
  • Shelving: Shelves are organization masterminds. With the right shelving, you can separate out and protect lighter and more delicate equipment and supplies—and gain instant visibility into exactly what’s in your unit. 
  • Locks: Locks keep thieves out and expensive supplies in. Mobile Mini’s lock options give you the security and peace of mind you need to store your most valuable and essential mining equipment.


Mining Conex Storage & Ground-Level Office Solutions

Your supplies, tools, and products need to be safe and secure. Trust Mobile Mini to have the storage solutions you need to keep your items secured at all times. With superior steel construction and our patented Tri-Cam Locking System®, our conex storage units come in a variety of sizes and customizable options to meet your specific needs. 

Need an onsite office to help keep things in order? Ground-level offices from Mobile Mini are the perfect solution. Available in different sizes and combo options, these office units are just what you need when you need them. Have your office and storage units delivered directly to your mining site and experience the Mobile Mini difference today. 

To learn more, call 888.838.7015 or email