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Planning Your Commercial Move

commercial moving trucks with storage units

Residential moves are stressful, but commercial moves can be downright harrowing. Whether you’re renovating your current office or moving into a new space, when you’re talking about business moves, time is money. Literally. 

With so much at stake, you need commercial moving storage options that offer quick, secure, and reliable solutions. At Mobile Mini, we have  the equipment, expertise, and service to make your next business move or renovation as painless and efficient as humanly possible. 

The following checklist will help you get everything organized. You can thank us later. 

  1. Create a Realistic Timeline. When it comes to business moves and office renovations, it’s crucial to have a realistic, multi-faceted timeline that accounts for all logistical, personnel, and technology aspects of your move. Talk to your employees, make a plan, and create a collaborative timeline that everyone agrees on. 

    Pro Tip: When it comes to planning, start earlier!

  2. Find Secure, Budget-Friendly Commercial Moving Storage. We happen to know of a great place to start. Mobile Mini has everything you need to find the best storage solutions for you and your employees. Let’s start with the basics:

    1. Security: When it comes to your business, security is everything. From portable storage containers to temporary office space, all of our storage units come standard with our patented tri-cam locking systems. These drill-proof locks ensure that your most precious equipment and records will be safe and sound throughout your business move or renovation. 

    2. Space When You Need It: When you’re renovating an office or moving business locations, you need a secure place to store your officer furniture and business supplies. Mobile Mini’s storage containers come in a range of sizes, and have more than enough room to hold all the desks, chairs, tables, and other equipment that makes your business tick.

    3. Location, Location, and Relocation: When you’re organizing a business move, locations are often a moving target. With Mobile Mini, relocation services are included in your rental. So on the off-chance that you order your unit at one site, and then realize you actually need it somewhere else, we will come and move it wherever you need us to. No questions asked.

    4. Records Matter: Records and business go hand in hand. Your business documents contain your most private and vital information. Mobile Mini offers record storage containers to ensure that, even when your business is moving or upgrading their space, your records and private information is secure and protected

  3. Don’t Stress the Small Stuff. We can’t overstate this one. When you’re organizing a business move, even the smallest problems can appear to be larger than life. Take a breath and leave your commercial moving storage to us.

Mobile Mini has helped customers handle their commercial moving storage needs for over 40 years. With award-winning customer service, no-hassle delivery and pick-up, and 24/7 help and support, there’s not much we can’t do. Contact us today and reframe the way you look at business moves.