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Mobile Mini vs. Pods: Step Out of the Box

Mobile Mini Storage Container

At Mobile Mini, we’ve never shied away from some good, friendly competition, and today we’re going to drill down into a competitor you’ve probably heard plenty about: PODS. 

Like our customers, we think innovation is key. Over the past 40 years, we’ve continuously developed products to meet our customers’ changing needs. While PODS offers many benefits, the truth is that when it comes to commercial and business storage needs, we are the clear winner. 
While PODS’ boxes have looked the same for years, Mobile Mini offers a line of modern storage units with new features designed to enhance function and usability. With over 90 configurations available, there isn’t much our units can’t do or handle. 

Here’s a few ways that we blow PODS out of the water:

We're Customer-Focused & Business-Obsessed

PODS was founded as a storage company focused on residential moves. They’re great at it, and they haven’t really changed. 

On the other hand, Mobile Mini has strongly focused on business storage needs for over four decades. Education, agriculture, construction – we’ve done it all. We understand the unique storage challenges that businesses face and we have designed our storage units and our award-winning service department to meet those demands. From mobile office and record storage units to extra-wide, one-handed entry units that fit even the largest businesses in various sectors.


When you’re running a business, the last thing you want to do is worry about where to place your storage unit. Mobile Mini’s standard storage containers fit in one parking space. This ensures that you can store your unit in front of your storefront, job site, or office building and have regular, easy access to it.

Extras That Don't Box You In

Sure, a box has its purpose, but you and your business deserve a bit more than a prefabricated storage container. Our units come with premium extras that really enhance the storage experience. Using our storage containers to store your holiday retail inventory? Mobile Mini offers extra-wide units that accommodate aisles, so you can immediately gauge your supplies. Our units are also ventilated, so your valuable inventory never gets moldy. Managing a construction site and tired of having to put down heavy equipment in order to enter your unit? Yeah, that sounds annoying. Mobile Mini offers premium door options that you can open one-handed.

The Secure Choice

When you’re running a business, there’s no such thing as “too secure.” All Mobile Mini units come with our patented tri-cam locking system. These drill-proof locks offer bank vault-level security and ensure that absolutely no one is getting into these units without a key. 

And in keeping with our focus on convenience, our patented Container Guard Locks are so easy to open that you can get into your unit even if you’re holding a cup of coffee in your hand. Can PODS’ basic locks give you all of this? We don’t think so.

Worried about the weather? Our storage containers are built from 100% corrugated steel and are designed to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at it. In short: when you go with Mobile Mini, your supplies aren’t going anywhere (unless you want them to).

Adaptable, Reliable, Flexible

We recognize that business needs can change in an instant, and we are always ready to meet those evolving needs. Take COVID-19. When the pandemic hit, Mobile Mini was there to support our customers through lockdowns and re-openings. We have also supported our restaurant and hospitality clients with portable sanitation stations and temporary outdoor dining areas. 

We’ve been able to provide mobile classrooms, libraries, and technology labs to our education clients, along with barriers to make sure that students can adhere to social distancing guidelines. While PODS offers a line of products that don’t really change, we offer storage solutions that can grow with you as necessary.


When you rent with Mobile Mini, you get much more than a storage unit. First, you get access to an award-winning customer support team that is available to you 24/7. No question is too big or too small, and trust us, they’ve heard (and troubleshot) it all. So what about delivery? With Mobile Mini, delivery, installation, pick-up, and relocation are all included in your order. Relocation is especially helpful for our construction clients. If you need your unit moved to your next job site or location, no problem.  Just call us up and we will be there to take your empty unit wherever you need it next.

When it comes down to it, PODS offers storage...well…pods...and Mobile Mini offers storage solutions. Mobile Mini customers are not passive clients; rather, they get to build and create a storage unit that meets their needs and supports their business. 

Running a business is complicated. Storage doesn’t have to be. Check out our website today and see why when it comes to PODS vs. Mobile Mini, there’s only one clear winner (hint: it’s us).