Mobile Ground Level Offices

Mobile Mini offers a secure, steel office solution for job sites, events, and business applications.  Our portable office solutions are ground level offices which eliminate the need for ramps and steps, one of the most common sources of injuries and OSHA complaints. 

If you need office space, Mobile Mini can meet many of your needs around space, security, and safety.  Review the our ground level office product line and lets us deliver it right to your location.

  • Safety - Dedicated, company trained driver to ensure your property is protected when delivering the smaller footprint products
  • Flexibility - Fits into smaller areas than most mobile offices and when more space is needed, you can lease more than one and place exactly where you want it
  • Security - Steel walls and ceiling help provide peace of mind knowing when you come to the job site that the items and equipment inside will still be there.  Steel bars on windows and Security door
  • Safety - No need for steps and ramps that are a main cause of OSHA concerns (slips, trips, falls) allowing the job site to be more productive
  • Convenience - Easier to move the ground offices with a forklift from one place to another for convenience purposes as the job site changes
  • Price - The price of delivery/pick-up/monthly leases of a ground office is less than a mobile office.  No setup fees and tie-downs  
  • Value - Only two month min.  Most mobile office rentals require twice the rental term and if returned early customer is still charged full term
  • Paperwork - Less permitting issues with ground level offices (GLO)
  • Speed - Quicker turnaround times on delivery/pickup

Ground Level Office Products

High Security (Open Bay) Offices

Open bay, steel offices sit on the ground providing easy access and high security. More security office information

Storage/Office Combinations


Office and storage combination products are constructed with a steel exterior and divider wall with a door inside. The combo office solutions solve two needs in one footprint. More combo office information