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Ecommerce Inventory Storage Solutions

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Increasing & Managing Your Ecommerce Inventory

When you’re running an ecommerce business, inventory can get tricky. Your business may live in the virtual world, but the products you sell are very much real. Real goods take up real space, and that’s where Mobile Mini comes in. We have everything you need to manage your ecommerce storage needs. From storage containers to record storage units, there’s not much we can’t do.

The Many Benefits of Ecommerce Storage Rental

When you think of ecommerce, storage is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. While ecommerce inventory storage needs may be overlooked at the beginning of a new venture, we can promise that storage will soon be on your mind. 

To help you figure out which ecommerce storage solutions are for you, we’ve compiled some helpful tips:

  • Organization Is Key: When it comes to inventory, you can never be too organized. Storage containers give you a portable space to sort through your inventory, create an organization system, and streamline packing, shipping, and dispatching orders.
  • Grow Into Your Space: The benefit of renting an ecommerce storage container is that you can easily change units as you outgrow them. Mobile Mini has storage units to meet any inventory need, from 10-foot units to 40-foot, extra-wide containers. No matter what your inventory includes, our storage containers are up to the task.
  • Don’t Forget About Your Records: Your business may be online, but the documents and records related to your company are usually housed in the non-virtual world. Records can quickly grow from manageable to chaos, but our record storage units – which can be outfitted with shelves and brackets – offer a secure space to organize and sort through your most important documents. 
  • Rent or Buy: When it comes to ecommerce storage, buying a unit can be a costly investment. Most storage units will cost between $1,500 and $5,000, and that doesn’t include repairs, maintenance, and relocation needs. While renting is usually your best bet, here are a few benefits of renting an ecommerce storage unit to help you decide what works best for you and your business:
    • Pricing: Renting a storage unit usually runs between $200-$900 per month. If you rent a unit for six months, you could see a savings of over $3,000. That’s a lot of online ads.
    • Flexibility: When you rent an ecommerce storage unit, you’re not locked into a specific size or customization forever. You may start with a 10-foot unit and then realize you need a 25-foot container three months later. When you rent, changes like these are no big deal. When you buy...well, things can get more complicated.
    • Service Is Included: When you rent your ecommerce storage unit from Mobile Mini, you get access to 24/7 customer support, maintenance and repair services if you need them, and no-hassle delivery, installation, pick-up, and unit relocation. When you buy, you’re on your own. When you rent, you’ve got a team of storage experts behind you.

Mobile Mini: The Secure Option

At Mobile Mini, we take security seriously. All of our rental units come with our patented tri-cam locking system. These drill-proof locks will keep your inventory secure, no matter what. Our ecommerce storage units are built to withstand anything Mother Nature can throw at them. 

Inventory is challenging. Storage shouldn’t be. Check us out today and see what we can do for your business! 

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