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Portable Storage & Mobile Offices for Refineries


What Is Refinery Equipment Storage?

Refinery storage may sound mysterious, but really it refers to any storage unit used to service and support refinery operations. Refinery storage provides refinery project managers and teams with the tools they need to keep their projects safe, organized, and on track. 

Over the past three decades, Mobile Mini’s range of refinery storage units, have become central to our customers’ operations and efficiency.  From equipment and machinery to materials and supplies, our storage units can handle it all, giving you a safe and secure place to house your most essential jobsite materials.



Mining Storage & Ground-Level Office Solutions

Keep your tools and supplies safe and secure with Mobile Mini portable storage units. Available in a variety of sizes and customizable options to fit your needs, all Mobile Mini storage containers have solid steel construction and come with our patented Tri-Cam Locking System to ensure your contents’ safety.  

Mobile Mini ground-level offices are the perfect solution when you need additional office space at your refinery site. Available in different sizes and combo options, these office units can be delivered directly to your location for the ultimate in convenience. 

Mobile Offices for Refinery Workers

Refinery sites are a lot of things, but quiet isn’t one of them. Our inventory of mobile offices for refinery workers allows you to create a safe, secure, and quiet environment anywhere you need it. Whether you want to set your office up in the middle of your worksite or somewhere a bit removed, these units give you the space you need to handle administrative tasks, meet with vendors and clients, and a range of other duties.

Better yet, our mobile offices are fully portable, made of the same corrugated steel as our storage units, and can be easily transported to other sites. With features like vinyl flooring and interior drywall, you get the look and feel of a more permanent or traditional office space with the portability and versatility you need to stay productive and efficient. 

Introducing the Essentials

At Mobile Mini, we’re always striving to be the best and most convenient storage provider out there. With Essentials, we are moving ever closer to our goal of perfection. This add-on program allows you to get the most out of your storage, jobsite, and mobile office rentals. 

Storage Essentials include:

  • Lighting
  • Shelving
  • Locks

Mobile Office Essentials include:

  • Office furniture 
  • Office appliances
  • Office supplies 

It’s everything you need to optimize your rentals in one convenient place.

To learn more, call 888.838.7015 or email